I have mixed feelings about Humpday. Sometimes it feels like "how is this week only halfway over?!" and other days I find myself saying, "wow, Wednesday already?!"  Of course I had the obligatory discussion about it being mid-week at work today and someone commented how no matter which way you are feeling, we are headed downhill from here. Smart guy.

So, I’ve been flying downhill toward the weekend all day today and it’s felt great! For some reason, my morning started out slow and then the stars aligned and I ended up having a great rest of the day. Here are the five little things that got me smilin’ 🙂

1) Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs


I might be in love. These are amazing! Today I heated some up and mixed them into a big salad, then topped everything with balsamic vinegar. It was so delicious that other people came out of their offices to comment on how good it smelled.

2) William Sonoma Cake Platter


I came back to my desk after lunch and found this perfect little beauty waiting for me. I love that I work in an office where we get some pretty cool free stuff, and I love even more that my coworker thinks of me when he gets something cooking related and it ends up on my desk. I’m a lucky duck.

3) I spent a good chunk of lunch chatting with Julia. After a decent amount of gushing and squealing (does that happen to everyone or are we just excessively girlie?), I came back to the office feeling 100x lighter.

4) Santa Monica Public Library


First, this place is beautiful, no? Second, it’s in walking distance from my house. Third, I get emails whenever a book on hold becomes available so I can pick it up. Today the book was Seven Year Switch by Claire Cooke. I hope it’s good!

5) Grilled Veggies


After work, I trekked out to Malibu to water the boy’s plants while he is out of town. Today I went to World Market AKA THE BEST STORE EVER (besides Target of course) and got a grill pan. I don’t have a grill but he does and I couldn’t NOT take advantage of being able to make some fish, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes in one fell swoop.


Unfortunately, more than half these veggies slipped right through the cracks and I lost them. Clearly I did something wrong; any tips? At least the red snapper was tasty!


Friday night I am headed to Santa Fe, NM to visit the boy for the weekend. He’s been gone for 2 1/2 weeks and I’m psyched to see him. I’m racing downhill to takeoff and I can’t wait!