I’ve been inundated with fashion lately, making me stop and take note of quite a few interesting trends for spring. You’ll be en vogue wearing neutrals and whites or brights and color blocking. Both minimalism and maximization are “in.” That’s only a little confusing, right? Menswear, lace, denim and the 70s are all over the style pages this season. There’s one look though that makes me supremely happy and that’s florals.

Of course I might not be able to afford designer frocks like this sweet D&G dress, but there are plenty of stores rolling out the garden party look for spring. I’ve already started the search for sneaker-style flats.

American Eagle, $25

Forever 21, $11

I’ve also been trying on dresses and searching for a cute pair of botanical shorts. I’m even eyeing an adorable pair of white flower sunglasses…that are less than 20 bucks. I’m debating whether or not it will be weird to buy them, since I already have a springtime pair with purple and pink flowers.

And ones that I declared to be my “winter pair” because they are black.

I swear they actually look different!

What’s your favorite trend for spring? I’m also thinking about adopting maxi dresses and full skirts this year…being comfortable and stylish is a double win!