Superbowl Sunday started off with a walk to the Farmers’ Market and the best intentions to go to a party in the Hollywood hills. Instead, the boy and I hit the ocean and went surfing. I stood up on a wave for the very first time! Well, I did get a little starting push but who cares? I was standing!

After surfing, we turned on the game and made “football” food. Of course, we had chips and guacamole to start. It’s a California must; avocados are literally 45 cents this week! The boy has his own special recipe, adding onion, garlic, green pepper, jalapeño, chili garlic sauce, and salsa to mashed avocado. It’s frighteningly delicious 🙂

I also made mini sliders with extra lean Niman Ranch beef, jalapeño, and onion. I was hoping for sourdough rolls but the Kaiser buns toasted up nicely and tasted pretty good. I had one burger topped with ketchup and pineapple and the other with a piece of kale. The boy got a slider press pan for Christmas and it worked like a charm. These were so quick and easy to make, they’d be great for a group of people with a toppings bar even. Hmm…future cookout idea maybe?!

Enjoyed with un-pictured homemade sweet potato fries on the side! We did skip out on the game for a bit to watch the sunset.

I love when you can see the sun and the moon at the same time.

Now we’re watching Toddlers & Tiaras. Not even a new episode but a marathon of reruns. I know, so embarrassing but I not-so-secretly love it!