Monday I had a great lunch at Clementine, but since I was with a coworker, I don’t have any pictures! I DID have an amazing sandwich that I can’t wait to eat again or try to replicate on my own: roasted sweet peppers with mashed chickpeas, organic heirloom tomatoes, salsa verde and arugula, served open-faced on toasted whole grain bread. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?! It was!

The day passed relatively quickly, and I made it to the gym for some interval action on the elliptical. I picked up dessert on my way back from the gym and didn’t even want dinner! I compromised by eating a yam first (hey, that’s a compromise in my mind!!) before digging into my Yogurtland.

Chocolate, coconut, strawberry and PB froyo with fruit and candies!

Chocolate, coconut, strawberry and PB froyo with fruit and candies!

Breakfast this morning was a yogurt mess, without too much fun fruit. I’m out of mango and strawberries sadly!


I got SO hungry around 11:30 and dug into a white nectarine. It was a little crunchy but I like it that way!


The fruit held me over a wee bit longer until I reached the “official” office lunchtime of noon. Today I had whole wheat pasta shells with veggies and corn on the cob that was leftover from Sunday night. It was delicious but a tiny bit awkward eating corn at my desk! I was trying so hard not to obnoxiously crunch 🙂


The day went sooooooooooo sloooooooooooooowly and I almost didn’t make it to the gym but convinced myself to go and ended up banging out a great hour on the elliptical. I had a super healthy meal in mind but a wicked craving for pizza that won over, so it’s a good thing I hit the gym! I whipped up my quick homemade dough, divided it into three, and used one piece to make a personal pizza.  I was in the mood for a few different tastes, so I ended up doing half tomato sauce/cheese/peppers/red onion/basil, one quarter cheese-less with peppers/red onion/hot pepper flakes, and one quarter acorn squash with pear. Yup, you read that right!!


Today I saw a great savory grilled cheese and pear sandwich featured on The Biggest Diabetic Loser that stuck in my mind all day! This sammie was my inspiration to make a sweet/savory section with squash and pear that tasted FABULOUS!!!


The other slices were pretty good too 🙂



For whatever reason, pizza always prompts my sweet tooth, so I had a Skinny Cow fudge pop and a handful of M&Ms. Seriously good thing I made it to the gym, right?!



I can’t believe I leave tonight for my four day weekend! I’m so excited! Monday morning it felt weird getting back to the grind. I was tired and cranky and even my Tupperware of glorious messy yogurt couldn’t cheer me up.


After a somewhat stinky morning, I dug into a bowl of “leftovers.” Doesn’t look familiar? When I made my omelet Sunday night, I cooked extra eggplant, mushrooms and onions and put them to the side.  I also made a serving of pasta with my little 1/4 cup.  Plus the addition of an Amy’s veggie burger nuked at the office and voila! “Leftovers.” It was actually really good!


I also brought some mixed veggies which worked great as an afternoon snack.


After a somewhat long and uneventful day, I headed home to eat an early dinner before meeting Courtney at the movies! Not in the mood for anything in particular, I started with 1/2 cup of salted edamame.


Followed by one of the TJ veggie eggrolls.


And finished off with a little dessert — ice cream! My bowl actually was this size this time 🙂


After dinner, Courtney and I met at the Grove to see My Sister’s Keeper. Thank goodness I brought us some tissues because I cried like a baby throughout the movie. I think my contacts were crusty with salt when we left. Gross, but true. Courtsie had never read the book before so I got to tell her about the real ending.  We both agreed that the screenplay probably worked better in this case because the book’s ending probably would have felt like WTF since they can only set up the plot so much in the limited amount of time!

After the movies, we chilled outside on the fountain and talked all about Court’s amazing trip to Italy, boys, acting, moving to Santa Monica, summer plans, and boys again.  It was so great catching up! My dinner/dessert left me pretty full the rest of the night, although I did snack on a few pieces of fresh pineapple when I got home.

Tuesday morning was yogurt. Again. My fun toppings are dwindling down but I don’t want to buy any more right before going out of town!


Around 11 AM I snacked on some more fruit. I’ve never bought a whole pineapple before — it tastes so fresh!


Since work was dragging, Julia suggested treating myself to something special to make the day more exciting. As soon as she said that, Poquito Mas came to mind! I got the usual Nature’s Grill Burrito with eggplant, black beans, zucchini, peppers, and onions — sans cheese or sour cream.  You don’t need it, I swear! I had these chips (plus another few handfuls) on the side. Then I was a good girl and gave the rest away to my fellow co-workers who were eyeing my meal with very jealous stares.


I finished off the day pretty strong and headed home.  I wanted to go for a run but just REALLY wasn’t in the mood. I convinced myself using the old “you won’t regret it” mentality and hit the streets.  I cut the run a little short (maybe 2.5 miles this time?) because every single step was torture. My calves are totally killing me today too. It’s crazy how some days it can feel so amazing and empowering to get outside and exercise and others it just drags! You know?

I got home feeling hungry but not quite ready to sit down to dinner. I hate eating before 7 PM if I can avoid it because I stay up so late and then there are too many hours between dinner and bedtime. Ding! Smoothie time! I worked at a Smoothie King in high school and pretty much considered myself the queen of smoothies. I even brought a blender to college so I could make them at a moment’s notice (everyone eyed me jealously that my mom let me bring a blender to make mixed drinks. Um, no, this baby is for my refreshing pineapple banana protein shakes people!!).  So I used half this 100 calorie protein drink, 1/2 banana and a whole lot of ice to make this pretty, frosty glass of deliciousness!


See that fuzzy white light around the glass that looks like a halo? Yes, angels were singing.

This smoothie turned out to be the PERFECT thing to hold me over until a later, 9 PM dinner, which means I had plenty of time to shower, clean, blog and do some errands before eating. Dinner was more pure randomness and an attempt to eat a lot of veggies.  I cooked some edamame and chicken but needed to bulk up the dish.  I ended up tossing eggplant, onions, red cabbage, pineapple salsa and chile paste into a pan and cooking it all up together til everything was warm and tender.  This was one of those meals where I had NO clue how it would all taste but I was v. happy with the results! Normally I would make some grains/carbs on the side but all the veggies & protein & spice left me stuffed!


Not too stuffed to eat a Skinny Cow, of course 🙂


Today I skipped the yogurt and had a slice of 9 grain Newsroom bread topped with Better N’ Peanut Butter and some cherry jelly.


This tasted really good but made me feel immediately sick to my stomach which was weird. Luckily the feeling went away in an hour or so and I was good to go! I had a snack around noon — just some of the delicious pineapple.


I took a little break to meet up with India for lunch.  She’s been filming in North Carolina and I haven’t seen her sweet face in weeks!! We hit up Century City’s awesome food court and I got my regular mayo-free tuna salad from Coral Tree. Repeat photo, original taste!

coral tree salad

After lunch I was crazy busy trying to finish all my work for Thursday and Friday too.  It was rushed but SO worth it!! Now I am at home, sipping another smoothie and getting ready to pack. I think dinner will probably be a repeat of last night — I really enjoyed it!


My flight leaves at 11:40 PM and I get into NJ bright and early at 8 AM! I am beyond excited to be home and to see my family.  I will try to recap a bit while I’m there if I can but I’m hoping to be so busy that I hardly have the chance 🙂

I always have this O.A.R. song running through my head whenever I go home!

There are few things pure in this world anymore,
and home is one of the few.
We’d have a drink outside,
maybe run and hide if we saw a couple men in blue.
To me it’s so damn easy to see
that true people are the people at home.
Well, I’ve been away but now I’m back today,
and there ain’t a place I’d rather go.
I feel home,
when I see the faces that remember my own.
I feel home,
when I’m chilling outside with the people I know.
I feel home,
and that’s just what I feel.
Home to me is reality,
and all I need is something real.

Staying up late watching True Blood on Saturday left me exhausted I guess because I slept until 10:30 AM on Sunday!!! People, this is a major accomplishment and basically unheard of…usually I wake up by 8:30 on the weekends and consider that an extra two hours, so 10:30 was great. Guess I needed it! I decided to whip up some pancakes again just because it was the weekend and I could! I used 1/2 cup of the whole wheat mixture and added in 1/4 cup of those baby Maine blueberries from Trader Joe’s.  Topped with 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp vanilla bean maple syrup, these were delicious! (Still think I liked Saturday’s chocolate pancakes best though!!)

On my cute new plate from Target…I get some type of dish every time I go there!




I basically did nothing Sunday and was insanely lazy. I always have a huge list of things to get done over the weekend but I am so busy during the week that my body and mind just craves relaxation! The kittens and I cuddled on the couch and watched more True Blood.


I decided to use some homemade whole wheat pizza dough to make my late lunch. I rolled the dough out pretty thin and topped it with tomato sauce, light cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, green peppers, vidalia onion and fresh basil. It was really delicious!


I also got into some unnecessary snacks…an un-pictured Skinny Cow and some Puffins. We are definitely breaking up again when I am through with this box. Willpower = out the window!! Meanwhile, the kitten babies moved on from me and snuggled together. How cute are they??


Courtney came over for dinner and to watch He’s Just Not That Into You with me and Jules. I took over in the kitchen and made whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil, chile lime chicken burgers and roasted eggplant and zucchini to eat while watching the movie. This meal was so quick and easy to make and tasted great!



I thought the movie was really cute and fun. I am such a sucker for any chick flick basically. Court brought over cocoa meringues and brownie bites from Whole Foods for dessert. The meringues were good but the brownie bites were amazing! Between the three of us, we ate almost the whole container. Too bad I didn’t check until AFTER eating them that the brownies are almost 100 calories each!!!!! No wonder my belly was stuffed beyond belief by the end of the movie.



Today I made the regular yogurt mess but added Puffins instead of Kashi. Don’t worry, I measured them out this time!!


I also broke into this banana around 11 AM. I bought this just for the Superfood sticker!


Lunch was somewhat boring but good, just a bowl of Progresso minestrone soup. I didn’t have anything packed when I was running out the door, but am glad that I grabbed this so I didn’t have to spend money or calories on ordering food.


Instead, I got the same sweet treat as Friday, my favorite no-sugar added light half mocha half vanilla ice blended from the Bean. MMM!

Enjoying my view!

Enjoying my view!

After work, I got an early start on dinner with a Newsroom 9 Grain bread heel topped with a schmear of Better N’ Peanut Butter and some cherry jelly. I was just too hungry to wait!


Even though the toast kept me full for another hour or so, I was still craving CARBS and debated mashed potatoes and pancakes but decided on continuing the breakfast theme with an omelet. I used 1/2 cup egg beaters, vidalia onion, basil and mushrooms, with red pepper slices on the side. The breakfast theme let me have another bread heel with jelly on the side 🙂


Then Julia and I headed out to a BBQ restaurant to meet some guys from her work for a drink.  I had a glass of Pinot while we chatted away. Knowing the bartender meant we got a nice free top off! I avoided eating any of the fries, but did steal Julia’s pickle! It was nice getting out and having some entertaining convo after a long day at the office. Jules is leaving tomorrow for MN and I just wanted to soak up my Julia time!!! I am going to miss her!!!

Long story, but around 11 PM we headed to Santa Monica to scope out parking spaces for Julia to leave her car for the week. We just walked back in the door (it’s 12:30 now) and I can tell that my blood sugar has seriously hit rock bottom because I am being a total crank yanker and am about to make a bowl of instant oatmeal. Instead of taking/uploading a boring picture of that, I leave you with this…

…the video Fight From Above debuted Friday night! Pretty awesome, right?! Don’t the boys sound great?? I am the one in the red plaid/sunglasses at the party and then the leather jacket/bangs at the end in case you couldn’t pick me out. Yes, lighting up…for artistic effect you guys!!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget 🙂

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Made sure to measure out portion sizes for everything I cooked for breakfast,
  2. lunch, and
  3. dinner.

Three Things for Monday

  1. Passed up the Sprinkles cupcakes in the office (my work enjoys torturing me)
  2. Brought lunch instead of buying
  3. Ate dinner before going out to the BBQ place

I can’t believe it’s hump day already!!! My humps! Breakfast was the regular.  Doesn’t it look goooood?!?


After breakfast I called about 8 million editors and got in touch with three. Gah. All morning, I sipped on my latest discovery, a sparkler from Cascadia.  I picked up Black Cherry, Lime & White Grape last night at the grocery store to taste test! I am totally loving it!!  It is sweetened with Splenda though, so I don’t want to go crazy overboard with it I guess, but it worked amazingly today for a taste of sweet after my meals. This would be perfect for making low cal cocktails too!


Right at noon, I dug into Monday night’s leftovers. More TJ action!


After lunch, I took a little walk outside. I was in a FOG all day today and I just couldn’t shake it! The fresh air helped…a lil bit.  Around 3, I went for another walk with my work girlies for some iced coffee.  I also whipped out the biggest cinnapple ever!!! I put half in a bowl and nuked it for 2 minutes for some faux warm apple pie filling. The other half I started to eat cold and crunchy but the hot apples were so much better that I ended up cooking those too. I can’t believe I forgot about this easy, yummy treat! Nothing but apples & cinnamon and it was still perfectly sweet.

Look at all those slices! Jumbo apple, right?!

Look at all those slices! Jumbo apple, right?!

Hot apple deliciousness

Hot apple deliciousness

Okay, I’ll stop boring you with the endless apple discussion! After work, I met up with the office girls at Runyon Canyon for a hike. I just wasn’t feeling the gym today. This time, the fresh air kicked my fog for good! The trails were decently crowded as usual. The people watching at Runyon is awesome. I seriously stare people down. So many gorgeous shirtless men! And Jessica Biel today! She was walking her puppers 🙂

We hiked for maybe an hour, hour & a half before splitting up and heading home for food. Tonight I made the BOSSIEST salad ever.  Sorry Homegirl for stealing your vocab, but that’s the only word to describe it!  This baby had some lettuce blend, green onions, red onions (hmm double onions, no kissing for me tonight), mushrooms, grape tomatoes, baked tempeh squares, a few mango slices, a sprinkle of spaghetti squash, and some Catalina free dressing.


I ate the rest of the spaghetti squash salted on the side!


Right now I am watching Grey’s!!! I am so behind & I can’t wait to see this finale everyone is talking about! Just munching on some popcorn, the whole grain Target brand kind. I love this stuff!! A huge bag is 100 calories or less 🙂


Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Ordered iced coffee instead of a light frap at Starbucks
  2. Skipped the usual pre-workout bar (that apple was enormous, did I mention that already?!)
  3. Picked popcorn for my TV snack

Back to the grind! I’m so excited for Memorial Day Weekend…two 3-day weekends in a row, YAY!  Monday morning I got back to the usual yogurt mess. I missed this baby.


Lunchtime came around and I was dying for a frozen diddy and some veggies, but we had to go out for a client lunch. Can you be sick of restaurant food?! Because I seriously am!!! I thought my boss was going to order a bunch of plates for the table but luckily I got to order my own dish. I started with a bowl of lentil/vegetable soup and had a wrap stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, hummus and avocado, with some greens on the side. I ate everything minus dressing. It felt good to eat clean!

Late afternoon I slipped in some more fruits with a cinnamon apple.


After work, I came home for a little QT with Becky.  She is off to NYC for the Teaching Fellows program and to conquer the city, one DVF dress at a time! We are gonna miss you BECK-O!!!!

Before she came over, I had a quick and easy dinner of one serving TJ eggplant, one serving TJ whole wheat pasta, and some TJ string beans. This night brought to you by Trader Joe’s, geez!!!


Dessert with Becky was also sponsored by TJ apparently!  Have you ever tried these Caribbean popsicles? They have real coconut flakes in them and are AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend them 🙂


My Three Things for Monday all revolved around lunch…

  1. Skipped the bread & tapanade on the table
  2. Ordered mixed greens on the side instead of fries
  3. Ate lentil soup instead of my favorite, the crock of french onion soup. Yup, oven baked cheese and all!

Today I got to work a little early and settled in with everyone’s updates.  I feel like I have been out of the loop and am catching up with you all, is that weird?!?  Then I ate a yogurt mess…how bored are you guys every time I say that??


I brought dinner leftovers to have for lunch but my plans were thwarted with another meal out.  Our old intern was in the area so she stopped by for a visit and we went to the food court to grab some eats. Subway to the rescue! I had the usual turkey/veggie sandwich, with a side of good boy gossip.


Something about it was OFF though and it just did not sit well. I thought I would try to trick my tummy with something simple and delicious — a cinnapple and 10 mini pretzels.  It actually kind of helped!


Then around 3:30, my afternoon was interrupted by an EARTHQUAKE!  Why oh why does every California native have to say, “Well, the big one is coming,” every time there is a little shake???  It freaks me out big time!!!  Our building is one of the “taller” ones (14 floors, yes, that’s somewhat tall in my area of LA) so it’s been built to sway with the earth.  Yes, that’s as fun as it sounds.  After the earthquake, I made a cup of rooibos tea to calm my nerves. I still can’t get used to the buildings shaking and swaying under my feet, can you blame me?!? Oddly, it also made me insanely hot and I was basically sweating, which was v. attractive.  I also had a Fiber One bar for some pre-workout fuel.


FINALLY I got to the gym! In case you all haven’t noticed, I’ve been slacking off on the exercise front lately.  I changed into my workout clothes at the office for added motivation and ended up pulling off an hour on the elliptical doing intervals thanks to the song shuffling on my iPOD!

After an hour of grocery shopping (thank goodness I ate that Fiber One bar to tide me over!), I headed home to cook up dinner.  Tonight I had chicken, sweet potato cheetahs (of all shapes and sizes!), and a nice bowl of lemon pepper seasoned veggies. So filling and clean!! This is my new mantra 🙂



Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Switched my cereal yogurt mess blend to 1/4 cup Kashi Honey Almond Flax, 1/4 cup Heart to Heart rather than the usual 1/2 cup of higher-calorie Honey Al. Flax
  2. Picked up Subway instead of other fattier food court fare!
  3. No after-dinner snacking

Wow, it’s late…I need to GET TO BED! Night loves!

Wow, today was CRAZY! I started off the day right with an especially filling yogurt mess, featuring my last Oikos-coupon “purchase.” Here’s everything before and after!



This breakfast kept me plenty full for hours — love that!  The extra protein is definitely the #1 reason why I will keep buying this yogurt.  For lunch I tried out some TEMPEH.  Last night, I poached the entire package, then baked it with a drizzle of rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil for a little flavor. I don’t know if any of that changed the taste, but I didn’t want to marinate it because I was planning to make this sammy with HUMMUS. My final combo ended up being Oroweat Light bread, 1/4 package of tempeh, 2 tbsp hummus, and baked eggplant (just slices I roasted along with the tempeh), plus a couple roasted carrots on the side.  The tempeh was good!!! Definitely not as tasty as the one I had a few weeks back at RFD though. I need to check out some fancy ways to cook this baby!


Even though I was pretty full, I had my first GNU bar packed too and I was dying to test it out!  Today I grabbed the Orange Cranberry flavor.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the low calorie count on these guys!  It’s nice to get a bar that isn’t basically a meal replacement but a snack instead.  I loved the orange and cranberry flavors!  AND 12 grams of fiber.  Sweet!!  I will definitely be adding these to my bar rotation 🙂


How cute is that lil birdie?!?

After I ate, the day started getting crazy!!!  One of our clients is going on a press trip TOMORROW and we were still missing most of the information for the releases, so I was writing and calling and researching — frantically LOL. One of the guys in the office brought around some chocolate and it looked too good to pass up!  This Salty Dog was dark chocolate with butter toffee bits and sea salt. MMM!


I broke off a nice little square to taste test.  Salt and chocolate, could it BE any better?!


After my lil chocolate break, the frenzy resumed!!! I spent an hour reading every single sentence aloud to the client…very happy to send that off to her hotel to print! Yes, it was that last minute!  I had planned Target, Rite Aid, gym & library after work, but I got out a lot later than usual and was just seriously spent, so I went straight home.  Probably should have pushed through, but it was well-deserved I think!

For dinner, I was dreaming of some carby Italian food.  I made 1/2 cup (uncooked) WW pasta, a TJ chile lime chicken burger with ketchup schizzle drizzle, steamed broccoli, and the rest of my TJ eggplant.


This dinner really hit the spot! Now I am watching TBL finale. How cute does Mike look?? I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Ate a very protein & fiber packed lunch
  2. Kept myself to taste testing one square of chocolate
  3. Skipped the sweet treat after din-din (I really wanted some ice cream but needed a #3 so no dessert for me!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I won a gift card to Smoothie King from little miss Healthy Ashley!!!!!!! My first blog giveaway WIN!!! I used to work at a Smoothie King throughout high school and know all the secrets to ordering the perfect smoothie. Can’t wait to hit that place up again and throw them for a loop with my wacky drink order — it’s been too long.  Thanks Ashley!!

Saturday morning I woke up to another yogurt mess. MMM dreamy! I also had a few extra handfuls of Kashi straight from the box while catching up with emails and blogs. Oops. That stuff is addictive sometimes!


I was in a little funk yesterday, so I spent a very lazy day doing a lot of nothing.  I had carb cravings like WHOA, but I cooked up a bowl of mixed veggies so I could get my greens in with my whites.


Then I made a serving of plain Jane white elbow macaroni.  Just pasta and salt!


After I answered my carb cravings, my chocolate cravings started calling. I had two Cadbury eggs, almost the end of my Easter stash.


After the pasta and chocolate, I felt a big sleep coming on.  I took a long nap and woke up refreshed, bad mood gone!  Just in time for my big night out, whew. Before showering, I knocked off Day 2 of shredding. I talked to my mom earlier as she was out buying some weights. Apparently she did Level 1 with EIGHT POUND WEIGHTS and called me to tell me that it was a bit hard and maybe she should get lighter weights. Yes, mom, yes. So she picked up a set of 5 pounders. My mom is wicked strong if you haven’t guessed!

Then while getting dressed and ready, I had a cinnamon sprinkled apple.


Followed by a quick and easy filling dinner inspired by Julia — herb seasoned chicken and a sweet potato. YUM! I definitely need to start eating more meals like this one. My roommate lives on chicken and veggies and I am much more of a bread and pasta kind of girl…I want to start stealing some of her meal habits though!


Plus a glass of red. A must to get your makeup looking perfect, I say.


Last night ended up being sort of crazy and very random. I went out with one of the girls from work and her friends. We wound up in a stretch Hummer limo?? I felt like I was in high school on the way to prom, weird. Then we ended the night dancing at Foxtail, which was fun. I had a couple vodka sodas…apparently, one too many because I woke up today so hung over!  Julia saved my life with a huge glass of water and a handful of Excedrin.  I think this might be the first morning in as long as I can remember that I didn’t wake up ready for breakfast.  I managed to lay around until noon before I could even think about food!

Finally, I grabbed a book and went to visit Julia at her restaurant, Newsroom. I switched from my usual Brazilian Bowl and got an egg white scramble made with green chile-pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and caramelized onions, plus potatoes and my all time favorite 9-grain bread.  This stuff is the only thing I will give up morning yogurt messes to eat instead!  I ended up eating about half the eggs, most the potatoes, and both slices of bread — topped with strawberry jelly — obviously!


I also had a piece of chicken sausage on the side. Newsroom has amazing chicken sausage!


After my brunch, I hit a bunch of stores to do some birthday/Mother’s Day shopping. I had a little bit of success, but I still need more, augh! I just haven’t been finding very many cute things lately. Of course, I managed to find awesome shorts for myself. Funny how it always works out that way, hmm 🙂

I snacked on a slice of bread that I took from brunch while walking around. Julia promised to bring some of the heels as soon as they fill up a bag with them. Can’t wait for that!


By the time I got home after a few more errands, it was a little after 6 and I was starting to get hungry again. I had my last apple (must buy more!!) with some cinnamon, surprise!


Then I shredded with Jilly-o.  I definitely felt the movements in my chest today while doing push-ups and some of the weights!

Julia and I decided to walk to Real Food Daily, an amazing organic, vegan restaurant. By the time we got there, it was already 8:30 and we were so hungry!! I ended up getting an awesome make-your-own bowl with greens, veggies, blackened tempeh, and millet & quinoa. I picked Lime Cilantro sauce for dipping on the side. They make all their dressings at the restaurant, and this one contains olive oil, rice vinegar, rice syrup, onion, citrus, herbs & spices. It was so good!!


This meal was crazy filling.  It was also my first time trying tempeh. I was pleasantly surprised. I can only imagine how much protein this packs! I can’t wait to pick some up to use in future meals. The walk home helped me make a little room for some froyo with sprinkles 🙂


I had such a great day today, but I really need to get better with time management. I mean, it’s almost 1 AM and I have to be up soon for work. This happens to me every Sunday!

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Ate a healthy, protein-packed dinner before going out
  2. Skipped the tables ladled with candy and chips at the pre-party
  3. No drunken snacking/cereal overload when I got home

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Took my time eating brunch and stopped when I was full
  2. Didn’t get a Blizzard at the mall, even though it’s the only Dairy Queen I’ve seen within 30 minutes of my place. (There’s something about not having DQ readily available when the craving strikes that makes me feel like I have to get it whenever I am at this mall!)
  3. Walked to dinner instead of driving (3.5 miles round trip)