Ah Monday! Today I tried the “fake it to make it” trick and it really worked! I left work with a big smile on my face and ready for a fun night. Oh yeah, the other trick to a good Monday — making plans for a relaxing night 🙂

The day started with an exceptionally good yogurt mess, packed with frozen blueberries, frozen mango, bananas, strawberries and cereal.


We had our regular Monday morning meeting, which is never fun. It does move the day along pretty quickly though. For lunch I had a side salad of broccoli slaw and mushrooms topped with a lil balsamic vinaigrette.


I also had a La Tortilla turkey wrap with Popchips on the side.  The turkey was on its last leg (ick) but it did the trick.  This meal holds me over like WHOA.


After lunch I took a nice little walk to get some fresh air. It might be chillayy but at least that sun is shinin!!  I got snacky around 4 but decided to just save my appetite for dinner. It was a multi-course meal — my favorite kind!  I started with a little bit of Honey Moon.


Followed by 1/2 cup salted edamame, nom nom!


And a TJ veggie eggroll. I love how these are so easy to make AND low-calorie…could it be any better?!


My roomie was inspired by her trip home to make some Hmong cuisine.  Apparently St. Paul has one of the largest (if not THE largest) urban Hmong populations in the WORLD so restaurants there are aplenty.  LA however doesn’t seem to have any Hmong restaurants (if you know otherwise, let me know, Julia will be so happy!) so she decided to whip up some on her own.  And graciously share with me of course! While she was cooking, I nibbled on a few carrots and broccoli florets dipped in spicy chipotle hummus.


Julia’s dish contained lean pork, veggies, garlic, EVOO, lemongrass and lots of spice…jalapenos and chile paste! My mouth was on FIRE. It was amazing 🙂


Right now we are watching Nurse Jackie and I am contemplating a Skinny Cow to finish off the night. Can you picture it? Probably — here’s a gratuitous shot anyway 🙂


On another good note, my girl Amy gave me the One Lovely Blog Award; isn’t she the sweetest?? I love the pretty roses. Thanks for the Monday pick-me-up girlie!!!


I’m supposed to pass this along to another seven people; my bad if you already received it!

  1. Lara, with her fabulous food and adventures across the pond!
  2. Diana, with the best photography skills, hands down!
  3. Kaneil, with her bubbly personality and great advice!
  4. Kailey, with her undying love for PB!
  5. Jess, with her wicked photo recaps!
  6. Biz, with her fabulous meal plans and savory breakfasts!
  7. Coco, with her brilliant food — everything always sounds delicious!

Hope everyone had a great Monday.  See y’all tomorrow!


Thursday morning I woke up extra early to get to the doctor’s office.  Since it’s Friday night now and I am having a relaxing evening & don’t want to harp on it, let’s just say it was not a great morning. One big shot in the arm later, I headed off to work with 2 slices of Newsroom bread heels topped with Better N’ Peanut Butter and cherry jelly.

This lovely times 2!

This lovely slice times 2!

I grabbed another coffee on the way to work; I needed the caffeine!


I also chomped on a mango after getting to the office.


Lunch was the rest of my gorgeous Aroma tofu rice bowl leftovers. Still amazing!


With acorn squash on the side.


Thursday was a pretty rough day at work. Things have been a little intense lately. I need to figure out how to go there with an attitude adjustment so I’m not so stressed out!  Luckily I had a movie date with Katie Jo and India. Dinner was pretty random…I started with more acorn squash,


followed by an apple,


and then a box of Junior Mints!


Junior Mints are my favorite movie candy! I haven’t had a box of these in so long! We ended up seeing Angels & Demons, which wasn’t anything amazing but I love movie theaters in general, so I was happy 🙂

This morning I woke up early and got to work before the day officially started, giving me some time with breakfast and Reader.  The usual yogurt mess, with a whole banana today since I mostly had Kashi dust left in the box.


I kicked off lunch with some mango. So fresh and delicious!


Lunch was turkey on a La Tortilla Factory wrap…I tossed in a few of my BBQ pop chips. I love the crunch!


Plus some more chips, green pepper slices, and red cabbage on the side.


I have been insanely snacky the last two days! I was full the rest of the afternoon but wanted to munch and crunch anyway. Luckily I packed a cinnapple, which kept me from buying froyo or a chocolate bar!


Don’t worry, I was just saving my treats for after dinner! First, homemade veggie pizza on the dough I made last weekend.


Followed by some of the best ice cream I’ve had in a while — Ben & Jerry’s half baked froyo! Chocolate and vanilla low fat frozen yogurts with fudge brownies and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough…yes please!!!


I ate this while watching The Heartbreaker. Pretty hoaky but some funny parts too! Ah, it’s so nice having a relaxing night with nothing to worry about tomorrow. Still coming up with plans for Saturday night; anyone doing anything super exciting??

Happy weekend y’all 🙂

Finally Friday!  I bet you can guess what I had for breakfast…


For lunch, I had a PBJ, made with Oroweat Light Wheat bread, Better N’ PB, and a little bit of strawberry rhubarb jelly.  This low-cal version of the original is nice on days when I predict some more snacking to come. I am always snacky on Fridays!  I also had another cinnamon apple and a 100-calorie bag of PopChips on the side.


The chips got passed around a bit, so there weren’t quite as many to crunch! They were really fresh and vinegary though, which I loved.


Late afternoon, I snacked on some tea and blueberries before going into a meeting. I buy blueberries frozen for my yogurt because they are much cheaper, but these fresh ones were on uber sale, so I had to grab some!


Work ended on a somewhat stressful note, ugh. I was very happy to peace out for the weekend. I swung by Blockbuster on the way home to grab Bride Wars, then Yogurtland for froyo.  Some ingredients for the perfect night in!

I have been so inspired by Biz’s success with the 3o day Shred that I asked my mom if she would like to get shredded with me this month!  I have been talking a lot about toning my arms and tummy and having to be accountable to my mom will definitely help 🙂

So last night I checked out Level 1 on On Demand and sent my mom an email on how to access all the workouts. Now all I need to do is take my measurements and stick with it! I can do 20 minutes a day, right?!  My muscles were a little sore after all the free weights I did yesterday, but I pushed through. The cats think shredding is possibly the most interesting thing to happen to them…Ella kept trying to jump up on my legs while I was doing butt kicks HAHA.

After shredding and showering, I got into some snugly clothes for my night in.  I had some frozen peas while cooking.


For dinner, I used my last piece of dough to make another spinach/mushroom calzone.  It was so delicious!!


For dessert, I had a nice cup of froyo (mix of chocolate, toasted coconut, PB and pistachio flavors) topped with sprinkles and dried cantaloupe.


I enjoyed all these goodies while watching Bride Wars — such a cute movie! I am such a sucker for chick flicks; even if one isn’t technically very good, I still love it, you know what I mean?!?  Anyway, I really needed a night of absolute relaxation and I got it!! I used to have pizza/Blockbuster nights with my mom and sisters all the time on summer vacations, and it was a little bit of a bummer knowing they are all the way across the country. Luckily, I am going to see my middle sister in just TWO weeks, so I can’t wait for that 🙂

Three Things for Friday

  1. Subbed Better N’ PB and light bread for a lower-cal version of a PBJ
  2. Snacked on blueberries instead of a Fiber One bar in the afternoon
  3. Skipped the wine with dinner (saving my drink calories for the fun fest tonight!!)

Monday turned out to be just as crazy as I thought it would!  I started off my day with the deeply satisfying Fresh Market Almond Amaretto coffee, two slices of Newsroom bread heels with 1 tbsp almond butter and 2 tbsp cherry jelly, and some assorted fruit. I can’t get enough of this bread! Sorry Julia, I am making my way through the stash!!



After breakfast, I hit the ground running and worked all the way through lunch, until 1:30 when I finally had a few moments to scarf down this salad.


Real lunch came at 4, when I got out of a last minute meeting and heated up a Lean Cuisine pizza.  Times like these are when I say thank goodness for frozen meals!!


The real (but fun!) work didn’t come until after 5, when I finally buckled down and started on a presentation that had been assigned earlier in the day that was due the next morning! It took me a while, but I got to play around in Photoshop and powerpoint, which is really fun for me. I ran out around 7 to Subway, figuring if I got some dinner, I could power through! Luckily I work right next to a mall, so there are plenty of food options in walking distance.  I had a 6-inch turkey, no cheese, with veggies and a side of my BBQ popchips. Plus a very refreshing (and enormous) diet Coke.


Did you know that Subway has side packets of vinegar!? Perfect to keep sandwiches from getting soggy. Even better, with the $5 footlong deal right now, I got another 6 inches for a dollar more that I can eat for lunch Tuesday! And have my vinegar on the side 🙂


I finally peaced out of work around 9 (ugh, yes, 9) and settled down at home with the new Patricia Cornwell book, Scarpetta.  I have to get this book back to the library at the end of the week so I am trying to finish it but the only time I have to read it is at night and some of the scenes SPOOK ME OUT so I can’t read too much right before bed LOL.


I dug into a heaping cup of those addictive Puffins while reading. I am resigned to the fact that this box will NOT be lasting long 🙂


I am feeling so much better now that I got a few big things behind me!  The next two days are going to be pretty busy, but I think Monday was the worst.  Hope you guys are having a more relaxing start to the week!! Sorry if I am a little behind on catching up with you all, you will be hearing from me soon for sure 🙂

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