I love my friends.

Katie Jo guest starred on the CW’s Hellcats last night, so we all dressed up as cheerleaders to watch. Yup, just a regular Wednesday night, watching TV, drinking some wine, hanging with friends, setting up some stunts and pyramids…you know. The usual.


My costume consisted of a short skirt, V-neck tee, high ponytail with a big white bow, and UGG sweater boots. In my mind, this is the standard high school cheerleader outfit. Three of the girls rocked out full uniforms, monogrammed with the name “Amanda.” Wouldn’t it be funny if they really all had the same name??



Anyway, Kate was great. She played the volleyball captain who challenged the Hellcats girls to a game of flag football. Our favorite line was when she scored a touchdown and sneered, “Suck on that, pussycats.”

Now I’m just wondering how many of us will turn up as cheerleaders for Halloween…