Last night, the lovely Lynn took me for my very first bowl of pho at Simply Pho You in Koreatown. I love soup. I love vegetables. I really love noodles. Therefore, I honestly have no idea how I’ve never had pho before, but I was definitely excited to give it a try!

After a quick look at the menu, I decided on the vegetarian option. Lynn shared the secret of the sliced raw onion side dishes…

You add your own oyster sauce and chili paste to customize! Hands-on dinner prep at a restaurant? I’m already digging it!

About three minutes after placing our order, we were presented with steaming bowls of pho. I promise there were noodles under there. The vegetables were still a bit crunchy, which I prefer. Best veg? Baby bok choy!

Both of our orders were delicious. I loved adding my own Thai basil, bean sprouts, cilantro and lime to the bowl.

I think Lynn’s broth was a little bit more flavorful (yes, of course we swapped bites) but I kicked mine up a notch with Sriracha. The extra spice was great. Another trick I borrowed from Lynn; I was definitely watching her to make sure I was doing the right thing. Doesn’t she make pho look fabulous??

We chatted away long after our bowls were cooled & emptied and decided to get dessert. Lynn suggested another first for me – Ho Dduk! The truck was next to a grocery store in a parking lot and I never would have thought to try this own my own.

Ho Dduk is a Korean pancake, but it might make more sense if I break it down: hot, sticky, syrupy, cinnamon-y…it reminded me of funnel cake but thicker and doughy. Very delicious!

We snapped our photos fast before digging in!

Hanging out with Lynn was a great end to my crazy day at work. Speaking of work, today was casual Friday, YAY! Is it sad that I get so excited about working 9 hours in jeans?

Top: H&M cropped lightweight striped sweater

Jeans: GAP stirrup jeggings in charcoal gray

Shoes: Nine West wedge boots

Only two outfits posted and already you can tell that I love Nine West shoes and wedges. Not only is the brand SO comfortable for me, I can wear wedges all day and get an extra 4-inches of height with no pain. I’m atrocious at wearing high heels, so wedges are my happy medium.

Also, I’m loving cropped tops but only with skinny jeans. They make me feel dainty for some odd reason.

Jeggings. Sigh. I know. You love ’em or hate ’em. This pair I got from GAP with a Groupon, and I honestly wasn’t going to spend the money but I’m so glad I did. They look like jeans. Skintight, skinny, slimming jeans. Unlike many other pairs, they actually have buttons and zippers and pockets. But they are oh so very comfortable.

I’m continuing the comfy theme with flannels and television – a rockin’ Friday night!