This past weekend, my sister Rachel ran the LA Marathon — her very first one. My mom flew into town Friday night to join the cheering squad. Saturday, we drove out to Dodger Stadium to pick up Rachel’s race packet and check out the Expo. The actual stadium was eerily deserted.


Rachel got her number (4751!), while mom and I fought tooth and nail to make sure Rach got her small shirt.


Of course, the foodie in me went bananas over free buckets of mini Larabars and POM juices. I so badly wanted to dump this bowl into my purse and make a break for it!



We wandered for a bit, stopping to play a game of corn hole and snap some photos. The Expo seemed pretty small…we kept walking in circles, thinking we’d stumble on a new area. Still, it was nice for Rachel to see where the race would actually be starting, and to get pumped up by the music and crowds.


Rachel, at Mile 1!


Mom, faking a sweat at Mile 10.


The morning of the race, we all got up at 4am to get Rachel ready and off to the shuttle. Mom and I headed down to the finish line hours before Rach was due to make sure we got a good spot. Let me tell you, it was heinous outside. The weather forecast predicted some light rain, but it was a steady, windy downpour all day. It NEVER rains like that in LA! Mom and I were soaked to the bone. After getting the text that she had just completed 30k, we speed walked home, ate some bananas and trail mix, stripped down and put on ALL new clothes, including shoes. Then we turned around and headed right back out to the finish line.

After Sunday, I just might have to invest in a pair of rain boots.

In between all our moaning, we kept saying, “BUT. Can you believe Rachel is running a MARATHON in this weather?!” We nearly missed her racing by, but luckily I was able to capture the moment.


She was AWESOME!Ā  From start…

…to finish!


Rachel crossed the finish line and started weeping tears of joy. In spite of winds that literally bent our umbrella handles and rain that had thousands of runners checked for hypothermia along the course, she finished! I’m so proud, I could burst!