Anyone else quasi-obsessed with that Ke$ha song? Boots & Boys, I mean. It kind of drives me nuts, but I can’t stop singing it!

Even though the weather has turned summer-y everywhere BUT California, I’ve been getting in a decent amount of grill time. Actually, I don’t have a grill, but the boy does and he makes a mean burger. I do a pretty good job of chopping veggies into burger-sized rings. Give and take, right?

Anyway, I received an excessive and awesome amount of buns from Nature’s Pride through the Foodbuzz Taste Maker program. Now, I happen to be weird and prefer my burgers bun-less (so I can taste the MEAT, y’all!), but I loved seeing whole wheat flour as the first ingredient and was happy to give these a try. I thought they were decently fluffy, tasty and huge!

We grilled the buns one night along with burgers, onions, bell peppers and corn on the cob…with a side of homemade sweet potato/white potato fries and kale chips. I swear there is a burger under here.

Check out dinner with the front stoop scenery. Pretty sweet, no?

That road is the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, which snakes along the ocean. It’s basically mountain alongside water at many points and absolutely gorgeous. The PCH is perfect for long drives…and pictures! Here’s a shot from the other weekend, running errands. Yup, even errands are fun when you take the PCH.

Now all I need is a little HEAT. It’s been 60s/70s down by the beach and my v. white skin is not happy about that. Hopefully the sun will be out this weekend for some bike riding and reading on the sand šŸ™‚

And because I love you guys so much, I’m posting a little entertainment for an early weekend kickoff! Here’s another look at some of the action found right off the PCH…