It’s hard going back to work after a really lovely weekend. I checked so many things off my to do list; the apartment is cleaner, my laundry is done, and I *finished* a special surprise for Marissa’s bachelorette in two weeks (more on that later!). The boy and I also went on a little impromptu date to Father’s Office. He loves the burgers there, but since I haven’t been eating meat, the menu seems pretty limited. Almost all the vegetable dishes include ham or bacon! Still, we had some nice wine and capped off the night with Malibu Yogurt, which is a guaranteed good finish. I also cooked a bit this weekend, making pizza for dinner on Friday, tofu brown rice bowls for lunch on Saturday, and half whole wheat oatmeal bread on Sunday (this loaf is already almost gone!).

It’s especially delicious when drizzled with honey! We ate so much bread warm out of the bread maker that I wasn’t hungry for dinner and ended up eating a bowl of Amy’s tomato soup right before 10pm. I would have just gone to bed, but hate waking up in the morning feeling ravenous.

I also bought rosemary and parsley plants this weekend. Our backyard area doesn’t get much light, but herbs still seem to do pretty well with the 3 hour sunshine window. Now all I need is basil, cilantro and mint and I’ll be set for summer. Assuming I can keep these alive of course!

It boggles my mind that fresh herbs cost the same price whether you buy a single package or a whole pot. I just added some parsley to the stuffed shells I’m making for dinner…a nice comforting ending to a long Monday.