This weekend was sunny and gorgeous…it already feels like so long ago! We took the paddle boards out at Point Dume on Sunday. The water was so clear and calm on our way out, we could see starfish on the bottom. We also saw dolphins and a group of eight barking sea lions, plus a few more on their own. The way back to the beach was much windier and I struggled a bit coming back…my lower back was definitely sore yesterday! The boy went back out again later in the day and spotted a leopard shark. I’m not too bummed about missing that one…

Work has been really stressful lately — too much to do and not enough people to do it all. Despite being a bit overwhelmed, I’ve been trying to get back to cooking more. My dad raved about a recipe from Epicurious for fennel soup; I’ve never cooked with fennel before so I thought I’d give it a try! Aside from a leaky food processor mishap, the soup came together easily and tasted great. As per the recipe, the soup was served with sauteed tomato relish, and as per ME, with a huge hunk of wheat bread.

Now I have a giant bulb of fennel leftover, waiting to turn into something else delicious. Any ideas?