It’s starting to get colder outside. I’m craving warm foods, but slowly getting tired of tomato soup…guess that’s bound to happen with anything you eat twice a week. An old friend from high school recently posted a recipe for a Thai-spiced pumpkin soup, and I’ve had it mentally flagged. Last night, I roasted two small acorn squashes while baking homemade fries. Since I usually get home from work hungry and don’t want to wait too long to eat, prepping the squash the night before made making soup the next day so easy. I changed E’s recipe a bit…plus, I took a few shortcuts!


2 small roasted squashes, flesh only

1 can light coconut milk + 1 can refilled with water

1 tbsp. red curry paste

1/2 tsp. ground ginger

salt to taste

I literally dumped all these ingredients in a pot and stirred. I don’t have a blender or an immersion blender, although I do have a food processor and a handheld mixer. I could have used either, but the squash was very cooked down and I didn’t need more than some strong stirring to get everything real smooth. I only let it simmer for about 15 minutes because remember, I’m always hungry when I get home. Dinner and waiting are not synonymous!

I ate my bowl with a side of naan. Crossing cultures, but it sounded better to me than crackers or bread…and what’s soup without something carb-y on the side?

In less comforting news, the apartment has suffered a minor leak and repairs have been underway all week. I’ve emptied the dehumidifier so many times, I’m surprised I haven’t been swimming through the room…that’s how much water soaked into the carpet! Luckily, nothing got damaged and it should all be cleared up soon. Gross, right?

Today was a good day at work. I had a client meeting and they passed along some goodies…my mom and sisters’ stockings just got a whole lot better!