I’m back! I just spent the last four days in New York for work; well, more specifically — for fashion week. Even though I set up the nail teams for five shows, I only went to two. Still, my days were pretty packed. Each show lasts only 10 minutes, but call time is at least 3 hours in advance. You’d think that would be plenty of time, but it literally flies by. Three hours for 20+ girls to go through hair, makeup and nails is just barely enough!

At the Rebecca Taylor show, the girls wore a gorgeous navy blue shade that I loved. I get to spend most of my time backstage snapping pictures. Everyone is so used to being photographed, the girls never mind stopping to smile or pose for the camera!

At Herve Leger, the nail look was pale and pink — almost flesh toned. For my purposes, this color is boring, but the show itself was really fun. Think Herve Leger’s signature bandage dress plus lots of dominatrix-style leather and bondage.

See? Not just a lovely pink, sparkly dress, but one waiting to be covered in an intense leather corset. In my opinion, not a very wearable look, but the models rocked it.

My orange wristband let me move around from backstage, to wardrobe, to run through and finally the show. The girls took a quick lap in street clothes but super high heels before the doors officially opened.

I’d imagine it can be very hard to be a successful working model. But what a fun job! Other NY highlights include: seeing my sister, mom and dad; viewing my one (and only) snowfall of the winter; eating good food. My favorite bites of the trip were toasted walnut raisin bread and brie with Hannah and goat cheese and chive gnocchi with my mom. Both delicious!

I’m headed out again tomorrow, this time to someplace warm, sandy and sunny. SQUEAL!