Yup, I went there.

Scones have never been on my radar, until the last two months or so, and suddenly, they’re everywhere! After eating Huckleberry’s maple-bacon version, I decided to recreate them for myself. Finding a recipe was easy enough. Most of the ingredients are baking staples, and the ones I didn’t have on-hand were standard fare: bacon, milk.

I woke up this morning before 7AM (why, I don’t know!) and decided to get to work in the kitchen. First step was writing out the recipe. I stuck it to the fridge and didn’t have to run back and forth, scrolling up and down the computer, like I usually do. What a difference!

Now, according to the recipe, this is one of those things you can “whip up” if you aren’t a morning person who wants to spend tons of time making eggs, bacon, and pancakes for an indulgent weekend breakfast. Seriously? Anything that needs 30 minutes to chill and 20 minutes to bake isn’t exactly “fast” in my book.

Also, you have to cook bacon anyway!

I had my second genius moment of the morning when I set up the latest episode of the Bachelor to play in the kitchen.

Why so sad Ashley? Maybe these gorgeous scones will cheer you up.

Honestly, they were awesome. I ate at least 4…and drizzled the last two in maple syrup. The recipe was time intensive, but not hard. My favorite part was hand-mixing the cold butter into the flour. I’ve never had to do that before, and the scones ended up tasting so rich!

Don’t you just love when a recipe turns out so well the first time around?! Next time though, I’m going the chocolate chip/dried cherries route. Forget four, I’m betting I could eat those all day long.