Somehow, I’ve turned into a weekend blogger! Not purposely, but because I am just so darn busy during the week. Luckily, I’ve been able to make up for my schedule with weekend after weekend of the most enjoyable, fun and somewhat relaxing two days. Breakfasts during the week are standard oats, but on the weekend, I have time to make anything I want. For me, that almost always means a yogurt mess.

For the boy, Nutella-stuffed french toast. He ate it too quickly for me to taste, but I’m going to take that as a good sign.

We even had lattes. There’s something about fancy coffee and reading a book early in the morning that makes me feel so light and happy. Right now I’m reading Hollywood Savage and it’s pretty good…a little depressing but fascinating at the same time.

Today was the perfect mix of productivity and aimlessness. The boy and I spent most the morning cleaning out closets, throwing out tons of trash and filling five bags for Goodwill. Then we hopped in the car for a drive through the hills. Seriously, it’s like a whole different world — very quiet and isolated.

I had bought the boy a Groupon as part of his Christmas present for Malibu Wines, a local tasting room. I had it in my head that it expired this Sunday, but when I went to get the details this morning, the deal was already in my “expired” folder so I just figured I’d got the date wrong. The boy suggested we go there anyway, even if we couldn’t use the Groupon, and thank goodness we did, because it was still valid!

We got a tasting before finding out that we could use the Groupon, so we each got another after that. My favorites were the 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon that we ended up taking home (thanks to my trusty coupon), and the port — which had a great burnt carmel taste.

We got there about an hour before last call, just as people were starting to pack up and head out as the fog and mist rolled in. Luckily, there were heat lamps and fire pits!

My cute partner-in-crime!

In between huddling close to the heat and refilling our pours, we wandered around the small but well-planned grounds. I especially loved the different chairs and stools that studded the yard. It was busy today despite the chill so I can only imagine how packed it must be when it’s sunny and warm. Still, there was a very festive feel, and everyone was really laid back and happy, which is a good sign that it would still be a lot of fun even with bigger crowds.

After we left, we decided to stop for dinner at the end of Kanan Dune. I had all the ingredients for a casserole but of course that option paled in comparison with the Sage Room. The chef/owner brought us some wines based on our described tastes, and they were actually better than anything we tried at Malibu Wines (even though the place itself was really cool, don’t get me wrong!).

We started with bruschetta, which was different than usual with a very crispy bottom.

We also split two dishes for the main course: the homemade pappardelle with lean beef bolognese…

…and the pumpkin ravioli with vanilla cream sauce. The photo might not do it much justice, but this pasta is hands-down amazing. We always order a large dish to split and it’s never enough. After this meal, we decided no more fooling around! Anything else we get ends up being eaten just so we can get it out of the way and savor the sweet/savory raviolis.

Of course, we aren’t above ordering extra bread to sop up that amazing vanilla cream sauce. Truth be told, I might have even used my finger this time. At least I didn’t lick the plate clean, right?