This weekend, I spent one night in Vegas. Julia and I drove there to see Becky, who was in town from NYC. Also, there’s something about the phrase “girls’ weekend in Vegas” that ropes us in every time. We hurried through the doors of the Venetian around 11:30 PM and dragged ourselves through them again at 10 AM the next day to make the trip back to LA. Yes, we did spend more hours in the car driving to Vegas than we actually spent in Vegas.

I realized two things this weekend. 1) I’m not 21 anymore and 2) I have a really great best friend.

Between Valentine’s Day and my birthday and Vegas, I have been eating outย and drinking booze way more than normal. On our drive home, we got really hungry but decided to skip fast food and grab “better” burgers at Real Food Daily to eat at my apartment. I think this veggie burger is one of my favorites. Whatever you do, don’t skip the rustic roll. Hamburger buns pale in comparison!

The rest of the weekend was relatively clean…literally and figuratively. I scrubbed my shower for over an hour and learned at the very end that Lime A-Way is the trick. I broke for chicken-less chicken tenders, homemade sweet potato fries (not everyone can get such a lovely char!), and roasted crimini mushrooms.

Oh! Did you know Heinz now makes ketchup without HFCS that tastes exactly the same as the original?! Yum.

I also had a lovely light dinner. In my head, this dish looks like a casserole or vegetarian lasagna, but in the end, it always winds up being cute little separate stacks.

Simply layered marinara sauce, roasted yellow squash and Trader Joe’s breaded eggplant, topped with goat cheese.

I’m sure I’ll be back to a restaurant soon enough (today actually, for lunch with the boss), but it’s nice to finally have a stocked fridge and CHOICES for dinner. Imagine that!