Ah Monday, why are you such a pain?? This morning I had yogurt with mango, blueberries and half cup kashi.


I could barely make it to noon for lunch!! In fact, I didn’t make it to noon. I dug into carrot sticks and 1 tbsp lemon cilantro hummus around 11:45.


Then I had a Lean Cuisine veggie ravioli bowl. Ate this in 5 seconds!!


I felt like eating allllll day long. I broke into some pretzels and a diet Pepsi. I keep my cans of soda in my car so that I only drink one when I am really craving it and willing to leave the office to go down to the garage to get it. Today was one of those days! I ate pretzels until I finished the can. Probably 3 times what’s here!!


Finally I put the pretzels away. I held off a bit longer before digging into my pre-workout fuel — my FIRST Jocalat bar!! I decided on Chocolate Coffee for my taste test. This bar was YUM! I loved the slight coffee taste. There was a nice light chocolate flavor but of course I wouldn’t have minded if it was a little more chocolate tasting 🙂


I would definitely buy these again, although cherry pie & key lime are still my absolute faves!!  I wish I had held off a little while before eating this because I was hungry again by the end of the day but didn’t let myself snack any more. Good Kate!! I hit the gym for a very sweaty 60 minutes on the elliptical. I pushed the resistance up extra high and burned baby burned!  I grabbed the quickest thing I could as soon as I got home, green pepper with 1 tbsp hummus.


Eating this held me over long enough to actually roast some brussel sprouts and heat up the rest of my pizza, a slice of fruit and a sliver of potato.  Now it’s all gone! These were YUM.


After dinner I let myself splurge with a little more ice cream. Baby scoops, I swear.  Deeeelish! Plus 15 minutes of weights while watching GG. I’ve been slacking soo badly with weights and my arm muscles have gone to mush!! Definitely want to work on these so I can get back my sexy sculpted arms LOL.

Ahh GOSSIP GIRL, you are getting so good!!!


Only 3 days til my mom gets here! This week better go quickly — I’m so excited 🙂