I’ve been itching to get something posted before I leave tonight. Yes, hitting the road for the fourth consecutive weekend…more on that in a minute! Luckily I have a little time to spare and photos of a great breakfast saved in my emails. Anyone else worry about leaving your blog in the dark for too long? It nags me sometimes, especially when I have so much to discuss!

This past weekend was really great. I hit up First Friday on Abbot Kinney and discovered a new-to-me bar, The Brig. I am definitely adding this one to the rotation! I also may have found a new go-to drink, bourbon and ginger…although, I think that might get old pretty quickly. Lately I’ve been anti-vodka and I need something easy to order when there aren’t any fancy-pants cocktail menus. Thoughts??

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, dancing to cover bands, and relaxing in Laguna Beach to celebrate KJ’s birthday. Oh, and running errands of course. When am I not running errands is the real question. The boy’s phone camera did make an appearance to capture a great breakfast we ate at Stefan’s on Montana Ave, the brainchild of Top Chef season five runner up Stefan Richter.  We’d gone there once before and I wasn’t a big fan, but since I had ordered a boring make-your-own omlet, we gave it another shot.

We decided to maximize the yummy-sounding dishes and split two. The House Benedict came with egg whites, spinach, and avocado, and we added Canadian Bacon. I’m not a fan of hollandaise but apparently it was tomato flavored and quoted, the best part of the dish.  

We also got an order of french toast, which comes stuffed with banana and nutella and sprinkled with powdered sugar. I ate each bite with a nice fresh berry and it was absolutely delicious!

So, the end of the summer has picked up and today I leave for my fourth weekend of travel. The destination? PUERTO RICO! This trip was extremely last minute (as in, my flight got booked Monday night) so I’ve been running around like mad — no big surprise there. Today it hit me though — I’m going to Puerto Rico! — and I had a nice, leisurely lunch outside at my favorite pizza place while highlighting/flagging the guidebook I picked up last night.

According to my research, I can expect lots of outdoor adventures, from hiking in a tropical rainforest to kayaking, including trips through three of the world’s 10 bioluminescent bays (!!!).

Plus gorgeous beaches…

…and amazing food. Any country that has a website with an extensive section labeled “Gastronomy” is a-okay in my book.

I get back Tuesday night and I promise to take lots of pictures. Until then, hasta luego!