My dear friend Kate got engaged this weekend. She and her boyfriend (oops, I mean, fiance) have been together for about seven years. The idea of the proposal wasn’t really a surprise; they designed her gorgeous ring together after all.

But what she wasn’t expecting was a room full of people – her friends, his friends, her family, his family – all waiting to celebrate the engagement just a few hours after they sealed the deal. Surprise!

In her sweet white dress, absolutely beaming, Kate already looked every inch a bride. I’ve never been a bridesmaid before, and I’m glad that my “first” will be for Katie Jo!Β  If you couldn’t tell by all the gushing I do on here, I love, love, love my friends and am so excited to be a part of what’s sure to be an amazing wedding.

Congratulations again to the gorgeous couple. I can’t wait for THE DAY!