I’ve never been the biggest salad eater. Wait, that’s not true. I love salads, but prefer them as a side — never the main course. I’d gladly eat eight bowls of salad for lunch or dinner, provided that I also had a plateful of the “real meal” waiting nearby. However, I’ve recently eaten a few salads that might just change my way of thinking!

I saw this salad in a summer issue of Sheridan Road. Yes, I’m aware that it’s a bit funny I have to read nearly every magazine under the sun for work, but sometimes there’s a silver lining! The recipe has no picture associated with it, which is usually a major deterrent for me. Part of the appeal is seeing the final meal, no? But when I noticed that arugula is the base, I was sold. Other ingredients include:

The dressing includes white wine vinegar, greek yogurt, olive oil, Dijon mustard and salt & pepper. That’s it! Honestly, everything came together so well. Both the boy and I really enjoyed this salad, and I immediately thought how perfect it would be for dinner guests. You know, when you want to get in some greens, but need them to taste/look a bit fancy as well? And what do you know, a few days later I had the chance to make it for Julia and her man. Well, minus the potatoes and with tons of grilled pizza on the side, but still – it’s a winner!