Thursday morning I woke up so happy to get the long weekend started. WHOOHOO!


I had one more last minute thing to finish for the client whose project I’ve been working on the last week, so the day flew by pretty quickly.  I didn’t even have a minute to leave for lunch! But I did manage to squeeze in some fruit and a Lean Cuisine.


Look at those blackberries!!


I was working down to the wire since we were leaving early but at 3 PM my boss told me send the last email and PEACE OUT.  Love that. I came home and settled down with one of my girly books (Jemima J, always re-read this one!) and some TJ pita chips. Reduced guilt? Sea salt? Sign me up!


After the snacking, I decided to go for a little run.  I haven’t been in the mood to exercise lately but I think a lot of that is because it’s late and I am tired by the time I get home from work.  Getting home earlier today meant I had an extra two hours, and with the sun still out, I was super motivated to get outdoors!  I ended up doing a 2.7 run (okay, okay, jog) around my neighborhood and didn’t stop to walk once!! This might not sound like much but it felt huge to me, even though I was jogging along pretty slowly at the end, I kept going! I was a red sweaty mess afterward. Sexy, I know.

I showered, shaved and exfoliated like whoa so I could hit up the tanning salon next door for a spray tan.  I’ve never tried one of these before but I figured with the next few days of beach/pools/bbqs it would be nice to have some color rather than be a white/red splotchy mess. I felt like an idiot doing the “poses” in the Magic Tan booth, but I love the look! I might possibly be hooked…then I swung by Whole Foods to grab the Amy’s burgers that Jess recommended.  My summer meal was made complete with some SP fries, pickles and corn on the cob.


Yum! Loved the burgers!

After my late dinner, Julia came home for some serious girl chat time. What would I do without her?! Then of course we had to race to Yogurtland before closing time…yes, it closes at midnight and yes, we needed to get froyo even though it was so late.


Summer Lovin!

Happy almost 4th!!!


Finally, I am BACK in bloggie world! At least for the morning until I return to fun summer vacation land. I am catching up with my posts and your lives…I started to get stressed by my lack of posting and commenting but it seems like a lot of you are going through the same thing! Between work and friends and having FUN, there just aren’t always enough hours in the day.  And besides, if I skimp on enjoying myself to blog, you guys will be treated to many boring, cranky posts and nobody wants that 🙂

Tuesday morning I finally got my act together with fresh fruits and made a v. satisfying yogurt mess. Perfect summer food!


I ended up getting major props from my bosses in a staff meeting for all the work I’ve been doing the last few days, which is always nice. I’ve been getting hungry early for lunch so right at 12 I nibbled on some veggies.


Then I had another pricey frozen meal…I couldn’t resist this one! I’ve been dying to try the Kashi pesto pasta and I FINALLY found it. I have been looking every time I go into the grocery store and never see it! The promise of a good meal…


…totally worth it!!! This stuff was awesome for just under 300 calories!


I have been less snacky the last few days at work because I’ve been too busy to think about food! I did bring a cinnapple though that I crunched on later in the afternoon.


After work I headed over to see Stephanie’s new place.  She and Josh just moved to a cute neighborhood and a big apartment.  Josh had me do a walk through and give decorating ideas, which of course I loved.  Steph made great salads topped with hummus.  I couldn’t even finish this though because I was stuffed from the gorgeous turkey burgers she made!



After dinner and lots of catching up, Steph and I walked down to Penguins to get some delicious froyo. No skimping on the sprinkles here!!!


Wednesday morning I had another regular 🙂


Work was more of the busy bee season.  At noon I heated up Progresso Minestrone soup, one of my old school favorites.


With corn cut from the cob and one of Steph’s homemade oatmeal muffins on the side!


I have never been the biggest fan of spicy food, but after having Julia’s firey pork dish the other night, I am loving things HOT! I bought this Tabasco to keep at work and added a little to my soup. Loved it!


My boss gave me props again!  He usually tells us our writing sucks (1. SO supportive and 2. it doesn’t) but he told me this time that I was great at understanding a complex situation and writing under pressure and a huge help putting together the urgent materials we needed this week. That helps make it all worth it 🙂

Cinnapple made an appearance later in the afternoon.


After work I had a crazy random craving for TJ Pineapple salsa. BEST salsa ever! If you haven’t tried this yet, you must!


I used it to dip some salted zucchini.


For dinner I made a serving of TJ eggplant with a serving of whole wheat pasta on the side. I’ve NEVER seen WW shells before. I get so bored of the rotini and spaghetti and loved eating a new shape 🙂


After dinner, Miss Master of All Trades colored my hair a gorgeous honey blonde. The roots were getting dark! Actually, someone called me brunette so I just wanted to clear up that little situation. Julia did an AMAZING job!!! We are thinking about adding in some highlights too.  I had half of this TJ beer while she was working away.


Plus a Skinny Cow for dessert after Jules styled and blew out my hair for me 🙂


All right lovies that’s it from me for now. I am off to the beach!!! Happy 3 day weekend!!

Happy weekend everyone! The sun is finally shining, which makes me SO HAPPY! Friday morning I enjoyed the usual, except with blueberry yogurt since the store was out of my favorite vanilla.


Since both my bosses were gone for the day, I made sure to take a long and leisurely lunch. I started with some mango and kiwi.


Followed by Thursday dinner leftovers on a La Tortilla Factory wrap.


All rolled up!


Then I headed outside with The Alchemist and read for a bit in the sunshine. I even treated myself to a chocolate/vanilla swirl froyo with chocolate sprinkles. The place right near my office has a size called “Baby” that’s perfect when you are looking for a just a little taste!


The rest of the day was pretty busy — I even had to stay late! I know, on a Friday, what’s up with that?! I think my long relaxing lunch was definitely worth it though. On the way to the gym, I munched on some cinnapple cubes. I had half before doing some light elliptical for 40 minutes and the rest on the way to the grocery store where I picked up some ingredients for a special dessert 🙂


Back home, I whipped up some half whole wheat/half white flour dough for pizza! As usual, I used 1/3 to make a thin crust veggie pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, basil, red onion, red pepper, and mushroom. It was delicious, no big surprise!


After some lounging and TV watching, I made dessert! Inspired by the great strawberries I picked up at the Farmer’s Market, I started with some biscuits…


…which turned into strawberry shortcake! Bisquick single packets make these a breeze. You just add water and 10 minutes later you have 150 cal biscuits that are perfect for shortcakes!


The rest of the weekend is coming!! For some reason my computer isn’t liking these long posts and  I have lots of good pictures for you guys 🙂

Tuesday morning I was back to basics with the usual yogurt mess. I had to go without bananas though, which was as sad as it sounds 🙂


My day was CRAZY busy! I had time to break for lunch but no time to leave the office. Thank goodness for my window. I wouldn’t see much daylight without it! Luckily I brought some food and made a sandwich with Oroweat toast, a Gardenburger Sun Dried Tomato veggie burger, sammie pickles, and some leftover roasted zuchini and eggplant. In theory the sandwich was tasty, but I absolutely hated the burgers. I have had these in my freezer for ages (like, a year, literally) and I definitely still don’t like them. I’ll have to try this with a different filling next time!


I had the rest of Monday night’s corn & veggies on the side.


I also had a generic Fiber One bar (Targgie brand!!) to get that icky veggie burger taste out of my mouth.  It’s been sitting in my drawer for months (man, I should stop eating old food, huh?) so it was pretty stale but it definitely held me over the rest of the day!


The rest of the day was v. busy but I got a lot done and set up some really nice editorial hits for my clients, which is always great! I got home with a craving for something extra nice after my less-than-stellar day of eats — PIZZA! How much do I love knowing how to make pizza dough?!? This meal is now one of the easiest things for me to whip up. Hmm could be dangerous! I used 1/3 of my honey whole wheat dough to make a personal pizza topped with tomato sauce, light cheese, basil, mushrooms, vidalia onions and crushed red pepper. It was amazing as always 🙂


After dinner and some laundry, I ran out to grab bananas and apples (cinnapple, I miss you!) and picked up some froyo with sprinkles from Yogurtland. I ended up with pistachio, taro, raspberry creme, chocolate & PB flavors in my cup. Heaven on a big pink spoon!!!


I was STUFFED to the max after this and spent the rest of the night reading and watching TV. I made it into bed by 11, whoop whoop!

It’s BAAAACK…Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Ate my stale Target bar instead of going out to buy a snack
  2. Skipped happy hour with work peeps (we had Wednesday already planned so I just picked one of the two!)
  3. Picked up froyo instead of ice cream on my grocery run (I debated, but I am predisposed to eat most the carton!)

Today my beloved bananas were back in the mix. It’s weird, I loved bananas when I was little and then literally was disgusted by the smell, texture, look of them for YEARS and now I love them again!


Today was almost as busy as yesterday, this time with lots of meetings. We had a client lunch at Craft, Tom Colicchio’s restaurant.  Here is a photo from the website of the decor. Isn’t it pretty??


I started with 1/2 slice warm pumpernickle bread, then ordered the roasted Sea Bream (a white fish), which came with some baby artichokes.  I also had a bite of baby broccoli, one mushroom and one bite of risotto from my bosses’ plates. The food was good but we ate like baby birds and I was still pretty hungry. For dessert we got a rhubarb-strawberry crumble, a berry shortcake, and some sorbet.  I had a couple bites of each one.  The rhubarb was definitely my favorite!

After some more meetings, I got hungry again (bites here and there just can’t cut it!) so I broke out the cinnapple. Big kiss for this baby!!


After work, I headed home to get changed and ready for my co-worker’s “surprise” birthday party. I use that term losely because he knew all about it! We went out for Mexican, 2-for-1 happy hour at a cute little place in boystown. Sorry I don’t have pictures — lame-O for you guys! I had a Corona Light, half a chicken burrito, and about a half dozen tortilla chips. I chilled out for a bit and then headed back to my place. I passed Yogurt Stop on the way so of course I had to grab a little cuppa goodness for the walk home!!

Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Ordered roasted fish instead of some of the heavier dishes at Craft
  2. Didn’t clean the dessert plates at lunch!
  3. Got Corona Light instead of a margarita and split my meal with E.

I had another sleepy/snacky day! Unfortunately, I also had work and apparently sleeping and eating all day is frowned upon at the office, hmmm. For breakfast, I squeezed in a yogurt mess before the big Monday meeting.


It wasn’t too bad today, but it did drag through the whole morning and right up to noon. I didn’t bring a lunch today so I had to pick something up and had the hardest time deciding! E. and I ended up heading to Coral Tree Cafe for a bowl of onion soup and half a special tuna sammie (no mayo anywhere!!).  I usually get this tuna on a salad but was craving the soup & bread today. Sorry about the cell phone pics!


The soup had one little slice of french bread floating on top. It looked funny, but tasted great!


After lunch, I still felt crazy snacky but held off for a bit before digging into a Blueberry Z-Bar. YUM!


All my food lasted me throughout the rest of the day and until dinner. I was practically nodding off at my desk by 5, so I skipped the gym and headed home instead. I started with a bowl of mixed veggies topped with lemon pepper.


Then I used the last 1/3 of my pizza dough to make a lil pie topped with mushrooms, green peppers, fresh basil, red onion and red pepper flakes. SO GOOD!!! I’m drooling all over my own picture and could definitely eat this again right this second!


Yup, the hunger bug won’t stop biting me so I drove over to Yogurtland for a cup of froyo. Those little brown dots are choc covered sunflower seeds. They were awesome!


I’m gonna try to get into bed early so maybe I will have more energy tomorrow. Hopefully I’ve banished the munchies for the rest of the week 🙂

Three Things for Monday

  1. Stopped snacking after the z-bar (this actually required some willpower LOL)
  2. Made a bowl of steamed veggies to bulk up dinner
  3. Measured the sauce & cheese for my pizza

And the work week starts again! At least this is a short one for me 🙂 

This morning, I settled down with my yogurt mess.  I missed these over the weekend!


The first half of the day went by pretty fast with the usual Monday meeting.  For lunch, I finally ate my leftovers from Thursday night.  I really wasn’t feeling this meal, but I didn’t want to waste food or money so I ate it anyway and it was good of course.  Enough to fill me up and that’s what I really need!


After lunch I went to the doctor. Ugh, I hate doctor appointments. When I was younger, my mom used to pull me aside and tell me to stop giving the death stare to the doctor, and I never even realized I was doing it!  It went fine but I left feeling really antsy.  So on the way back to the office, I stopped for a little cup of froyo with sprinkles.  Self medication at its finest!


The rest of the day passed by pretty quickly. I came home and did Shred Level 3.  My mom and I have been doing the shred On Demand, and according to the schedule, only Level 2 will be playing through June, so we might have to jump around a bit. WOAH! I didn’t sweat that much more than Level 1 but it was WAY harder, especially on my arms. I was a little shaky afterwards so I grabbed this carrot on the way back out the door.


Then I walked to Target and Whole Foods for some quick errands. I picked up some tempeh at WF that I am really excited to try! I’m guessing I will need to research some good recipes. Let me know if you have any 🙂

When I got home, Kate came over, dinner in hand! Look at this gourmet meal she made…FANCY, right?!  I ate most of the polenta/spinach mixture on the bottom, all of the scallops, and just a few bites of the bacon.  Thanks Kate, you domestic goddesss, you rock!!


We ate and watched Gossip Girl. Ummm, lamest episode ever, right?? I can’t believe Nate & Blair got together and broke up in like 4 episodes. Why are they rushing all the good stuff?!?!  ANYWAY now I am getting into bed with a book and a little piece from my chocolate Easter bunny. Night!!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Ate my leftovers for lunch instead of going out for food
  2. Walked to do my errands
  3. Ate 1/2 a piece of bacon from the 4 that were on my dinner plate

Saturday morning I woke up to another yogurt mess. MMM dreamy! I also had a few extra handfuls of Kashi straight from the box while catching up with emails and blogs. Oops. That stuff is addictive sometimes!


I was in a little funk yesterday, so I spent a very lazy day doing a lot of nothing.  I had carb cravings like WHOA, but I cooked up a bowl of mixed veggies so I could get my greens in with my whites.


Then I made a serving of plain Jane white elbow macaroni.  Just pasta and salt!


After I answered my carb cravings, my chocolate cravings started calling. I had two Cadbury eggs, almost the end of my Easter stash.


After the pasta and chocolate, I felt a big sleep coming on.  I took a long nap and woke up refreshed, bad mood gone!  Just in time for my big night out, whew. Before showering, I knocked off Day 2 of shredding. I talked to my mom earlier as she was out buying some weights. Apparently she did Level 1 with EIGHT POUND WEIGHTS and called me to tell me that it was a bit hard and maybe she should get lighter weights. Yes, mom, yes. So she picked up a set of 5 pounders. My mom is wicked strong if you haven’t guessed!

Then while getting dressed and ready, I had a cinnamon sprinkled apple.


Followed by a quick and easy filling dinner inspired by Julia — herb seasoned chicken and a sweet potato. YUM! I definitely need to start eating more meals like this one. My roommate lives on chicken and veggies and I am much more of a bread and pasta kind of girl…I want to start stealing some of her meal habits though!


Plus a glass of red. A must to get your makeup looking perfect, I say.


Last night ended up being sort of crazy and very random. I went out with one of the girls from work and her friends. We wound up in a stretch Hummer limo?? I felt like I was in high school on the way to prom, weird. Then we ended the night dancing at Foxtail, which was fun. I had a couple vodka sodas…apparently, one too many because I woke up today so hung over!  Julia saved my life with a huge glass of water and a handful of Excedrin.  I think this might be the first morning in as long as I can remember that I didn’t wake up ready for breakfast.  I managed to lay around until noon before I could even think about food!

Finally, I grabbed a book and went to visit Julia at her restaurant, Newsroom. I switched from my usual Brazilian Bowl and got an egg white scramble made with green chile-pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and caramelized onions, plus potatoes and my all time favorite 9-grain bread.  This stuff is the only thing I will give up morning yogurt messes to eat instead!  I ended up eating about half the eggs, most the potatoes, and both slices of bread — topped with strawberry jelly — obviously!


I also had a piece of chicken sausage on the side. Newsroom has amazing chicken sausage!


After my brunch, I hit a bunch of stores to do some birthday/Mother’s Day shopping. I had a little bit of success, but I still need more, augh! I just haven’t been finding very many cute things lately. Of course, I managed to find awesome shorts for myself. Funny how it always works out that way, hmm 🙂

I snacked on a slice of bread that I took from brunch while walking around. Julia promised to bring some of the heels as soon as they fill up a bag with them. Can’t wait for that!


By the time I got home after a few more errands, it was a little after 6 and I was starting to get hungry again. I had my last apple (must buy more!!) with some cinnamon, surprise!


Then I shredded with Jilly-o.  I definitely felt the movements in my chest today while doing push-ups and some of the weights!

Julia and I decided to walk to Real Food Daily, an amazing organic, vegan restaurant. By the time we got there, it was already 8:30 and we were so hungry!! I ended up getting an awesome make-your-own bowl with greens, veggies, blackened tempeh, and millet & quinoa. I picked Lime Cilantro sauce for dipping on the side. They make all their dressings at the restaurant, and this one contains olive oil, rice vinegar, rice syrup, onion, citrus, herbs & spices. It was so good!!


This meal was crazy filling.  It was also my first time trying tempeh. I was pleasantly surprised. I can only imagine how much protein this packs! I can’t wait to pick some up to use in future meals. The walk home helped me make a little room for some froyo with sprinkles 🙂


I had such a great day today, but I really need to get better with time management. I mean, it’s almost 1 AM and I have to be up soon for work. This happens to me every Sunday!

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Ate a healthy, protein-packed dinner before going out
  2. Skipped the tables ladled with candy and chips at the pre-party
  3. No drunken snacking/cereal overload when I got home

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Took my time eating brunch and stopped when I was full
  2. Didn’t get a Blizzard at the mall, even though it’s the only Dairy Queen I’ve seen within 30 minutes of my place. (There’s something about not having DQ readily available when the craving strikes that makes me feel like I have to get it whenever I am at this mall!)
  3. Walked to dinner instead of driving (3.5 miles round trip)