It’s Christmas! Right now, I am in Jersey and completely snowed in. The snow started Sunday morning, and we’ve been cooped up since then. Many of the roads aren’t even plowed, but thanks to me and my mom and Rachel, our place is looking pretty clear right now. After a long day of shoveling yesterday, my mom made her amazing spaghetti and meatballs. I’ve thought about trying to make this meal at home, but why mess with perfection?

Speaking of classic meals, my dad made our traditional English Christmas dinner on Saturday night. Like every year before, the menu includes prime rib, mashed potatoes, and my all-time favorite, Yorkshire pudding. This year, we added asparagus cooked with celery, onion, jalepeno and other spices to the plate. I ate FIVE pieces of Yorkshire pudding…

I only get it once a year, and yes, it’s that good! You start with egg and milk, then add flour, salt, and some of the meat drippings to a hot pan.

The result is a dish that’s golden-brown, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. The key is a good piece of meat that gives lots of flavorful drippings, and a very precise timer. This is one dish you don’t want to overcook!

You’d think we’d be stuffed afterward, but we saved room for chocolate chip cookies. I think there must have been two bags of Nestle chips in this batch because they were seriously chocolate-y!

My mom bought big containers of Chobani so we’d have yogurt and fruit for easy, healthy breakfasts. Of course, we’ve managed to slip in a few treats as well. For Christmas morning, we got muffins from Dearborn Farms.

Here’s my half of a chocolate cheesecake yogurt muffin.

Then, the morning of the snowstorm, my mom went out and got salt bagels from my favorite place in Red Bank. Seriously, you haven’t had a bagel until you’ve tried one of these. I say that every single time I have one…because it’s true!

The outside is perfectly crispy and blistered, and the inside is soft, doughy and HOT!

Right now we are holed up for the rest of the night. We have lots of episodes of Friends, Arrested Development, and The Office to watch. Cookies are being baked. I might even try to rally everyone for a game of Apples to Apples! Merry Christmas everyone!