I love having this extra day! Sunday morning I woke up before 7 AM. Apparently my body definitely hasn’t gotten the weekend/vacation memo!! I made a cup of that gorgeous Godiva chocolate and a yogurt mess.



I finished my breakfast, posted, and caught up on your lives all before 8:30!  I spent the rest of the morning relaxing and doing too much nothing. I tried to lay down for a bit but didn’t fall asleep. Around 11, my stomach started growling but I wanted to head down to the beach for lunch, so I had half a Ginger Snap Larabar to tide me over. It shut up my belly immediately and ended up keeping me full for another 3 hours!


I headed down to Santa Monica & Third Street Promenade. This spot is one of my absolute favorite places in LA. The Promenade is filled with restaurants and shops and people everywhere.  Families, friends, couples — every body walks around in the sun, happy, enjoying the palm trees and bright, beachy colors. Yesterday, there were tons of people rollerblading, biking, tanning, picnicking, and flying kites.


I did a tiny bit of window shopping before stopping by Panera to grab some lunch. Then I drove down and found a nice sunny spot in a little park to eat my half Mediterranean sandwich (without the feta), black bean soup, and french baguette.



I ate my lunch while reading The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee. I’m not too far into the book but I like it so far. It’s not amazing but it’s different…


I didn’t bring a bathing suit to the beach though, BOO! It ended up being pretty warm and I probably could have laid out for a bit. When I got home, I got to see Julia!!! Poor girl has been working like crazy. We made plans to go out with some of her friends for appetizers and drinks. In an attempt to fill my belly a little bit before going out, I had some watermelon and heated cinnapple cubes. These little snacks did a great job of keeping me from ordering a ton of food once we finally sat down for dinner at the restaurant!



Julia convinced me to walk the 2+ miles to the bar…she’s so good like that! At dinner, the two of us split a tuna burger topped with guacamole and onions, with some mixed greens on the side. I also had one glass of white wine and one glass of pink champagne, interspersed with a couple of diet Cokes. I am so happy that I ended up having just two drinks; if I had kept pace with the group, it would have been more like four or five, easily!

Afterwards, we dropped sleepy Julia at home and I went out with the boys to Barney’s Beanery. Sunday is karaoke night and the bar was SO PACKED. The singing was v. entertaining!! And by entertaining of course I mean ridiculously funny.  We played some pool and I majorly sucked. The guys ordered a couple pitchers of beer and even though they kept my glass full, I only had maybe half of one glass all night. I’m not really the biggest beer fan so it was easy to sip slowly! I had 2 1/2 drinks in the 6 hours I was out at the bars…I’m so happy about that!!! It usually would be so many more in that long time span.

I got home around 2 AM and made myself a bowl of yogurt with some blueberries and 1/4 cup Kashi Heart to Heart. I don’t want to make nighttime snacking a habit but I definitely needed this to get to sleep because my dinner was so light!

Today I slept in until 8:30 — big steps, right?!? I see another yogurt mess on my horizon, with more of that delicious coffee!! Hope everyone is enjoying their extra long weekend. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever said YAY MONDAY!!!!!!!

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Ate a light snack before dinner to fill me up BEFORE the restaurant
  2. Split a tuna burger with Julia & didn’t eat any of the fries or pizza on the table
  3. Broke up my drinks with diet Cokes

I have been SO hungry lately! I woke up Friday morning and ate the last cup of PB Puffins while getting dressed. It took me 2 1/2 days to eat this whole box. I think it’s supposed to last 2 weeks?? Awkward…

For breakfast, I made a yummy PB sammie (more on that later!), but when I got into the office there was a nice spread of bagels so I decided to have those instead. Here is 1/2 chocolate chip bagel & 1/2 plain bagel w/reduced fat cream cheese with a nice mug of coffee. YUM!


I was planning to try out a new sushi place for lunch. Their online menu listed a really good looking bento box lunch special BUT since I still had my breakfast sitting in the fridge at work, I decided to put the $10+ I would have spent on lunch toward something else — SHOES!!!! I saw some very cute sandals at Gap the other day for $15, so I skipped getting lunch out and snagged these instead. LOVE!


Here’s a pic of my lunch (err breakfast turned lunch), unfolded. I used 1 La Tortilla Factory Tortilla, 1 tbsp crunchy AB, a teensy bit of cherry jelly (the jar is all gone, sad!), and half a very ripe banana. I smashed up the banana and spread it all together. Not sure what to expect from this but YAY! It was a success. I popped it into the micro for 30 seconds and it was warm and delicious.



I also continued the breakfast theme with some instant oatmeal that I keep at the office. I used the Target Market Pantry brand apple cinnamon reduced sugar w/water. Nothing fancy, but still good.


Late afternoon, I treated myself to the awesomeness that is the cherry pie Larabar.


I also had some baby bunny carrots. Lots of fuel before the gym!


After work, I squeezed in 60 minutes on the elliptical. I love when I can get in a nice sweaty workout on Friday and still have time to shower and get all ready again before going out!

Steph, Shar & I went to dinner at TOI, the home of “rockin’ thai” food. Yes, there is a rock & roll decor!! I started with a glass of white.


We ordered three entrees and split everything. The food was SO GOOD! We got Pad Thai w/shrimp; of course, everyone always gets pad thai, right?? This dish was a sure thing and the noodles were especially delicious.


We also ordered the eggplant, pumpkin & tofu dish. The pumpkin was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing!!


For our last dish, we got the vegetarian curry, which is the restaurant’s specialty.  It was unexpectedly coconut-y tasting and ended up being the BEST thing we got!!


To soak up all the curry and veggies, we got special brown rice, which was awesome, and standard white.



The three of us finished almost everything!! I would have licked my plate if we weren’t in a restaurant LOL. And there were fortune cookies to finish us off!


It was great catching up with Steph & Shar! We got back from dinner around 11Pm and returned to an apt filled with people.  So I turned right back around and went out! Kate’s older sister was in town, so we took her dancing. I had one vodka cranberry at the bar. Actually, not even one because I wasn’t in the mood for a crazy night haha. We left around last call and then a few people hung around at our place for a bit after. I had a little bowl with 1/4 cup kashi and 1/2 cup oaty o’s around 3 AM because I was hungry again!


What a fun end to a long week!! I have a huge to-do list for the weekend; hopefully I can get a lot DONE. FIngers crossed 🙂

It’s almost officially the weekend! Today for breakfast I made another yogurt mess with vanilla yogurt, half cup blueberries, half banana, half cup kashi and a handful of grapes. Plus my Fresh Market almond amaretto blend coffee. I am almost out of this stuff — boo!


By noon I was totally ravenous and toasted up a Perfect 10 bagel with lemon cilantro hummus. Plus a side of nice crunchy veggies!


After lunch, I treated myself to a tall skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Love that these are only 90 calories and sweet enough that I don’t have to add extra splenda!


I also snacked on one of my all-time favorite Larabars as a pre-workout treat. And to round out my lunch a bit, which was only 200 calories + veggies, I am now realizing! Good thing I added that latte too 🙂


Hopefully the latte and larabar will be enough to get me through til dinner. Not sure if I am going out to eat or cooking at home, but I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy happy weekend!!

I almost forgot! Today I got added to The Foodie BlogRoll and am listed under Most Recent Blogs!!!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, welcome!!!


Kicked off Wednesday morning on my usual good note with another yogurt mess. This one had cherry berry blend, frozen mango & pineapple, 2 figs, half banana and half cup kashi 🙂 No coffee cause we are out and I need to buy some more!


I have been extra hungry lately, so I dug into this nectarine around 11:30.


Lunch was a wickedly awesome wrap that I made using 2 small tortillas (the 50 cal ones), turkey, spinach, and an amazing hummus. I decided to leave the two slices of American cheese off the wrap and eat them plain. Plus a serving of BBQ popped chips on the side for crunch!


Look at those spirals!!


So I spotted the Pistachio Larabar in Whole Foods the other night and had to grab one, seeing that I’ve never tried this flavor before! I was planning to just eat half since I got hungry and dug into this snack shortly after lunch, but of course had to eat the whole thing (and was hungry again at 4 with no food, whoops!!). Thoughts? Ehhh…well, it was GOOD simply because it was a Larabar, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t taste the pistachios all that much honestly. I probably won’t repeat this one, because there are others I like SO much better!


After work I hit the gym for a solid 60 minutes on the elliptical. Yay! Dinner was sort of a repeat…I was craving an omelet again and decided to run with it since the Egg Beaters are supposed to be used within one week of opening. I added red onions, spinach, and green peppers tonight, plus a side of raw green beans, grape tomatoes, and some grapes that I finished before taking this picture. A Perfect 10 bagel with light whipped cream cheese was the final touch!


With dinner, I took cues from the recent Starbucks Rooibos tea lattes and created my own version! This organic rooibos tea from Fresh & Easy was perfect with some added milk and splenda. It was just as good as the Starbucks one — maybe better cause I made it at home 🙂


For dessert, I had another of the oatmeal cherry chocolate cookie bites.  These are small enough that you can have a couple but I just savored the one…


…because after all this, I went out for drinks! I went with Steph and a huge group of partying med students to a bar called Liquid Kitty. Isn’t that a weird/gross name?? I had a Rosebud martini, and then Steph and I shared one called The Diva.  No pictures, sorry! They were good & strong!! I probably would have snacked when I got home but I was just too tired LOL.  I woke up this morning with an icky headache and made another rooibos tea (paired with advil haha) as soon as I got into work. Followed by the usual amazing yogurt that totally kicked the headache — YES!


Pre-lunch, I dug into my baggie of grape tomatoes, green beans, and grapes that I made last night with dinner.


Lunch today was a Lean Cuisine. Yeah, I was NOT packing up a lunch this morning!! I had my favorite 3 cheese ravioli bowl.


Look at all the cheesy goodness in the bowl today!


I think a chocolate covered strawberry might be in my near future — my deskmate got a box delivered to her today from her boyfriend. So cute! Tonight I am headed to see a screener of a new movie called The Hangover (appropriate, no??) with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Heather Graham. I’m psyched! Dinner might be some popcorn though…stay tuned!!

I am still kinda full from last night!! Yesterday morning I kicked off the day with a Perfect 10 Western Bagel and 2 tbsp TJ’s whipped light cream cheese.  This combo was only 220 calories! I also added an apple tossed in cinnamon.


At lunch I dug into leftovers from Thursday night.  I love making twice the amount of a really great meal the night before. I had two of these tacos and whatever stuffing I couldn’t pack in there!


I was still a little hungry, and it was Friday, so I treated myself to a grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte.  Continuing the cinnamon theme from breakfast I guess!


I was going to call it a day there since I was planning a big dinner later, but I got hungry around 4 and was going to the gym so I tried the Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar.


I really love Larabars, and I love chocolate and coconut, so I thought this one would be a sure thing. Honestly though, I couldn’t really taste either flavor.  It did have the amazing staying power of the other bars though, and lasted me through my workout and until I ate dinner at 9:30. Yes, 9:30!

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes with the assisted dip/chin machine and free weights.  I definitely pushed myself hard for the 45 minutes and could really feel it afterward! I met Steph at the grocery store where we proceeded to go to three places in the rain to get all our ingredients for dinner. Gotta do it right!  We started with a glass of my favorite Honey Moon. Here’s Steph cheering to getting home and starting the meal!


I pulled out the pizza stone that Steph gave me for Christmas (thanks love!!) and we started putting it together.


Here is our pizza pre-veggies:


And here it is after adding all the veggies. Now it looks like a salad LOL


All cooked up! YUM! I had two of these pieces.


Plus this mini guy for a final taste 🙂


We were planning to go to the movies but it was already after 10 and Steph has been dying to try Yogurtland, so we got froyo instead. I TRY not to go here too often, but I went last weekend too! Ooops. Here’s my mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and pistachio fat-free frozen yogurt with blueberries and mango on top.


But wait, check out the inside! Look at all those toppings. MMMMmmmm DELISH.


All this = beyond stuffed!!

About an hour before I left work, I decided to definitely stop by the gym, so I tried a Lemon Larabar for a little workout boost. I liked it! The lemon flavor wasn’t too overpowering which was nice. I think I would stick with Key Lime though if I wanna go citrus.

lemon larabar

I got in 45 minutes on the elliptical before heading home. For dinner, I decided to make a Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burger. If you have never had these, I definitely recommend them!! Since these cook at broil, I decided to make a one-pan meal and make brussel sprouts and polenta at the same time.  I’ve never cooked these on broil before but everything turned out perfect! The polenta was especially crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, which I loved.


For dessert it was ice cream part deux! I had my leftovers from last night plus some strawberries and sprinkles.


I still wanted a little extra sweet, so I dug into two dozen of these cute vanilla mini meringues from Trader Joe’s. At only one calorie each, who can resist 🙂


I love desserts. Can you guys tell?!