It’s raining today in Malibu. I’m not too disappointed in the weather though, especially since yesterday was so sunny and light. I went to the Farmers’ Market in Santa Monica, where I always do at least one pass before buying anything. I never have any clue what I’m going to get and this trip was no exception. I ended up buying color: army green kale, gorgeous rainbow chard, pale orange butternut squash, and carrots in red, orange, yellow, white and purple.

I’ve never once even considered buying these carrots before. To me, carrots are best when 1) dipped in hummus, or 2) shredded into long, skinny strands and used to top salads. I had a great work lunch though on Friday which included slow roasted carrots in a variety of colors and realized that my roasting roster (squash, potato, eggplant, brussel sprouts, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.) was missing a very important ingredient. Even the cross-sections make me smile!

For lunch, I roasted the carrots alongside butternut squash and sweet potatoes. I topped everything with a bit of goat cheese, which somehow manages to make any vegetable taste just a bit better.

Luckily, I bought enough to make more than one meal, because as perfect as this tasted on a sunny Saturday, just imagine how good it will be on a rainy Sunday. MMM!

Another good idea for a day like today?

Last night’s turtle chocolate chip brownies.