My weekend was an amazing whirlwind…I just have to share!  Friday night, I flew back home to NJ to throw my mom a surprise party for her 60th birthday; everyone but my mom was in on the secret and helped to coordinate. My dad took us grocery shopping while Hannah got my mom out of the house…then Rachel and I swooped in to clean, decorate and cook. The party went without a hitch; my mom was SHOCKED and cried when she saw all of her friends gathered together. The surprise was actually a double whammy because Rachel and I hid out in the kitchen.  The look on her face when her friends sent her to the fridge to grab them drinks was absolutely priceless…sounds like a cliche, but I’d been extremely giddy all week and my mom’s reaction couldn’t have been better. She would never in a million years assume or even guess that a surprise party was being held in her honor!

We had a Mexican food theme — I made my sweet potato enchiladas, the Pioneer Woman’s tres leches cake, and the Barefoot Contessa’s strong margaritas — and my friend Becky gave me a step-by-step on constructing the cutest DIY pinwheel decorations.

I also got crafty with a copy of Real Simple, some heavy white paper, purple ribbon and a hole punch to make a birthday banner. It made for a great photo backdrop. How cute is my mom? 60 going on 35!