Starting Monday, I’m looking at three very busy weeks coming up. This weekend though, I don’t have too much to do and am making the most of my downtime by…doing nothing. After 10 hours of reading, surfing online, and lightly cleaning, even I get bored. I was suddenly inspired to make some homemade hot pretzels, so I found a recipe and happily discovered I had all the ingredients on hand. My eggs were almost three weeks past the package date (can anyone finish a dozen eggs? I always have at least six that are wasted), but a quick Google search confirmed that they’re still good 3-5 weeks after the sell-by. Whew! Having to go to the store for more eggs would have defeated the whole purpose of my lazy day at home, you see?

Homemade pretzels are actually pretty simple to make. After I wrote down the entire recipe so I could tack it to the fridge while baking, I discovered the words “standing mixer fitted with a dough hook.” Um…I definitely do NOT have one of those in my kitchen. I wish! I tried kneading the dough by hand for 6 minutes instead and you know what? It worked just fine.

The ingredient list is fairly simple: water, flour, yeast, brown sugar, egg, butter, salt and baking soda.

The dough came together quickly, but took me way too long to roll out. I might just have to ask for some real wooden boards for Christmas, and upgrade my rolling surface from the current too-small cutting board. This recipe didn’t call for boiling, but for dipping the dough rope into a mixture of water and baking soda before shaping the pretzel on a baking sheet. Each one got brushed with egg whites and doused in salt too.

I was pretty hungry while I was baking these, so it makes sense that I ate six pretzels hot out of the oven…right? They are SO tasty! The one thing I would change is to use some real coarse salt, instead of the sea salt I had on hand. Speaking of salt though, I ended up drinking two bottles of sparkling water before I went to bed. I could not believe how thirsty I was…totally worth it.