Yes, I know it isn’t Sunday. Or even Monday. But, with hundreds of emails to answer and a desk that went from clean to overflowing, is it any wonder that I want to revisit my last day of vacation?

Sunday it rained. At first I was bummed, but then I realized that the bad weather was an excuse to stay in and relax. I cranked up the heat, kicked back, and got to “work!” Some signs of a good Sunday:

Steaming Vanilla Cinnamon tea (stock up at TJ’s, it’s delicious!) in my new Anthropologie mug…

Warm, white cable knit sweaters…

Worn while watching Hannah and Her Sisters. My dad is a big Woody Allen fan and made me copies of tons of his movies to watch. This one is especially fitting because I have a sister named Hannah and there are three of us girls. We are much more politically correct than these siblings though; somehow I don’t see us sharing husbands anytime in the future.

Also, oddly, Lynn posted about watching the same flick and I must have gotten this one stuck in my subconscious when I picked it!

I also did some cooking on Sunday. I got an Ellie Krieger cookbook for Christmas and decided to make a few different recipes all week. The recipe for a Cornmeal-Crusted Roasted Ratatouille Tart sounded especially good and was easy enough to make. I love my mom’s ratatouille; as kids, we would eat bowl after bowl, impressing adults on how readily we’d eat our veggies. I was happy how easily the crust came together and was even thinking that this would be a new go-to meal for simple-yet-fancy dinners. Unfortunately, when the recipe says to pulse in a food processor “until the mixture resembles small pebbles,” it doesn’t say that it will TASTE like small pebbles. Weird.

I’ve been eating it every day for lunch though, so I guess it’s not too terrible. I’ve just been bringing lots of floss to get that cornmeal out of my teeth…

No worries though, I still have a whole week of things to make and lots of ice cream in the fridge. When in doubt, you can always just move straight to dessert!