Has anyone else been eating a lot of “fake” food lately? Between the holidays, and then coming back from the holidays and running around/meeting up with friends, my meals have been somewhat lackluster. One night, I ate a bowl of cereal. It was delicious but not normal for me! Yesterday, I actually pulled out a cookbook and made Ellie Krieger’s curried butternut squash soup. It wasn’t too hard and tasted delicious!

While the soup was simmering and the butternut squash was breaking down, I quickly made Eat, Live, Run’s white cheddar rosemary scones.  Bread, rolls, biscuits and scones always seem so challenging to me, but this recipe is foolproof. I’ve made these scones numerous times and the best part is, by the time the soup was done, these had been mixed, rolled out, cut, and baked!

Here’s the money shot…a complete, delicious dinner!

Of course, I have so much happening this week that Kashi meals and more soup (these leftovers and my favorite Amy’s version – tomato) are sure to take the place of homemade meals for the next few days. I’m kind of excited for my schedule to slow down a bit so I can stop eating on-the-go!