I’m on the hunt for a perfect piece of pizza. I’m talking true NY-style. Well, I suppose NJ-style, technically, since that’s what I have in mind. You know, cheesy and saucy and very traditional…the kind with the little white table in the middle to keep the cheese from sticking to the lid 🙂

(Anyone else make mini tablecloths for those white pizza tables and use them in their dollhouse as a kid? No? Okay, moving on…).

Despite not being able to find this pizza yet in LA, we do have fancy gourmet pizzas all over the place. One nearby my apartment is Pitfire Pizza. Every time I go here, I remember how much I love it! The restaurant is usually packed, but with good timing, you can get in & out pretty quickly.

The box.


The pizza.


I ordered off the seasonal menu and switched out goat cheese for fresh mozzarella. Oh, and no olives. Other than that, I stuck with the suggested pie – roasted artichoke pizza with blistered cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach & fresh mozzarella.

The crust.


It might not be Jersey-style, but Pitfire is pretty darn good, especially when I am craving a nice, chewy crust. If you couldn’t tell from the name, the chefs make the pizza in a big wood-fire oven, which results in that lovely charred, textured dough. I think I’ve decided that for me, it’s all about the crust. What can I say, I love my carbs!