My Christmas tree has been up for a week now, and the second thing I do when I walk in the door every night is turn on the lights (the first is pet my yowling cat). The tree looks so beautiful and instantly puts me in the holiday spirit. I’ve been slowly but surely collecting ornaments since college, when I got my first fake tree as a freshman. That tree traveled all the way across the country and is now at Rachel’s apartment, but the decorations have stayed with me! Here are a few of my favorites:

This adorable bird feeder ornament came from the boy’s little nieces last year!

I have a set of eight beautiful figurines that I got along with my first tree in college…and all are still intact!

I got this ornament for the boy last year to celebrate his move from Hollywood.

I just got this ornament a few weeks ago while visiting D.C. How adorable is the mini Santa in Lincoln’s lap?!

If the last ornament was the newest, this one is my oldest. This rocking horse was a gift from my second grade teacher!

I scored dozens of old, classic glass Christmas balls at a flea market last year. The vendor didn’t want to bring them back home and ended up giving me a whole box for free. The packages inside were original and priced at only 15 cents. I love to think about where these ornaments have been before they landed on my tree.

All together now! I read an article in Whole Living today that said it’s  greener to cut down a fresh tree than reuse an artificial one. Good to know…my place is too small for a real tree now, but one day I’m determined to have that clean pine scent (endless needle vacuuming and all!).