Work on Friday was kind of intense, so I balanced out my day with a relaxing weekend. I went out with Julia, my sister, and her friends from college on Friday night, and then spent all of Saturday running walk-able errands and catching up with the current season of Grey’s Anatomy. Can you believe that I hadn’t watched a single episode? I’m still at zero for Gossip Girl, Private Practice and a few others I faithfully record. Is it weird that I can gauge how busy I am by how many TV shows I haven’t watched??

Sunday night, I pulled out a cookbook and got to work making an appropriate rainy day supper — vegetarian chili with cheddar-corn spoon bread. The chili recipe came from an old issue of Cooking Light, and I followed it closely, minus the olive oil and plus a big tablespoon of the favorite chili garlic sauce.


I’m glad I added some spice; I thought the chili had a really nice heat. I let it sit on the stovetop while I prepared the rest of the meal, so everything got to meld for an hour or so. Best part? Tons of leftovers!


The cheddar-corn spoon bread came from my Everyday Food cookbook, but you can also find it online. I followed this recipe exactly, but had to substitute regular ground pepper for cayenne, since I didn’t have it on hand.

The key to getting a light, fluffy texture was beating the egg whites and folding them in quickly. Can you believe I have NEVER beat egg whites into peaks before?!  It was kind of fun actually. I used an electric hand mixer and dreamed that I was working with a Kitchen Aid mixer instead. One day 🙂


Overall, I really liked the “bread” with this meal, but next time I would add less egg and more cornmeal. I feel like the corn taste got lost a bit. I’m thinking a firmer, jalapeno cornbread would be REALLY good and more up my alley, taste-wise!


Such a nice fall weather meal! Honestly, I didn’t even miss the meat. It was a good way to end the weekend before starting that craziness called MONDAY. In addition to work, I see yoga, a charity event, finishing The Girl Who Played with Fire AND Courtney’s wedding all happening this week. It’s going to be a busy one!