Tofu scramble made it to the menu! I’ve actually never cooked this before, but it turned out pretty well. The tofu was not the usual kind I buy and it crumbled pretty easily, but that worked perfectly for last night’s dinner. Into the wok went tofu, the mushrooms I forgot about on Monday, sweet potato, soy sauce and ginger. I also cooked vegetable egg rolls as a side. I love one-pot, quick meals!

And because this picture is too cute to keep to myself, here’s a shot of sweet Julia. I returned her winter coat before heading home for dinner, and we ended up grabbing a drink at Bodega. The photos of the two of us were terrible (sorry to everyone sitting behind us for suffering through 10 rounds of blinding flash!) but the conversation was great as always.Yes, I’m a sap, I know, but we’ve both been really busy lately so it was especially nice to catch up last night.

Speaking of being busy, I’m off to New York tomorrow for fashion week. Even more exciting, I’ve managed to work some family time into the schedule. I can’t wait!