Asian-style noodle bowls and stir fry have never been in my usual repertoire. But since they are the boy’s favorite easy go-to meal, I find myself making and craving them more often! Last night, I left a long day of work and drove home in lots of rain and traffic. I self-soothed with the heater turned up high and Bon Iver on the stereo. When I got to Malibu, I put on my comfy pants (does everyone else do this right when they walk in the door?) and started cooking.

With a big wok, this meal is quick and easy. The boy’s noodle bowl featured chicken, onions, broccoli, Schezwan sauce, peanut satay sauce, bok choy, Hong Kong-style egg noodles, and red pepper flakes.


I made mine the same, minus the peanut satay. I was craving soup to combat the cold, icky weather, so I used the leftover water from cooking the noodles to brew a bowl of green tea with honey, lemon and ginseng.


Shake in a bunch of soy sauce to amp up the salty taste, and you have a perfectly hot bowl of noodle soup!


Of course, no meal is complete without a little dessert. My latest obsession is hot chocolate with marshmallows. The trick is to dunk and savor each marshmallow separately; of course, by “trick” I mean my odd way of enjoying each mug.

The rain has stopped – for now – and they’ve turned on the heat in my office building so I’m looking forward to a lovely day sans blue fingernails. Tonight I’m attending a sample sale at Malo that’s also billing cheap margaritas and $3 tacos. The potato/chipotle/cheddar ones are worth daydreaming about!

Also, thanks to everyone who posted a sweet note about Rachel’s marathon last weekend! Y’all are the cutest.