My lunches during the week can get kind of boring. I try to eat leftovers so I don’t have to resort to almond butter/jelly sandwiches — the only meal I have enough time to make and pack in the morning when running out the door. On the weekend though, it’s a whole different story. I can actually get into the kitchen and cook!

Portobello sandwiches have been making a reappearance in my dinner rotation lately, but unfortunately, they don’t work so well as leftovers. I’d make extra to eat the next day, but with no oven to toast the bread and no stovetop to reduce the balsamic, this meal really only works for dinner. And weekends!


Toasted rustic roll, topped with portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper, and balsamic reduction…


…topped with fridge-cold goat cheese and more sweet balsamic.


Not only does this sandwich taste fantastic, it’s really filling. My mom made a version of these when we were younger, with mozzarella instead. She always kicks it up a notch by cooking hers on the grill and marinading the mushrooms. I take the easier route and just make a balsamic reduction for added flavor. These cook up so quickly!


And it looks kind of fancy, don’t you think?


Even though the temperatures down by the beach dropped back down to the 60s, I really wanted to get frozen yogurt. Well, I guess I’m always in the mood for frozen yogurt but I had a major craving for it after three days of sunshine and sandal weather last week. We tried Grom for the first time, a gelato shop in Malibu that flies its ingredients in from Italy. Luckily, the staffers were cool and let us try a dozen flavors, so it was easier to pick 2: dark chocolate and bacio (hazelnut) for me!


I love rich flavor of gelato. This small little cup goes a long way. Good thing, at $5 a pop! The boy and I may have checked out a cheaper option and stocked up on $1 ice cream minis today…


An apple a day…keeps the doctor away. An ice cream a day…makes Kate a very happy girl.