When did I start liking to shop for my home more than for myself?! Does that make me an adult? Or just boring?

Recently, I walked into the huge Beverly Hills Anthropologie on my lunch break. Not only was the store fairly empty and quiet (apparently two new things that I also require of shopping…even walking past Abercrombie now gives me a headache), there was a great clearance section. I saw a pretty little white lace dress that made its way from the rack to my hands, but when I thought about trying it on, I felt a little pained and wandered over to housewares instead. There’s something about dishtowels, candles, bowls, measuring cups, picture frames and mugs (oh! mugs!) that gets me every time.

My latest obsession is knobs. Not only are they relatively expensive, knobs can actually change the entire look and feel of a piece of furniture. Rather than buy a new desk, old handles got swapped with retro yellow knobs…which will eventually tie into the room’s photo frames (a project that’s slightly more extensive than swapping hardware).


Old and new handles battle it out…look how nicely the yellow and tarnished gold colors complement the wood. At least, I think so!

And my Anthropologie visit resulted in an upgraded bathroom cabinet.

Old knobs…metal, scratched, foggy.

The new knobs are “bubbly,” which makes me think of the bathroom for some reason. Even better, they perfectly match a few other accents in the room, from the piping on the shower curtain to the etched water glass on the sink where the toothpaste is kept.

What are your easy DIY home improvement tricks? I’ll take all the ideas I can get!