On Sunday, Rachel and I finally went to the Rose Bowl flea market. We’ve been talking about it for months, honestly, but over the last few weeks I’ve been on a major home improvement kick, and I was just itching to see what the Rose Bowl had to offer. The gates officially open at 9AM, although you can go as early as 5AM for an extra $12 with a VIP ticket. Rachel and I opted for eight bucks and 9:30AM, which was early enough to beat some of the crowds but not too early that we were dead on our feet!

Oh, where do I begin! I loved everything about this flea market. From dressers and nightstands to kitchen tables and frames to teacups and jewelry, there were hidden gems everywhere. I snapped up the most amazing mirror made of reclaimed wood — in these same colors except a little longer and thinner.

I was also on the hunt for an old mirrored vanity tray. I was hoping there would be one I’d like and to my surprise, there were dozens. I left with a lovely vintage one for only $10, as well as a small white and gold bowl to house necklaces and rings for $3. We spent literally hours wandering, uncovering one great find after another.

Gorgeous garden table set

Trinkets galore

Beach sign

Sparkly purse

Vintage posters

We broke around noon for lunch. There were the standard options like pizza, burgers, burritos and beer, along with a few oddball choices: sushi, Indian. When in doubt, head for the place with the longest line, right? That brought us to beer brats with onions and garlic fries!

Amazing that our lunch was more expensive than most of the little knick-knacks we bought! I think it took me so long to check out this flea market because I thought prices would be much higher…and, I am terrible at haggling. I was so pleasantly surprised to find such great deals! I never want to buy mass produced furniture again.

After all, one man’s trash just might be another man’s treasure…

I think the Rose Bowl has found itself a repeat customer!