Now, I know this movie came out eons ago. But, for all the girly girls out there, I figure it’s never too late for a Sex & the City post, right?! Katie Jo and I went to an event on opening night (thank you work and your complimentary tickets!). I think one of my favorite things about SATC is that even if your life is absolutely nothing like the one you watch unfolding in front of you, those four ladies make you feel like you and your girlfriends are JUST LIKE THEM. Different, of course, but all the one liners and giggles and disastrous boyfriends and outrageously funny/embarrassing stories always remind me of my best friends, and make me fall in love with the whole girlfriend dynamic just a little bit more.

Being an absolutely stellar girlfriend, Katie Jo not only humored me putting together this post, she actually jumped right into it. With that, I give you the Kate & Kate special in Being Fabulous.

First, the drinks. A nice glass of wine to start the night is always appropriate. According to KJ, “life is too short to drink cheap wine.” I’m just learning how to move beyond two buck Chuck myself, but Kate’s motto is much classier. Also a must? Cute dresses and bright accents. Adorable.


Give your cheeks a little glow before heading out for the night. The pink, flushed look is always in style. Please ignore my glitter nails though and pretend they are still sparkly, instead of totally chipped.


Next up, the shoes. If you can’t afford Carrie’s Manolos, a pair of black Gucci heels with gold accents on the strap will certainly suffice. 


Of course, if you happen to own a pair of strappy green, epically high heels like these sassy shoes, that would be okay too 🙂


Make a few swanky stops before the main event. Party hopping is fun as long as you don’t overdo it and save the best for last. You get extra points if you happen to be somewhere serving signature cocktails. 


Glamour, fashion, and adventure aside, one of the most important parts of SATC is the fun. We’re talking about gut-busting, rolling on the floor, acting with youthful abandon fun. Kate and I recommend hopping on the empty merry-go-round in the middle of the mall.


Then laugh. And laugh.


And don’t be afraid to make pouty faces, or stare at yourself in the mirror. It might look like you are being self-absorbed, but if you’re with your girlfriends, it’s all about the entertainment.


So now we have the wine, the accessories, the blush, the shoes, the parties, the cute dresses, the smiles, the giggles, the inner child, and the sexy faces mastered. Last, but definitely not least, the cocktails. Cosmos are fine, but in our circle, it’s all about the champagne.  


Unless you’re like KJ and order a dirty martini with bleu cheese-stuffed olives.


Don’t think we drank all this on an empty stomach. Of course we snuck Cheesecake Factory salads into the theater. Huge, chicken/veggie stuffed salads with big hunks of hot bread on the side. Everyone around us was SO jealous!

So how was the movie? I liked the first one better but for fans of the show, you can’t go wrong with the one-liners and the clothes and the shoes and the ladies! Watching just reminded me how much I love all my friends…I sometimes feel like we are living our own little movie. Thanks KJ for lugging your camera around all night and going photo crazy with me – you rock!

“Men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soul mates.”