Ad-buy season is nearly upon us. The reps are going crazy with the cupcakes. We had some new additions to the table today…

…including 4 trays of mini cupcakes…

…and a big box of jumbo sized ones!

I wish I had better pictures, but trust me when I say, these are some very decadent cupcakes. Temptation much?! Thanks to the combination of a headache and a weird feeling of icing apathy, I didn’t eat ANY of these. More room for pizza and wine on Friday night I suppose!

Anyone else work for a treat-filled office? When do you indulge?

For me, I’d rather eat cleaner and greener while at my desk at work. Enjoyable food deserves a more enjoyable setting, right? Still, I can’t turn down a slice of ice cream cake. And, sometimes a cupcake, as long as it comes from Sprinkles 🙂