Ah Monday! Today I tried the “fake it to make it” trick and it really worked! I left work with a big smile on my face and ready for a fun night. Oh yeah, the other trick to a good Monday — making plans for a relaxing night :)

The day started with an exceptionally good yogurt mess, packed with frozen blueberries, frozen mango, bananas, strawberries and cereal.


We had our regular Monday morning meeting, which is never fun. It does move the day along pretty quickly though. For lunch I had a side salad of broccoli slaw and mushrooms topped with a lil balsamic vinaigrette.


I also had a La Tortilla turkey wrap with Popchips on the side.  The turkey was on its last leg (ick) but it did the trick.  This meal holds me over like WHOA.


After lunch I took a nice little walk to get some fresh air. It might be chillayy but at least that sun is shinin!!  I got snacky around 4 but decided to just save my appetite for dinner. It was a multi-course meal — my favorite kind!  I started with a little bit of Honey Moon.


Followed by 1/2 cup salted edamame, nom nom!


And a TJ veggie eggroll. I love how these are so easy to make AND low-calorie…could it be any better?!


My roomie was inspired by her trip home to make some Hmong cuisine.  Apparently St. Paul has one of the largest (if not THE largest) urban Hmong populations in the WORLD so restaurants there are aplenty.  LA however doesn’t seem to have any Hmong restaurants (if you know otherwise, let me know, Julia will be so happy!) so she decided to whip up some on her own.  And graciously share with me of course! While she was cooking, I nibbled on a few carrots and broccoli florets dipped in spicy chipotle hummus.


Julia’s dish contained lean pork, veggies, garlic, EVOO, lemongrass and lots of spice…jalapenos and chile paste! My mouth was on FIRE. It was amazing :)


Right now we are watching Nurse Jackie and I am contemplating a Skinny Cow to finish off the night. Can you picture it? Probably — here’s a gratuitous shot anyway :)


On another good note, my girl Amy gave me the One Lovely Blog Award; isn’t she the sweetest?? I love the pretty roses. Thanks for the Monday pick-me-up girlie!!!


I’m supposed to pass this along to another seven people; my bad if you already received it!

  1. Lara, with her fabulous food and adventures across the pond!
  2. Diana, with the best photography skills, hands down!
  3. Kaneil, with her bubbly personality and great advice!
  4. Kailey, with her undying love for PB!
  5. Jess, with her wicked photo recaps!
  6. Biz, with her fabulous meal plans and savory breakfasts!
  7. Coco, with her brilliant food — everything always sounds delicious!

Hope everyone had a great Monday.  See y’all tomorrow!

This morning I woke up wanting to stay in bed ALL DAY LONG but since jobs frown on that kind of stuff, I made myself get in the shower and packed some 9 Grain Health for a pick-me-up. Really, I am OUT of most of my fruits, and a yogurt mess is just plain boring without 8 billion ingredients, so it was 2 slices of toast topped with 1 tbsp. Chocolate Dreams and 1 tbsp. cherry jelly for me!


Work went pretty quickly in the AM; lots to get done! For lunch, I did a last-second fridge grab and basically pulled out a few easy-to-assemble ingredients. My fridge is looking pretty bare, so I ended up with another Perfect 10 bagel topped with hummus and lemon peppered veggies on the side. At this point, I was sort of OVER the whole bread thing (can’t believe I am saying that!!) but when I debated going out and spending money on another meal and saving this one, I decided to just eat what I had, especially since the bagels are so filling.


Then I hit up cute boutiques for more sisterly birthday shopping. I didn’t find anything worth buying because I am the pickiest person ever and want to make sure her present makes her jump up and down screaming in happiness. I don’t think my expectations are too high, do you?! When I got back to the office, I dug into the second part of my lunch, a lemon Dannon Light & Fit yogurt topped with my remaining Farmers’ Market strawberries. Tomorrow is the FM again; perfect timing!! I’ve basically finished off most my fruits and roasted most my veggies.


I was still hungry in the afternoon so I had a Fiber One bar. I forget how low in calories those bagels are!! My whole bagel hummus combo was about 170 calories, so even with the veggies and yogurt…definitely not enough for me :)


This bar filled me up as usual! After work, I drove home through a sunshower; it hasn’t rained here in forever and the rain + sun combo was awesome and left a huge smile on my face!  Tonight I went to dinner with Katie Jo, Courtsie & Marissa for Courtney’s birthday. We hit up the Belmont, one of our favorite summer happy hour spots, for some drinks and good food. The four of us shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Here’s my glass!


KJ & the Birthday Girl!

KJ & the Birthday Girl!

For dinner, I wanted to eat something super filling. Otherwise, I just go home and snack! I ended up getting a burger that I ate without the bun & cheese. It was delicious!! The four of us split the sweet potato fries on the side, but I hogged the pickles to myself :)


Happy Birthday Courtney!!! We love YOU!!!



Right now I am watching TV and contemplating sleep. I can’t believe it’s already almost Thursday! I have a very exciting weekend coming up…:)

Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Skipped Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake taste-testing at the office (I’ll just have a slice of the final pick tomorrow!!)
  2. Ate my burger without cheese & without the bun and split my sweet potato fries with the table
  3. No snacking at home after dinner

Friday night I passed out on the couch, full from cookies and pizza and totally unable to even think about getting up to go to bed. I woke up at 4:30 AM all snuggled up with the kittens and moved to my room to get some more zzzs.  When I woke a few hours later, I remembered a recipe for zucchini pancakes that I came across in my Ina Garten cookbook while deciding what cookies to bake. I’ve made these before but it’s been a while so I whipped up a batch for breakfast. Unlike regular pancakes, these puppies take a while to cook on the frying pan, so the whole experiment took about an hour from start to finish. They were a fun change though from my usual!


Green! This plate comes in at 250 calories.



After breakfast, I hit the gym for 50 minutes on the elliptical. I was feeling sort of headachy and blah, so I added some coconut water to my bottle for extra electrolytes. I love this stuff!!!


I still wasn’t feeling so hot after the gym, so I came home and scrounged around for Advil before making lunch. How do I not have Advil?! Luckily, Julia’s got the goods. After my scavenger hunt, I made exactly what I was craving — yogurt mess!! Betcha thought I was skipping it today, huh :)


I had some roasted veggies on the side. My NEW favorite thing!


And cookies & milk for dessert…


I was SO SNACKY! I haven’t really been that way the last couple of weeks, but I couldn’t stop thinking about food yesterday! I tried to get out of the house and do some errands, but eatin was on my brain. Do you guys ever have days where no matter how much you rationalize to yourself that you aren’t really hungry, you just want to eat and eat?? So I made myself a healthy snack plate with a gala apple, green beans and hummus :)


Of course this did nothing to quell my sweet tooth, so I had another cookie! After my snacking, TV watching and apartment cleaning, I got ready for my birthday dinner date with Stephanie.  We tried a place neither of us had ever been to called Akasha in Culver City. It was so cute!! According to the restaurant’s site:

At AKASHA we feel that local, organic, and handcrafted ingredients are the key to great tasting cuisine. Our purveyors include small family farms, organic growers, sustainable and fair trade companies, and artisan food makers.

I love how places like this are a dime a dozen in SoCal. Good food definitely isn’t hard to come by!  Even though the place had a killer cocktail list, we ordered nice cold glasses of Reisling to enjoy with our meal.


We each had a slice of this nutty, seed-filled bread.


For dinner, I started with a bowl of the black bean soup. It was so smooth and delicious!


I got the red quinoa with orange-soy glazed chicken and veggies for my main dish. I felt so clean and healthy eating this meal! The sauce on the chicken was fantastic.


We were so torn between the desserts; they all sounded amazing!! We ended up going with the waitress’s recommendation, a chocolate peanut torte with choc PB gelatto (and some lemon verbena ice cream for Steph!). This tasted just like a slightly creamier fudge. MMM!


After we finished, the manager needed us to move for some reason (we never found out why, huh Steph??) so he relocated us to the bar and treated us to a round of drinks. I had half of another Reisling. Cheers birthday girl! We ended up staying at the restaurant for a good three hours.  We needed major catch-up time and just gabbed the night away :)


I got home after midnight and scooted into bed with a book and a stack of chocolate chip cookies. Yes, a stack!!! I’m serious you guys…I couldn’t stop snacking! Besides, is there anything better than cookies & milk in bed? I think NO.



I woke up Sunday morning ready to get back to basics — yogurt mess of course!


After breakfast settled, I hit the gym for 50 minutes of ellipticalling. I tried to sweat out some of that cookie stack LOL. For lunch I made an egg beaters veggie omelet with mushrooms, basil & red onion. I toasted up a Perfect 10 bagel topped with hummus and green beans on the side.


After lunch I ran some errands. I snacked on a cinnapple and some coffee to ward off the munchies!


As always, this did the trick! After another errand, I came back and watched TV/rested on the couch. I felt like such a slug all weekend! For some reason, I just couldn’t seem to shake the tired/hungry feeling.  My little moo shu porkie pie took a nap with me. Isn’t she cute??


I finally roused myself to make some dinner, another delicious veggie bake. This big bowl had fresh basil, yellow peppers, red onions, sweet potato cheetahs, carrots, a chile lime chicken burger, eggplant and 1/2 of a portabello, with some ketchup for dipping.



After dinner, the snack attack came back! I had a mint chocolate chip Skinny Cow which quieted my sweet tooth…


…but THEN I settled down to watch the rest of Maneater on Lifetime and had some more cookies and milk!! My sweet tooth was putting all sorts of demands on me this weekend. By the way, anyone else watch this Lifetime special and thing it was such a fun movie?! I didn’t realize until halfway through that it was based on a book I’ve already read (man, that Gigi Levangie Grazer is rocking the made-for-TV thing…Starter Wife was her’s too!).  I actually liked the movie more than I liked the book!

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Made my pancakes with vegetables!
  2. Ordered a healthy entree at dinner
  3. Didn’t finish my second glass of wine

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Made time for an early morning workout
  2. Cooked my omelet dry & with egg beaters
  3. Had my bagel with hummus instead of PB (already enough protein in that bagel, ya know??)

Today I have my big Monday morning meeting but after I get through that, the day shouldn’t be too bad. I can’t believe it’s already June! Los Angeles is out of May Gray and now into June Gloom. Forecast calls for clouds all week, BOO! When I first moved out here, I thought it was nice always but yeah, that’s a lie. I can’t wait for the sun to come back out and play!! Hope y’all are kicking off the week with a bang :)

Wow, today was CRAZY! I started off the day right with an especially filling yogurt mess, featuring my last Oikos-coupon “purchase.” Here’s everything before and after!



This breakfast kept me plenty full for hours — love that!  The extra protein is definitely the #1 reason why I will keep buying this yogurt.  For lunch I tried out some TEMPEH.  Last night, I poached the entire package, then baked it with a drizzle of rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil for a little flavor. I don’t know if any of that changed the taste, but I didn’t want to marinate it because I was planning to make this sammy with HUMMUS. My final combo ended up being Oroweat Light bread, 1/4 package of tempeh, 2 tbsp hummus, and baked eggplant (just slices I roasted along with the tempeh), plus a couple roasted carrots on the side.  The tempeh was good!!! Definitely not as tasty as the one I had a few weeks back at RFD though. I need to check out some fancy ways to cook this baby!


Even though I was pretty full, I had my first GNU bar packed too and I was dying to test it out!  Today I grabbed the Orange Cranberry flavor.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the low calorie count on these guys!  It’s nice to get a bar that isn’t basically a meal replacement but a snack instead.  I loved the orange and cranberry flavors!  AND 12 grams of fiber.  Sweet!!  I will definitely be adding these to my bar rotation :)


How cute is that lil birdie?!?

After I ate, the day started getting crazy!!!  One of our clients is going on a press trip TOMORROW and we were still missing most of the information for the releases, so I was writing and calling and researching — frantically LOL. One of the guys in the office brought around some chocolate and it looked too good to pass up!  This Salty Dog was dark chocolate with butter toffee bits and sea salt. MMM!


I broke off a nice little square to taste test.  Salt and chocolate, could it BE any better?!


After my lil chocolate break, the frenzy resumed!!! I spent an hour reading every single sentence aloud to the client…very happy to send that off to her hotel to print! Yes, it was that last minute!  I had planned Target, Rite Aid, gym & library after work, but I got out a lot later than usual and was just seriously spent, so I went straight home.  Probably should have pushed through, but it was well-deserved I think!

For dinner, I was dreaming of some carby Italian food.  I made 1/2 cup (uncooked) WW pasta, a TJ chile lime chicken burger with ketchup schizzle drizzle, steamed broccoli, and the rest of my TJ eggplant.


This dinner really hit the spot! Now I am watching TBL finale. How cute does Mike look?? I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Ate a very protein & fiber packed lunch
  2. Kept myself to taste testing one square of chocolate
  3. Skipped the sweet treat after din-din (I really wanted some ice cream but needed a #3 so no dessert for me!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I won a gift card to Smoothie King from little miss Healthy Ashley!!!!!!! My first blog giveaway WIN!!! I used to work at a Smoothie King throughout high school and know all the secrets to ordering the perfect smoothie. Can’t wait to hit that place up again and throw them for a loop with my wacky drink order — it’s been too long.  Thanks Ashley!!

This week feels like it’s off to a slow start! Work is dragging like whoa. Monday morning I woke up at 5 AM feeling sick and was up for a bit, but felt much better by the time I got into the office and dug into my yogurt mess.


A little before noon, I had my Chocolate Chip Z-Bar from Saturday for some pre-workout fuel.


Yup, I tried to make a gym stop during lunch on Monday!  I was able to hit the elliptical for 30 minutes, which was great, but I was racing back and forth between the office and the gym, and it still took me more than an hour.  So it looks like going to the gym during lunch isn’t going to work, but at least I gave it a try and found that out!

I took my really sore ankles and calves over to Coral Tree Cafe and treated myself to my favorite no-mayo tuna salad.


After work, Kate came over with a nice bottle of red from TJ. I had a small glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while cooking up dinner.  Julia, Kate and I split a baked acorn squashed stuffed with 2 servings of quinoa cooked with raisins & figs, 2 chile lime chicken burgers and one beef burger.  We ended up only making two servings of everything, but it made more than enough food for all three of us.  The acorn squash turned out perfect!


After dinner, we watched last week & last night’s Gossip Girl while eating dessert, which was a whole variety of treats.  I had some more s’more (haha) ice cream with one of Julia’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


Plus a few slices of dried cantaloupe. I was way too stuffed after all this…definitely too many sweets!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Attempted to workout at lunch
  2. Ordered salad dressing on the side & only used half
  3. Limited myself to one small glass of wine

If I am going to be totally honest with myself though (and with you!!), I think this was my worst day of “three things” thus far.  Aside from the salad dressing at lunch, I didn’t feel like I was making conscious healthy choices, especially when it came to dessert.  I gave all those snacks last night some serious consideration as I was eating them, but I ate too many sweets anyway.  I want to be able to name off three good choices every day without having to think long and hard about it, so I will definitely keep working on that :)

I woke up tired again today! Luckily another yogurt mess was there to the rescue. Today I added in some figs after enjoying them so much in my dinner last night.


Lunch was a random mishmash of food I grabbed as I literally ran out the door.  It ended up being surprisingly delicious!  I had a serving of breaded eggplant, a nuked sweet potato, and a fuji apple.


Lunch held me over pretty well actually! Around 3:30 I had a pre-workout snack of ak-mak crackers with hummus. I love that this combo is under 150 calories!


Unfortunately, I was pretty hungry again by the time I hit the gym but I refrained from snacking and did 60 minutes on the elliptical. My ankles are feeling much better today, which makes working out a lot easier! I also had a new book with me, Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion, which helped the time pass quickly.

For dinner tonight, I was totally inspired by Kath’s calzones and decided to use one of my leftover dough balls from Sunday to make one.  I stuffed the homemade honey rosemary whole wheat dough with 1/4 cup sauce, 1/4 part skim shredded mozzarella cheese, basil, 3 chopped mushrooms and a big handful of spinach.  Here’s the calzone pre-folding…


…and after baking!



This is the first time I have ever made a calzone and I think it turned out pretty great!  It’s weird how you can use the exact same ingredients you use to make a pizza, yet the end result seems to taste so much different. I also had a few veggies on the side.


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Passed on ordering in Chipotle at lunch
  2. Refrained from drinking diet soda (I usually don’t drink this at work, but I had a huge craving for it today but made myself drink tea instead)
  3. Had a small glass of milk instead of dessert before going to bed

Okay you guys, it’s LATE and I’m needing some sleep.  Will I ever get to bed before midnight??  Hmmm, let me go ponder that question while catching those zzzs.  By the way, thoughts on TBL?!?!

Happy Belated Administrative Professionals Day!! That’s what we were shouting when we surprised the office managers with brunch Friday morning. Everyone brought in food and we had a little potluck.  I donated chocolate chip muffins, homemade by India Thursday night, to the table — thanks India!!  We got a huge jug of Starbucks coffee.  I had two cups and MAN that stuff is way stronger than what I make at home.  I was not wired at all but in a caffeine stupor.  I also had a bagel (just half is pictured here but I ate the whole thing!) with low-fat cream cheese, a slice of chocolate rugelach, and some apple slices & cubes of pineapple.  VERY FILLING!


For lunch I brought my leftovers from last night. These burgers are great. This hummus is great. I love this meal!  Instead of sweet potato on the side, I sliced up some polenta and nuked it. It’s much better when baked/broiled, but it fit in my mini tupperware and was easy to make (two big lunch requirements LOL).


I had this piece of rugelach x way too many more bites along with some apple slices and pineapple, making me lose the good food feeling I had after lunch.  The rugelach was absolutely delicious but I definitely overdid it with breaking off and eating too many pieces because I was FULL to the brim on sugar and it did not feel so good.


Luckily Julia was home and wanted to go on a hike with me after work.  We hiked the hard side of the canyon going up, and ran down the middle paved trail. Man, one week break from exercise really does make a difference! I was huffing and puffing way more than usual. On the way home, we dropped into Coffee Bean and I got an iced coffee to help me power through the night!

Of course, we were running late as usual and got home at 8:30 still needing to shower, eat dinner and get ready to go to an 80s tribute show at 9:30, oops! I had a La Tortilla Factory tortilla stuffed with a TJ chile lime chicken burger and some tomato & basil hummus with broccoli on the side. These burgers have 19 grams of protein!


By some crazy miracle (or because the boys knew we would be late and told us to come an hour earlier than the band went on LOL), we got to the bar before the show started.  The 80s band was awesome!! I wanted to hold onto the healthy mindset I had forced between eating all that pastry and going on a hike, so I stuck to diet coke at the bar. Surprisingly I don’t need a drink to dance at a bar, crazy, right?!

When I got home around 1 AM, I was pretty hungry so I poured maybe a cup, cup & a half of Kashi with some strawberries and caught up on The Office!


Today I am headed to the outlets and then Laguna Beach for dinner with Becky.  Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

Three Things for Friday

  1. Walked to the canyon (adds about 4 miles round trip to the hike) instead of driving there
  2. Low calorie, high protein dinner
  3. Drank only diet coke at the bar

Happy Friday everyone! Today I get to kick off my post with a lovely gift from the amazing Marisa at Trim The Fat — the Kreativ Blogger Award!!! Thanks Marisa for making my day, you rock :)


When receiving this award, you must list 7 things you love and pass the award on to 7 bloggers. Here is list of lovies!

  1. my family
  2. my girlfriends
  3. my pets
  4. the beach 
  5. reading
  6. breyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream
  7. hot showers

If only I could combine the last three, that would be really awesome.  Reading in the shower while eating ice cream, swoon!!! Thank you again Marisa! Everyone be sure to check out her awesome blog if you don’t read it regularly already :)

I am sending some blog love to a few of my faves. Sorry if you’ve already done this!

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It’s funny, these awards are like a much more fun version of email chain letters LOL. Okay, on to Thursday’s eats! For breakfast I had the usual with cherry berry blend, 2 figs, 1/4 cup kashi, half cup puffins, half banana. Puffins and I are going to have to break up…more on that later, you will see!


We had catered meetings in the office again yesterday, so it was food overload. I decided to stick with my own lunch, but added this nice plate of fruit.


I also had a Perfect 10 bagel with 2 tbsp lemon cilantro hummus, half a green pepper, and the remaining crackers in my box of Kashi cheddar. I definitely could have used a few more of these, love ‘em!


For dessert, I had a bite of this chocolate bread my boss brought back from her business trip to NYC. It was good!!


A few more grapes made it into my mouth right before leaving the office! I skipped the gym in favor of cleaning. In between wiping counters, putting away junk, vacuuming & washing floors, I nibbled on some snacks and read a new girly book. I had some v. frozen edamame — check out that ice!


Plus a cup of diet hot chocolate & coffee. This was okay. I think for now I will stick to either one or the other!!


I also paused the cleaning for some dinner. Last night nothing sounded especially appealing but I wanted to make sure I had some veggies, so I went with a spinach, mushroom, red pepper, red onion egg beater omelet with a sweet potato on the side. I got impatient while microwaving the potato and pulled it out too early so some parts were a lil tougher but that didn’t stop me from chowing down, of course!


After dinner I treated myself to the one thing that had been on my mind all night…yes, pb puffins. I started out with a nice, normal 1 cup portion. The real trouble started when I grabbed the box and settled back onto the couch with the box & my book and started to mindlessly eat…

I CAN’T BUY THESE ANYMORE!!!! Seriously, I bought the box last night and it is almost gone. I am so annoyed at myself, and it’s such a stupid thing to be annoyed over. I know that a little part of it has to do with the time of the month — I tend to have one week of insatiable hunger and cravings. But still, all that aside, I just have no control whenever I eat this cereal! Maybe this seems like I am making a big deal out of nothing but it just feels very indicative toward my food attitude lately. What do you guys do when you need to curb back your free-for-all eating habits? Any advice is seriously appreciated!!


I brought the box of puffins to the airport so my mom could taste them and get them off my hands! Of course, she loved them too :)

I was SOOOOOO excited to see her! I got to show her my apartment and kittens and roommate, which is awesome. It’s nice knowing that now when I talk about all of these things, she will know exactly what I mean. She also brought me a box of the much coveted Dunkin Donuts MUNCHKINS!!! Some of my most perfect days have included long drives along the ocean in the summer early mornings with a DD iced coffee in one hand and a glazed donut in the other. HOWEVER, for some crazy unknown reason, there are NO Dunkin Donut locations in SoCal. Which means that these guys are a very rare treat!!

P.S. I love that the slogan is “America Runs on Dunkin.” UMMM California is in America too people!!! Okay, calming down now haha.



I made some nice homemade rooibos tea lattes for me & my mom and we cuddled on the couch and watched The Office & 30 Rock while munching away. Okay, much of the munching was by me, I must admit. And no, we didn’t eat all of these but I definitely had more than my fair share!

Tonight I am having a big dinner at my place so my mom can meet all my girls out here and vice versa! I have stocked up on wine, cheese, bread, hummus, crackers, chips, salsa, pasta, chicken sausage, eggplant cutlets…we will definitely be feasting tonight! I think there are going to be 8 of us all together. I’m so excited!!! Last time my mom was in LA, I had maybe 2 girlfriends? I’m so grateful to have met so many awesome people since then and I can’t wait for them to meet her!!!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic FRIDAY :)

Ah Monday, why are you such a pain?? This morning I had yogurt with mango, blueberries and half cup kashi.


I could barely make it to noon for lunch!! In fact, I didn’t make it to noon. I dug into carrot sticks and 1 tbsp lemon cilantro hummus around 11:45.


Then I had a Lean Cuisine veggie ravioli bowl. Ate this in 5 seconds!!


I felt like eating allllll day long. I broke into some pretzels and a diet Pepsi. I keep my cans of soda in my car so that I only drink one when I am really craving it and willing to leave the office to go down to the garage to get it. Today was one of those days! I ate pretzels until I finished the can. Probably 3 times what’s here!!


Finally I put the pretzels away. I held off a bit longer before digging into my pre-workout fuel — my FIRST Jocalat bar!! I decided on Chocolate Coffee for my taste test. This bar was YUM! I loved the slight coffee taste. There was a nice light chocolate flavor but of course I wouldn’t have minded if it was a little more chocolate tasting :)


I would definitely buy these again, although cherry pie & key lime are still my absolute faves!!  I wish I had held off a little while before eating this because I was hungry again by the end of the day but didn’t let myself snack any more. Good Kate!! I hit the gym for a very sweaty 60 minutes on the elliptical. I pushed the resistance up extra high and burned baby burned!  I grabbed the quickest thing I could as soon as I got home, green pepper with 1 tbsp hummus.


Eating this held me over long enough to actually roast some brussel sprouts and heat up the rest of my pizza, a slice of fruit and a sliver of potato.  Now it’s all gone! These were YUM.


After dinner I let myself splurge with a little more ice cream. Baby scoops, I swear.  Deeeelish! Plus 15 minutes of weights while watching GG. I’ve been slacking soo badly with weights and my arm muscles have gone to mush!! Definitely want to work on these so I can get back my sexy sculpted arms LOL.

Ahh GOSSIP GIRL, you are getting so good!!!


Only 3 days til my mom gets here! This week better go quickly — I’m so excited :)

Ah! Today was such a long but good day, and now it’s almost the weekend, YAY! For breakfast, I had a great yogurt mess with some fresh mango and PB puffins.


Since we had to come into the office so early, my boss brought in some muffins. I couldn’t resist a lil piece of this chocolate chocolate chip. Come on, double chocolate?! How could I say no :)


I have been so hungry lately by the time lunch comes around! Today I had a salad with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, green pepper, and 1 tbsp lemon cilantro hummus. The hummus in the salad instead of dressing was a nice change.


I also had my favorite Lean Cuisine, the veggie ravioli bowl.  This one was especially saucy.


For dessert I decided to get a baby cup of froyo as a special treat for the long day ahead. I got caffe latte and chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. So very very very yum!!


We left the office early to get everything set up for our press event. Tonight was the grand opening of one of our client’s businesses, a new nail salon, and we did mini-manis, massages, food & wine for the media. Check out all the pretty polish!


The salon is GREEN and made of sustainable materials, which is pretty cool. Upstairs there is an awesome “outdoor” area where they can do manis/pedis or throw private events. Wouldn’t this be such a great place for a party??


Well, it was a great place for the party tonight! We had all the food upstairs, and everybody hung out and mingled. I had 1 of these chicken skewers…


…and 1 of these steak ones too!


I also had 2 of these wheat triangles with some kind of  salmon topping.  I wish I knew how to make this!! They were especially yum.


I also had 2 little toasts with bruschetta. I love a good bruschetta!! This one was very delish but a bit too garlicy for a press event LOL.


I also had 2 skinny asparagus stalks…not sure what kind of sauce was on these cause the ones I grabbed were plain!


And last but definitely not least, BAKED BRIE!!! It was SO GOOD, and I definitely had 5 Carr’s crackers with this cheese. Loved it, especially the topping!


Overall, the event went really well! The client was happy, and I got to meet some of the media people that I talk to on a daily basis. It’s always nice to put a face to a name :)

We peaced out around 9. So glad that tomorrow is Friday! Now I am just enjoying a bowl of cereal (kashi, oaty-o’s, PB puffins) and a mug of rooibos tea. I am not that hungry but since I only had bites here and there at the event, I want to get something in my tummy!


Can’t wait to curl up in bed :)

Happy Almost Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday morning, I woke up feeling not so hot. Surprise, surprise! I decided that it was definitely a Starbucks-worthy day, so I grabbed a grande Cinnamon Dolce latte on the way to work. I could only finish about half though; for some reason, nothing was sitting right in my stomach.


I also dug into some vanilla yogurt, mangolicious blend, a very small half banana, and since I am all out of the usual kashi, I topped with some pumpkin and sunflower seeds for CRUNCH.


For lunch, everyone in the office decided to pickup Zankou Chicken. I couldn’t get any of the meat items, but I found a nice falafel plate that contained 5 falafel balls, homemade hummus, pickled turnips, tomatoes, tahini sauce, basmati rice, and pita. This was a ton of food! I portioned some out on a plate and still had more than half leftover for another time.

According to the company’s website:

Our Hummus and Falafels are made fresh with garbanzo beans, a good source of fiber that can help lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels.

That’s a nice thing to read before enjoying a meal!


On the drive home from the office, I was weighing nap versus gym in my mind and sleep won. I still felt wayyyy less than 100%. So I heated up a nice chamomile tea and climbed into bed with a book.


I didn’t really fall asleep, but I did turn off all the lights and really relax for a good two hours. Then I got up to make a pre-dinner snack. First some red pepper strips and grapes:


Followed by a cup of butternut squash soup and a pita half from lunch for dipping:


With something in our bellies, Julia & I decided to walk to Blockbuster to grab a movie and to the grocery store to pick up our real dinner. We walked about 3 miles total and were pretty hungry again by the time we got home!! Not sure if it was from being tired (it was maybe 11 PM by this point) or anxious to eat (we got such yummy food!) but poor Julia cut her finger while chopping onions! Somehow she managed to wave her hand around before we got it all wrapped up, and our whole kitchen was dotted in red, which we we couldn’t stop laughing about every time we found a new little spot (the kitchen window?? LOL JULIA!!). LUCKILY it finally stopped bleeding…no stitches, WHEW.  I had a lil bowl of spinach tortellini with 1/4 cup vodka sauce. Holy yum!


After dinner came my whole reason for walking to the grocery store in the first place, dessert! Not just any dessert, but strawberry shortcake straight from childhood and my mom’s kitchen :) For this quick and simple version, only 3 things needed: bisquick, strawberries, and cool whip!


I bought this little package of Bisquick ages ago with the intention of using it for this exact dessert. Both the strawberries and Cool Whip were on sale for $1 each, so tonight seemed like the perfect night!! For these biscuits, all you have to do is add water and bake for 10 minutes. Super easy, and you get 6 biscuits at about 150 cals each. Plus strawberries and the Cool Whip at 15 cals per 2 tbsp, this decadence is actually a fairly healthy snack!!!!


MMMmmm. We enjoyed these while watching Happy Go Lucky, which was a little weird and not what we were expecting at all. We ended up just going to bed about halfway through — will have to finish it up later this weekend. YAY weekend!! Hope everyone is having a good one.


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