I’ve posted about these vegetarian enchiladas before but since I now make them all the time, I thought I’d post a full step-by-step recipe. I’ve made many new meals in my effort to cook more, but a lot of them have been just okay. Most, I probably wouldn’t make again. There have been a few keepers though — like this one. I got the original idea from Kath Eats but at this point, I’m making these for dinner nearly every week and I’ve adapted the recipe to become my own!

To start, you’ll need a can of black beans, green chiles, a large sweet potato (or yam), cayenne pepper, cinnamon, chili garlic sauce, salsa verde, and regular red salsa.

Drain and rinse the black beans, then add the green chiles, chili garlic sauce (I use at least a tablespoon), a few dashes of cinnamon and cayenne pepper to taste. In other words, either add a ton of cayenne if you like spicy foods, or just a little if you’d prefer mild.

Mix well!

You also need cheese and tortillas of course. I recommend La Tortilla Factory brand tortillas, especially the low-carb, whole wheat ones. At only 50 calories a pop, they taste delicious and definitely beat every other brand clocking in at 120/140 calories per tortilla. As for the cheese, I love jalapeño Monterey Jack the best.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and pop your sweet potato in the microwave until it’s soft enough to mash with a fork (5 to 7 minutes). Cover the bottom of a large rectangular baking dish with salsa verde.

Grate 4 oz. of cheese. Please don’t use pre shredded…this tastes so much better! With cheese, you definitely get more bang by spending bigger bucks.

Add your sweet potato to the black beans and mash everything together until well-mixed. You don’t need any fancy tools here; a fork will work just fine.

Fill each tortilla with the black bean and sweet potato mixture. You should be able to get 8 total. These enchiladas make great leftovers, so don’t worry about making too many even if you are only cooking for two.

Roll each tightly and place side-by-side.

Top with lots of salsa and sprinkle the cheese evenly. If you want, you can make your enchiladas “Christmas-style” and use red salsa as well. I like all green myself, but made this pan half and half.

Bake for 25 minutes and serve topped with cilantro. Have’a Chips work best on the side. They’re perfect for scooping up delicious cheesy bites!

Go ahead and drool! Then I suggest making them immediately.