This meal is belated but I couldn’t let these gorgeous photos or delicious food go unmentioned! The other week, KJ offered to whip me up dinner (a healthy dinner no less) if I made the drive to her place. Clearly I was the winner of this tradeoff! Along with gorgeous fresh salads topped with Kate’s homemade dressing, she cooked swordfish steaks for the main dish. Does this not scream summer on a plate, or what?


Kate topped the swordfish steaks in a great sauce made with whipped butter, chives, dill, rosemary, cilantro, and parsley.  All fresh herbs from her gardening of course!  She let me in on a little secret; instead of adding cream to the sauce, she used fresh lemon juice which made the little bit of butter taste incredibly rich.


We also drank some great white wine. What is it about girlfriends getting together and drinking wine? It’s like the chicken and egg; can one happen without the other? Well, I suppose so, but sipping wine while gossiping/eating/bonding is just way too much fun to forgo.


Even better, I had fish leftover for lunch the next day. Kate also added some homemade coconut fried rice to my “take home” Tupperware to make a complete meal. Hostess of the year? I’m thinking YES. Hopefully my flattery will score me another KJ home cooked meal sooner rather than later 🙂