Even though I got to bake several times over the past few weeks, it still feels like I’ve barely opened my oven! Hopefully I can convince my mom to make another batch or two while I am home next week. Something tells me I won’t have to do too much arm twisting.

For one holiday party, I made simple sugar cookies sprinkled with red and green sugar crystals. I got to use my new cookie cutters: a star, tree, and a fat snowman.

The dough was a bit sticky, and even with added flour, I could still only roll one or two cookies at a time. It probably didn’t help that I was using a very scored plastic cutting board instead of a wood surface.

Still, they were fun to make and tasted delicious, which is all that really matters!

For another party, I made a version of cake balls, using a Ghirardelli flourless chocolate cake as the base. On its own, the cake was almost too rich. But rolled into balls, dipped in white chocolate, and sprinkled with peppermints, these turned into the most delicious little truffles.

Check out that rich center! I’m amazed they look so clean; my hands were literally coated in chocolate.

I brought these to the annual Laguna Beach carol singing party at Kate J’s house. In addition to my semi-homemade dessert, there was so much food, I couldn’t even taste it all. Highlights included baked brie, homemade tacos, rhubarb berry pie, and spiked apple cider. And, of course, the singing!

We even had props this year! For the Twelve Days of Christmas, “five golden rings” is the coveted line we all want to sing. Bling anyone?

I’m working a half day today and then I’ll be off to the airport for a flight home! I’m so excited…can’t wait to wake up in Jersey. Happy holidays everyone!