On my first and last day in Puerto Rico, we hit up Caficultura in Old San Juan for food. Since it was our one and only recommendation, we figured it had to be good, right?

Day 1, the boy was the clear winner with his brioche french toast covered with a pineapple sauce, shredded coconut and powdered sugar. Check out that maple syrup drizzle!

Luckily for me, he is a good sharer and gave me a nice big piece to taste.

For some reason, I was craving savory over sweet, so I went with a sandwich filled with brie, mushrooms and grilled chicken. Both sides of the bread were coated in olive oil which ended up being way too heavy for my belly, but my Diet Coke and long afternoon nap kicked my shaky feeling to the curb.

The sandwich came with fried plantains on the side, which I was expecting to LOVE but didn’t. I think I was just on oil overload!

We had a great time relaxing and people watching at our little corner table. The restaurant was decently busy for it being the middle of the day during the week, and it was nice to just sit and soak up the “real” Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, we weren’t overly impressed, although the boy’s french toast really was worth returning for. So we came back on our last day to give it a second chance. This time it was pancakes for the boy, covered in the most amazing carmelized bananas. Maybe the best cooked bananas I’ve ever tasted!

I attempted to order the brioche french toast but sadly they were OUT! Instead I gravitated to my breakfast stand-by: fruit, granola and yogurt. I’m so glad I did, because this bowl was anything but boring. The yogurt was thick, the honey drizzle (which I’ve never tried before, can you believe that?) added a wonderful light sweetness, and the tropical fruit was very fresh. I remember the mango was great, the papaya exceptional. I guessed the fruit in the top left corner to be lychee, but I could be wrong. Anyone recognize it?

Whatever it was, I had a lot of fun eating it!

The granola was spot-on, especially with the addition of chewy raisins. This dish definitely could have been a hit or a miss, but I was happy I ended up ordering it, by default! Also, it didn’t hurt that this was my first real bit of fruit in 5 days. Can you say craving?!

We also enjoyed some great iced coffees. One was coconut, the other caramel. We accidentally ended up with switched cups, but they were both so sweet and decadent, I was happy to sip on either one.

With the exception of these two breakfasts at Caficultura, we ended up eating on our balcony every other morning! Since our room had a microwave, we popped into Rite Aid for instant oatmeal packets on the first night. It ended up being a great way to save a little money, not waste precious vacation time, and fill up on something healthy and satisfying.

Of course, having this beautiful view didn’t hurt 🙂