Ahh going to bed early was such a good idea! I felt 100 times better today. I decided to change up breakfast this once and had a Perfect 10 bagel with 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 tbsp cherry jelly and half a banana, plus coffee. Almond butter holds me over for so long, it’s crazy!


I have to read basically every magazine under the sun for work, and I keep coming across photos of yummy looking cupcakes. Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into one of these??ย  This issue of Family Circle has me thinking of hitting up Sprinkles or Crumbs this weekend for something extra indulgent ๐Ÿ™‚


For lunch, I went to get my other 6 inch turkey Subway, and someone threw it out!! What?!? Luckily I had just gone to the grocery to get some fruit and pretzels to eat with my sub and had picked up a Lean Cuisine to keep in the freezer, so I had that instead.


My favorite 3 cheese veggie ravioli bowl!


So glad I got this pear and these pretzels to round out my meal ๐Ÿ™‚


Then before heading to the gym, I fueled up with some grapes and popcorn.



At the gym, I did a strong 60 minutes on the elliptical. I made an awesome salad for dinner, with tomato, fresh motz, brussel sprouts, roasted red onion, basil & olive oil.ย  These mini motz balls are only 60 calories for 1 serving!!


I also made a Trader Joe’s chile lime chicken burger with sweet potato fries and a few kale chips. This whole meal was SOOO good!


For dessert, I was craving some ice cream but skipped the grocery store after work so I didn’t have any on hand. Probably a good thing because I can NEVER eat just one serving! Instead I dug into the pumpkin spice cookies that Diana sent me. NINE of these only have 150 calories!!! I had one serving with a mug of diet hot choc. The cookies dipped into my mug were oh so yummy.


Look at how cute the cookies are, shaped like lil pumpkins.


Right now I am watching the end of the Biggest Loser!!!!!!! I don’t want to spoil for anyone but whoa this is crazy!!!!!! Then I need to get to bed pronto…the lil extra bit really helps ๐Ÿ™‚

*Edited to add!!

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Wednesday morning, I decided to take a break from the bread & PB and make a yogurt mess instead. I have so many goodies from my Tuesday grocery trips, and I want to eat everything all at once! I tried a new Dannon light & fit flavor, Lemon Chiffon, that was pretty good. ย The lemon taste was light and tart at the same time.ย  I added 1/2 cup mixed blueberries and mango, half cup kashi, a couple Puffins, and half banana. Delicious as usual!


I kicked off lunch with some more green grapes.ย  These will be gone by tomorrow I’m sure!


FINALLY, I got more of my Perfect 10 BAGELS and lemon cilantro hummus. YAY! Plus some veggies and salsa on the side for dipping ๐Ÿ™‚


Ah, I wish I were eating this again right now…


I had a few snacks packed for later, but since I wasn’t planning a gym trip, I decided to forgo the fuel and hold off until dinner.ย  I scarfed down a quick cup of butternut squash soup as soon as I got home.


Followed by a slice of Newsroom bread with 1 tbsp crunchy almond butter. Guess I can’t give up this bread for even one day LOL


Plus another plate of kale chips. I just used table salt this time and these came out great! Sorry, this is a repeat picture with the kosher salt.


I kept the meal pretty light because I knew I would be snacking again later whether I ate big or small! I had to eat super quick because I was running out the door with Kate & India to see…FIRED UP!!!!!!!! Okay, not a movie I would ever watch again except for the first fifteen minutes which were AWESOME!!! Mainly becuase KATE plays one of the high-school girls the lead guy chats up in the hallway. How cool is she?? YAY KATE! It was fun seeing her on the big screen.ย  We cheered it up a bit; the other people in the theater thought we were looney tunes ๐Ÿ™‚ Afterwards, I made up another bowl of yogurt. Once I start eating these messes, I can’t stop!!! I could eat them for every meal I think.ย  This one had vanilla yogurt, half banana, 1 cup Puffins, a few grapes and a handful of blueberries. MMM!


So glad the week is almost OVER!!