The holidays are officially over…but I’m still baking.

I’m not making Christmas cookies though; I’ve been whipping up some cat treats!

My mom gifted Mookie with these easy-to-bake kitty cookies. Julia’s cat Ella is currently at my apartment too, so I figured I’d test them out now so both would get a chance to eat semi-homemade cat treats.

On the bag, these are billed as “bite-sized.” We couldn’t stop laughing over this part though. For what cat are these bite-sized? A cheetah possibly?!

The treats were a cinch to make and baked up with a nice golden color in only 12 minutes. They actually looked pretty good! Okay, who am I kidding. I tried a baby nibble, and they tasted remarkably similar to crackers.

Unfortunately, neither cat was very interested. Ironically, these guys will try to eat pretty much anything. The other night, they were going nuts over the sushi takeout. Regularly, Mookie tries to eat my yogurt, Rachel’s bananas, even hummus. Of course, when I bake cat treats, however, these get a few sniffs and licks and not much else.

Still, when it comes to presents, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Guess I better stick to people food for now 🙂