What a quick weekend!! And now it’s almost Wednesday?! Yesterday I kicked off the day with a yo-mess, then I used my deconstructed taco leftovers to RE-construct a taco! Confused? I had one La Tortilla Factory tortilla in the fridge begging to be used, so I heated it up and added the other 1/2 piece of tilapia, 1/4 avocado worth of homemade guacamole, lettuce, mango cubes and S+P. I definitely liked the chip dippers better, but the mango was a really nice addition!


Later in the afternoon, I managed to bypass a huge tray of cookies and had some carrots + hummus and a handful of popcorn for pre-workout fuel. How did I forget about popcorn?! Such a nice, low-cal FUN snack. You just have to be careful not to burn it in the office, and make sure you can share with your coworkers. Popcorn is one scent that really carries, have you ever noticed that?!

I had a nice sweat-fest on the elliptical after work. I’ve been in a LONG exercise rut lately, but for some reason am undergoing a nice attitude change where food and workouts are concerned! I even whipped out the high school punk phase with some Streetlight Manifesto. After a quick trip to Target and tossing in some laundry (FINALLY!), I got settled down for dinner. I was jonesing for a TJ Chile Lime Chicken burger 🙂


I also wanted to use up a potato I had for my side, and just wasn’t feeling the homemade fries. No, not burned out on those yet, but I do make them an awful lot! Instead I was inspired by the memory of a killer no-mayo potato salad my friend Becky made earlier in the summer for one of our Laguna Beach bbqs. Here’s my version!

No-Mayo Potato Salad

Serves One

Peel and cube one potato. Add to pot, fill with water, bring to boil, and cook until fork-tender. On the side, dice (all to taste) red onion, green onion, red bell pepper and basil.  Drain potatoes, add to onion/pepper mixture. Drizzle lightly with red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, EVOO and S+P.

MMM!!! I tossed mine in the fridge for a few minutes while I switched out the laundry so it would cool down a little bit, but was too hungry to wait much longer than that 🙂


I don’t think that picture can really do it justice, because it was pretty amazing! After dinner I caught up on True Blood (poor Sam!) and enjoyed a Skinny Cow fudge pop. I love the chocolate drizzle on those. Anyone have some other nighttime snack musts?! I’m always up for a good sweet treat testing 🙂


Quick post tonight, it’s late and I want to get to sleep! Yogurt mess for breakfast, which I downed in 2 minutes.


Lunch was a La Tortilla Factory wrap with broccoli slaw, cabbage, portobello mushroom, and some leftover cheetah slices.


I ate the rest of the stuffing that wouldn’t fit in the wrap on the side!


Afternoon pick-me-up! I was never allowed to have soda as a kid, but my mom always drank Diet Dr Pepper, so this reminds me of her 🙂


I should have eaten a real snack though because I ended up going to happy hour with one of the girls from work.  A glass of white wine on a pretty empty belly turned into a small flour tortilla, a chicken skewer and WAY too many chips with guacamole. At least we didn’t get a second basket…that’s good, right?

Of course, the whole point of happy hour is ending the night early, which made it feel like I still had time to hit the gym.  I did 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical before my tummy started reminding me it hadn’t quite digested and said no thanks!  I left to grab some groceries for the rest of the week and came home find the kitten peed in my bed. Again.  So right now I am decompressing with The Office.

I am king of forwards. It’s how I like to do business. I am Chandler. And Joey. And Pam is Rachel. And Dwight is Kramer.

Ah Michael Scott, you are priceless.

Yesterday was such a busy day at work! We had meeting after meeting after meeting. Hmm yup, three meetings!! I managed to eat some low-sugar apple cinnamon instant oatmeal with a banana nuked in there after meeting #1. Fluffiness!! I am OUT of frozen fruit and fresh fruit and probably won’t get to the store until Thursday night. HORRORS!!! No yo-mess until then 😦


You all pretty excited to check out my lunch, huh?? Well I ate this puppy after running to the store for one more thing for my mom and about 5 minutes before another meeting. This is the other half of the chicken from Tuesday. Look at how paper thin it is!!! I also had a bunch of raw broccoli on the side, this serving times 5 maybe? I love raw veggies but right then my stomach was thinking HMMM…


I skipped the veggie pasta because there wasn’t enough time! Instead, I snacked on some trail mix a little later. There were a couple almonds in this fuzzy handful that got picked out before I snapped a pic 🙂


I also had a blueberry z-bar. I think this might have been the first time I tried this flavor and I loved it! So much more than honey graham or chocolate brownie.


After trying to finish up a few things once the clients peaced out, I headed over to Steph’s house for Twilight time!!  She has been wanting me to see this movie FOREVER and our opposite schedules have been making that impossible.  Anyway, she got me reading the books a few weeks back and that’s when I knew I had to make this movie date happen!  I needed to see all that deadly luurve firsthand 🙂

I settled down with a small glass of red.


Steph made some lovely whole wheat crust pizzas.  We did one with tomato sauce, very light cheese and spinach & another with pesto, cheese and sliced tomatoes. I had a piece of each!


We also had side salads of broccoli slaw and shredded cabbage topped with balsamic vin. Aren’t these black & white bowls cute??


The movie was good! We couldn’t stop talking about how the clothes were seriously wack. Can’t vampires wear better threads?!? Also, makeup job was not so hot.  But I loved the awkwardness between Bella & Edward, high school hotness!! Steph whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for post-movie consumption.  I had two of these little delights. Love hot dessert!


Then Steph, her boyfriend Josh and I took a run down memory lane and discussed psycho exes. Josh & I were battling stories, but I like to think that I clearly won.  It was so good seeing my girlie!  Photo OPP!!!


So I got home a little after 11 and found out that you CAN do the shred that late at night! I did half but then got sidetracked by some roommate bonding, which is always #1!! I ended up continuing the cookie streak by eating THREE of these cookies. They are so good and will be marching out of our place tomorrow so I don’t eat them all!


Today I woke up right with my alarm and instead of hitting snooze, I finished the last half of the shred. Woop woop! At the office, I made a v. pathetic yogurt mess. It’s all one color! I just had bananas and figs for this one.


Luckily lunch was much more colorful! I tried to hold off on eating but was tummy-growling hungry and dug in right before noon.  I ate my leftover chicken fajitas with some 100-cal pack guac and two tortillas.  I snagged one tortilla from the restaurant (prob uber unhealthy) and one from my pack of La Tortilla Factory (very healthy!!!).  Everyone in my office couldn’t stop saying how delicious my food smelled and I had to agree!


After eating, I strolled over to the Farmer’s Market and picked up an eggplant, string beans, green onions, radishes, 3 packs of strawberries, carrots, and cherries for $12. Love the Farmer’s Market! I dug into some of the strawberries and cherries.  My breakfast is gonna be bangin tomorrow with this fruit!!


A little later, I had my favorite Cherry Pie Larabar for some pre-workout fuel.


Yes! I finally made it to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical AND did the shred when I got home. YAY! Tonight for dinner, I made an awesome stir fry using some of the stuff I got from the Farmer’s Market, plus tofu and shirataki noodles. BOMB! Julia came home planning to make a stir fry too so I got to steal some of her delicious sweet chili sauce, which worked perfectly drizzled on top!


It’s HOT in LA right now. People deal with heat by eating an ice pop.


Cats deal with heat by chillaxin in the bathroom sink!



Oops, almost forgot. My computer is going sooooooo slowly right now! Okay…

Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Skipped the pasta at lunch
  2. Poured a smaller glass of wine
  3. Ate two slices of pizza instead of the three I could have easily finished!

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Only packed one of the restaurant tortillas to eat with lunch
  2. Ate half the guacamole on my plate
  3. Saved half of my stir fry for another meal

Thanks for all your great feedback on the event Saturday!! The rest of the weekend was very relaxing. I tried to sleep late but was up early anyway, so I relaxed for a bit with a cup of coffee.


Then I started getting a rumbly tummy, so I made the usual.


After getting ready for the day, I made a pit stop at Best Buy to drop off my camera. All the rest of my photos will be from the old camera I resurrected from a drawer in my bedroom. So glad that I am a pack rat!  I have the special charger for the batteries (yup, old school batteries) and the USB cable, whew!  After leaving my camera in the capable (hopefully!) hands of the Geek Squad, I hopped on the highway and headed down to Laguna Beach. I don’t have any pictures from Sunday because the camera batteries were charging at home, but believe me, it was an amazing day!

We are having a heat wave in CA and it was 95 degrees so of course we had to do a big beach trip. Laguna isn’t the closest beach by far, but Becky & Kate J (they are sisters, in case you were wondering!) hail from Laguna and their parents still live down there, making it the perfect place for beaching and having a big, family-style BBQ/beer pong/piano-playing food fest afterward.  On the way down to the beach, I got caught in some traffic but snacked on some strawberries that I so ingeniously thought to pack. For lunch, Becky and I traded halves of two delicious sandwiches — smoked salmon with cream cheese and grilled veggie with hummus & olive tapanade. MMM! Later I snuck 4 Sun Chips to crunch while reading Book Numero 2 in the Twilight series. Yup, 4…I am v. impressed by the brief appearance of my willpower!!

Back at the house, Chef Becky got cooking for the group…there were maybe 15 of us all together? We snacked on bread and cheese while everything was being marinated, mixed, boiled & baked.  The boys grilled chicken and turkey sausage, and I helped BeckO make a dreamy potato salad that was just red potatoes, balsamic vinegar, S&P, green onions, dill, cilantro & basil. It was delicious! She also cooked some beans and I made two chocolate cakes topped with some of Becky’s homemade icing.  Oh!! She also made the house drink, Cosmos, to go with our Coronas. It was a great night! I ate a little bit of everything we made, but was actually kind of full from the sun and the taste testing bites I took while cooking, so I didn’t over indulge in anything except maybe the bread when we first got home.

The weather stayed gorgeous all night, so of course none of us wanted to leave! I finally headed out around 11 PM and it was STILL hot enough to be outside in just our bathing suits and sundress cover ups…crazy!!

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Snacking on 4 Sun Chips instead of mindlessly munching from the bag
  2. Enjoying my Cosmo from a short glass, instead of a tall one
  3. Eating a few bites of chocolate cake instead of a big slice

Yesterday I was SO excited to be back at work of course. Kicked off the day with the usual good start!


I was too tired last night to think about food, so I just swung by the grocery store and picked up a Lean Cuisine and some of those Green Giant Immunity Blend veggies.



By the end of the day, I basically felt like crud and just wanted to get home as fast as possible. I had every good intention of making myself some soup and buying some fresh Vitamin-C packed veggies to juice for a refreshing, throat-soothing pick-me-up, but by the time I got back to the apartment, I realized that my plan actually required having some energy in the first place, so I just raided the fridge instead. I started with this cool, soothing bowl of fruit.


Followed by a cup of icy frozen peas.


I was still sort of stuck on the idea of soup, but the 100 million degree heat in my apt changed my mind. Instead I made a super fast cold Mexican salad with lettuce blend, cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup cold black & kidney beans mixed, one 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole pack, and some salsa. On the side, I had a La Tortilla Factory tortilla spread with some of the guac.  I ate this outside becuase it was cooler out there than it was in my place!!


I finished off dinner with a freezer-burned mango popsicle from Trader Joe’s. All I wanted was something cool and soothing! I love these TJ popsicles, especially the Caribbean ones!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Going to the grocery store to get a Lean Cuisine & veggies instead of picking up food or ordering in
  2. Skipping the office latte run
  3. Eating a popsicle to soothe my throat instead of running out for some ice cream (which I seriously debated…being sick/tired won out!!)

Today I am feeling better but not awesome. I made the usual for breakfast. I am out of frozen fruit and almost done with my box of Kashi, oh no! I might have to make a grocery run today…


For lunch, I finally got my soup! I had a bowl of Progresso Minestrone with a serving of ak-mak crackers on the side. Yum, it is much cooler in my office since we actually have AC here!!


I have also been guzzling Emergen-C all day, so hopefully this stuff works its magic 🙂


After lunch, we celebrated an office birthday with some ice cream cake. In my office, we all sing and then eat the cake together and chat, sort of a little break/bonding. I tried to be good by asking for a smaller slice. Some cake I could turn down completely, but not a chocolate peanut butter ice cream one! Ice cream cake is my absolute favorite. For some reason it did NOT sit well in my stomach though! I could feel my belly sloshing all over the place.

Once I got home, I decided to take a walk to Trader Joe’s to pick up some goodies for dinner. I am feeling better but not great, and this seemed like the best way to get some air and movement! Back home, I made a nice side salad with Catalina free dressing.


I cooked up some Italian, TJ style. First, eggplant cutlets. These are great! About 170 calories per serving and SO tasty.  I also made 1 cup dry whole wheat and vegetable pasta blend. Delish!


I also sipped on a bottle of Full Sail Pale Ale. I am not a big beer drinker, but for some reason, a cold beer sounded so amazing to me, and since you can get just one at TJ, I picked up this guy! I drank half with dinner.


For dessert, I grabbed some TJ Organic Soy Creamy Chocolate goodness. I wanted something cold but the freezer was seriously cleaned out!! Everyone must be thinking the same thing as me in all this heat. I had a few spoonfuls of this — pretty good!  I should have just put it in a bowl because my few bites definitely turned into at least a serving, oops.


Right now I am watching TBL. Mike is about to talk to his dad…Can’t wait to see what happens!!

Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Brought healthy crackers for my soup instead of grabbing a roll
  2. Walked to the grocery store
  3. Drank 1/2 beer rather than the whole bottle

Last but not least, I got tagged by Danielle to do the Survey of 8’s that’s been going around.  Thanks Danielle!!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. Visiting my sister in Boston
  2. Getting my camera back
  3. Becca coming to LA
  4. Weekend trips to Laguna
  5. Eating my first watermelon of the season
  6. Using my tax return to pay off my credit card!
  7. Going to Julia’s movie screening tomorrow night!!
  8. Next girls’ weekend in Vegas

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Finished the New Moon book
  2. Ate dinner outside
  3. Turned on my fan for the first time since last summer
  4. Snuggled in front of said fan with the kitties (they wanted to get cool too!!)
  5. Bummed around on the couch, being sick…sorry, I’m not very exciting when I don’t feel good!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Remember to schedule my long list of doctors appointments!!
  2. Surf
  3. Live even closer to the ocean
  4. See my family and friends back East all the time
  5. Have a list of ever book I’ve ever read
  6. Find 1 new sport and 1 new hobby I really love
  7. Sail a boat
  8. Roadtrip cross country

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. The Office
  2. The Biggest Loser
  3. Gossip Girls
  4. Private Practice
  5. Grey’s Anatomy
  6. 30 Rock
  7. New Adventures of Old Christine
  8. Samantha Who

Now I have to tag 8 people to fill out this survey…hope you guys haven’t already done it (or actually want to do it LOL)!!


Why is it so cloudy here?! I want the sun to come out!! Saturday morning I woke up to overcast, chilly skies and a bowl of yogurt mess. Lots of mango in this one!


I did a little cleaning around the house and started to get munchy again, so I opened up a box of soft pretzels. I haven’t had one of these in forever & they are so good!


Then I left to do a whole bunch of errands. I knocked a few things off the huge to-do list and came home very hungry for a late lunch around 3:30. I used 2 La Tortilla Factory tortillas, 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, spinach & one 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole packet to make this very yummy in my tummy quesadilla.


After this I wanted something sweet but purpously haven’t bought any ice cream or cookies lately…single serve no-pudge brownies to the rescue for a warm chocolatey treat! Plus a nice dollop of Cool Whip.


One of the errands I had to run was picking up some books from the library. When I got there, I saw that they were having a monthly book sale. YAY! I love library book sales. I found this hardcover Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library PIZZA cookbook for $1 and dinner was born!


I sipped on a nice glass of merlot while cooking 🙂


I decided to make one dough and split it in half to use for one savory pizza and one dessert pizza. I used the book’s recipe for the dough (made half whole wheat flour, half white) but it came out VERY hearty. A little too hearty I think, but not bad for my first try! It didn’t rise as much as it should have, so I think my yeast might have been defunct? Next time, I will have to make some dough modifications, but everything else about these pizzas was AMAZING!

I decided on potato, onion & rosemary for the main course. No cheese needed to make this…can you tell I like carbs?! The recipe said it served 4, but I halved it, and ate half of that. Love having leftovers for tomorrow!! I ate two of the slices below. The combo of bread and potatoes was awesome, and the rosemary was a great touch.




For dessert, I rolled out the other half of the dough to make this fruit pizza! I used a pear, a granny smith apple, 1/4 cup raisins and 2 tbsp pine nuts, plus a custard-like topping of sugar, egg, flour & milk for a binding glaze over the fruit. I had a little mishap with the liquid topping spilling out all over the oven (OOPS!!) but the final result was pretty fantastic I must say! One serving was two of these slices. MMM!!!




I ate all my pizzas while watching Atonement. I really enjoyed the book and was pretty excited for the movie but have just never gotten around to watching it. I’m glad I did because I liked it a lot! I loved the way the sequences were timed to jump backward and forward. I could see how it might be a little confusing to someone who hadn’t read the book, but knowing what was going on just reminded me of all the complexities behind the scenes. For some reason I stayed up until almost 3AM just watching TV and goofing off?! I think I was enjoying my lazy relaxation time too much to go to sleep LOL. Sunday, I MUST be productive!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙂

Happy Belated St. Patty’s! Sorry for the late post but I wasn’t exactly up for blogging last night, as you will soon see 🙂

Wednesday morning, I had the usual yogurt mess for breakfast.  Sadly, I was still out of Kashi and had finished up the biscuits, so I was stuck with Fiber One for crunch. Not the same!! Now that I am used to my Honey Almond Flax, nothing else compares…


For lunch, I heated up a Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza, with added mushrooms and red onion. Pretty tasty!


I also had some bright green grapes. AH grapes!


After lunch, I was craving chocolate. Luckily I keep the office well stocked! I had a piece of Dove dark chocolate and some diet hot cocoa.


Dove told me to laugh 🙂


I STILL had the munchies, so I had my afternoon snack extra early.


By the end of the afternoon, I wanted to snack some more but knew I probably shouldn’t eat again so I just held out until after the gym. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical before heading home to get ready for a fun night out!! For dinner, I had some broccoli with S+P and a bowl of mango.



ANNNNND CEREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think I could face another day without Kashi in my yogurt, so I stocked up on some more, plus some Fresh & Easy organic O’s…and then Julia brought me some PB Puffins! This bowl was heaven 🙂


So good in fact, that I had to have a little more.


After eating, Julia and I got decked out in green and went out to celebrate the holiday! It was sort of last minute, but we couldn’t justify NOT going out I guess. We started with a shot of JD at the apt and then walked to Barney’s Beanery.


The place was packed, as was expected, but with lame guys, which was not what we wanted! We stayed for one green-colored drink and then walked up to the Sunset Strip.  We passed bar after bar but none seemed quite right…we were about to head back home when we spotted Bar Marmont! Score! This bar is next to Chateau Marmont, the swanky celeb hotel, and is very pretty. The ceiling is covered in little butterflies 🙂 Here is a picture I found online to give you an idea!


So we upgraded from Barney’s and were treated to many green drinks the rest of the night. Perhaps one too many rounds was bought for us? Because when we got home, I crawled into bed with this guy —


Yes, I got this box last night and it is halfway gone!!  In fact, I had been planning on including some Puffins in my yogurt mess but ate soooo many that the thought of more just wasn’t appealing. I know, can you believe it?! Puffin-overload aside, this was a good breakfast! Mango and kashi are two of my faves.


We had a loooong client meeting and I was super hungry by the time we got to eat. Lunch today was a can of Progresso Minestrone soup and 1 serving Kashi cheddar crackers.


Plus a Granny Smith apple w/cinnamon and a piece of watermelon & pineapple.


I was hungry again early today and had my afternoon snack not long after lunch. Since we had fruit and breakfast items at our meeting but I had already eaten, I held back but snagged two of these yummy PB rollups. Made with whole wheat tortilla, natural PB, dried cranberries, and golden raisins, these are office favorites and always the first to go!


We got out of work an hour early today (whoohoo!!!) because President Obama is in LA and speaking at the hotel right near my office. Since they closed down the road leading into our office complex, we had to peace out early to avoid being blocked in. Sadly, the roads are also supposed to be closed 8-10 tomorrow, meaning I have to get into work by 7:30. AND I have a work event tomorrow too, of which I am partly in charge, so tomorrow is looking like a 7:30 AM – 10 PM kind of day. Ick!!! Anyway, we all raced out as soon as our boss gave the all clear and I rolled down the windows and took in some sun! Doesn’t CA just make you happy??






I went to the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical, then headed home for The Biggest Loser and this yummy salad.


I also munched on some frozen edamame while watching (haha you can see it in the background!).


For dinner, I was dying to try Wholly Guacamole 100-calorie packs that I picked up at the grocery store a few days ago.  I am not always the biggest fan of 100-cal packs simply because I’d rather just portion out a serving myself than pay top dollar for pre-made baggies, but guac is one thing that is VERY hard for me to eat the “right” amount.


I ended up going simple: Two 50-cal La Tortilla Factory tortillas, 1/2 cup black beans, 1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese & one 100-cal serving guac. Here’s half!


The guacamole was sooooooo good! I definitely think I will be buying these again. I ate the other serving after running a few errands, sort of a dinner part 2 since I knew I would be hungry again. Now I am finishing up a mug of rooibos tea and some stray mango cubes from the ones I just cut for breakfast…

It’s gonna be a long one tomorrow!! The event will hopefully be fun though; it’s my first one with this current job, so I’m a little nervous and excited. Maybe I can even take some good pictures under the guise of taking them for the client 🙂

Have a great Thursday!! SO CLOSE to the WEEKEND!!!!