I honestly don’t mind being boring – when it comes to breakfast! I look forward to my daily bowl of cocoa oats w/banana, eaten while checking emails or reading blogs. This week, however, I had the rare chance to get some early eats with the lovely Julia at Huckleberry.

I’ve actually attempted to dine here a few times before, but the line out the door managed to dissuade me every time. Luckily, even though the place was relatively crowded, there was no wait and an open seat – perfect! We started with coffee…added skim milk and Splenda to mine. Julia is fierce and drinks hers black.

Normally I’m never in the mood to order eggs but I changed my mind for poached eggs over fresh market vegetables with pesto, toasted bread crumbs.

Both the pesto and the greens were TDF. The shelled peas were especially delicious and got me so excited for the start of springtime veggie season.

I was THIS close to ordering a maple scone but I couldn’t resist the homemade english muffins with jam. They just looked so warm and doughy (when combined, these two words always lead to something delicious!). Their taste, covered with dark berry jam, has probably crossed my mind twice a day since eating them. Now that’s a meal worth skipping oatmeal!

Of course, Julia couldn’t let me monopolize all the good food, so she ordered the fried egg sandwich with sunny side up eggs, niman ranch bacon, gruyere, arugula, & aioli on country bread.

Well played Julia. I think we should go back to Huckleberry for a rematch. Or just another english muffin, your call!