Remember the lovely William Sonoma cake platter I was handed a few weeks ago? Well, the coworker who gave it to me happened to have a birthday Wednesday, so I figured what better way to say thanks than to put that cake platter to good use!  He requested something peanut butter, so my mind immediately jumped to my Barefoot Contessa cookbook which features Ina’s chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing.  This recipe calls for creamy PB (I used natural of course!), confectioners’ sugar, butter, vanilla extract, kosher salt, and heavy cream (I subbed whipping…so much cheaper).

I can’t lie to you; I cheated on the cake. I used a box of Betty Crocker mix but I did beat it for an extra long time. Cupcakes always turn out extra fluffy and light with an extra minute under the beaters. In all fairness, I made the icing Monday night but I didn’t start on the chocolate cake until 11:30 PM on Tuesday, so Betty Crocker seemed like the sane choice.

I woke up early to add some more whipping cream and give my icing another minute under the beaters before frosting those suckers and they turned out gorgeous! Especially when posed with my Vogue coffee table book.


cupcake cropped

The cupcakes loved posing with the cake platter too.

cupcake cropped 2


They were a hit! My boss was ecstatic to hear I used Ina’s recipe; he is a huge fan and has even thrown a Barefoot Contessa potluck dinner party, which is actually pretty genius. Anyone else ever hosted a themed dinner? I secretly can’t wait to have a real dining room or big outdoor space of my own so I can host Martha Stewart-style parties 🙂