Malibu isn’t wine country, not by a long shot. However, there are a few different vineyards with tasting rooms, and the five minute drive to get there definitely beats the 7 hour trip to Napa. This weekend (before Stella Rosa!), the boy went surfing while I sat on the sand and watched/read for a while. High tide almost booted me off the beach, but we stuck it out and stayed until lunchtime. On the way home, we drove past the Rosenthal Estate and decided to stop for a tasting and something to eat. We ended up each getting one tasting with 6 pours apiece and a cheese plate to share.

I didn’t have my camera with me, but the boy had his phone and I discovered Hipstamatic…love, love, love. Except we couldn’t quite figure out how to frame the shots properly. Guess I’ll have to practice!

The tasting room is basically sitting squat in the middle of a blacktop parking lot. Pacific Coast Highway runs right alongside, which on one hand means a lot of loud passing cars. On the other, you can drink your wine with a view of the ocean! Cheers to that.