Staying up late watching True Blood on Saturday left me exhausted I guess because I slept until 10:30 AM on Sunday!!! People, this is a major accomplishment and basically unheard of…usually I wake up by 8:30 on the weekends and consider that an extra two hours, so 10:30 was great. Guess I needed it! I decided to whip up some pancakes again just because it was the weekend and I could! I used 1/2 cup of the whole wheat mixture and added in 1/4 cup of those baby Maine blueberries from Trader Joe’s.  Topped with 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp vanilla bean maple syrup, these were delicious! (Still think I liked Saturday’s chocolate pancakes best though!!)

On my cute new plate from Target…I get some type of dish every time I go there!




I basically did nothing Sunday and was insanely lazy. I always have a huge list of things to get done over the weekend but I am so busy during the week that my body and mind just craves relaxation! The kittens and I cuddled on the couch and watched more True Blood.


I decided to use some homemade whole wheat pizza dough to make my late lunch. I rolled the dough out pretty thin and topped it with tomato sauce, light cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, green peppers, vidalia onion and fresh basil. It was really delicious!


I also got into some unnecessary snacks…an un-pictured Skinny Cow and some Puffins. We are definitely breaking up again when I am through with this box. Willpower = out the window!! Meanwhile, the kitten babies moved on from me and snuggled together. How cute are they??


Courtney came over for dinner and to watch He’s Just Not That Into You with me and Jules. I took over in the kitchen and made whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil, chile lime chicken burgers and roasted eggplant and zucchini to eat while watching the movie. This meal was so quick and easy to make and tasted great!



I thought the movie was really cute and fun. I am such a sucker for any chick flick basically. Court brought over cocoa meringues and brownie bites from Whole Foods for dessert. The meringues were good but the brownie bites were amazing! Between the three of us, we ate almost the whole container. Too bad I didn’t check until AFTER eating them that the brownies are almost 100 calories each!!!!! No wonder my belly was stuffed beyond belief by the end of the movie.



Today I made the regular yogurt mess but added Puffins instead of Kashi. Don’t worry, I measured them out this time!!


I also broke into this banana around 11 AM. I bought this just for the Superfood sticker!


Lunch was somewhat boring but good, just a bowl of Progresso minestrone soup. I didn’t have anything packed when I was running out the door, but am glad that I grabbed this so I didn’t have to spend money or calories on ordering food.


Instead, I got the same sweet treat as Friday, my favorite no-sugar added light half mocha half vanilla ice blended from the Bean. MMM!

Enjoying my view!

Enjoying my view!

After work, I got an early start on dinner with a Newsroom 9 Grain bread heel topped with a schmear of Better N’ Peanut Butter and some cherry jelly. I was just too hungry to wait!


Even though the toast kept me full for another hour or so, I was still craving CARBS and debated mashed potatoes and pancakes but decided on continuing the breakfast theme with an omelet. I used 1/2 cup egg beaters, vidalia onion, basil and mushrooms, with red pepper slices on the side. The breakfast theme let me have another bread heel with jelly on the side 🙂


Then Julia and I headed out to a BBQ restaurant to meet some guys from her work for a drink.  I had a glass of Pinot while we chatted away. Knowing the bartender meant we got a nice free top off! I avoided eating any of the fries, but did steal Julia’s pickle! It was nice getting out and having some entertaining convo after a long day at the office. Jules is leaving tomorrow for MN and I just wanted to soak up my Julia time!!! I am going to miss her!!!

Long story, but around 11 PM we headed to Santa Monica to scope out parking spaces for Julia to leave her car for the week. We just walked back in the door (it’s 12:30 now) and I can tell that my blood sugar has seriously hit rock bottom because I am being a total crank yanker and am about to make a bowl of instant oatmeal. Instead of taking/uploading a boring picture of that, I leave you with this…

…the video Fight From Above debuted Friday night! Pretty awesome, right?! Don’t the boys sound great?? I am the one in the red plaid/sunglasses at the party and then the leather jacket/bangs at the end in case you couldn’t pick me out. Yes, lighting up…for artistic effect you guys!!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget 🙂

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Made sure to measure out portion sizes for everything I cooked for breakfast,
  2. lunch, and
  3. dinner.

Three Things for Monday

  1. Passed up the Sprinkles cupcakes in the office (my work enjoys torturing me)
  2. Brought lunch instead of buying
  3. Ate dinner before going out to the BBQ place

Friday morning, usual breakfast. Someone brought in a big box full of donuts but my yogurt mess was just so much more appealing. I can’t go without it!


I packed lots of veggies for the day, so I broke into my sugar snap peas at 11 to tide me over until lunch.


These greens held me over for an hour or two before I heated up a can of Progresso onion soup. At 100 calories, this is PERFECT for bulking up! I had a slightly stale piece of ciabatta bread that soaked up the soup wonderfully and tasted amazing.


I had more colors on the side; orange butternut squash…


…and yellow pepper slices!


I had a hankering for a sweet treat and since it was pay day, I swung by Coffee Bean on my way to the bank and grabbed a light half mocha half vanilla no-sugar added Ice Blended. When did coffee names get so LONG?! Anyway, it totally hit the spot 🙂


Friday at work was much less intense than the rest of the week, and we all got some catch-up work done. Right before I left the office, I had a cinnapple for workout fuel. Eating a small snack right at the end of the day is a great gym motivator because I always want to go burn it off and build up my appetite again for dinner!


I did 45 minutes of intervals on the elliptical before heading to Ulta for some glam accessories for the night. I needed eyeliner and ended up with a new mascara and some fake eyelashes too! Got to play up those baby blues! Anyone else try the false lashes before? Last night was my first time and they looked awesome and were so easy to wear, even though I was worried about them falling off all night LOL 🙂

I headed home for a dance party with the roommate while we got showered and ready. Kate J and Kate W came over for pizza and wine. (Yes, another Kate! Are you confused yet?!). I had two slices of the veggie pizza from Cheebo but skipped the booze.


Then we made our way over to the Viper Room to hear Katie Jo’s boyfriend’s band. The music video came out AWESOME! There are some really cool shots of yours truly in there! I will definitely put up the link after the guys post it online. I grabbed a Bud Light and we all danced the night away. The whole gang came out in full force, and it was great to see everyone. I also ran into my ex, who I haven’t seen in months. It was really weird talking to him…the girls reclaimed me though and we headed to another bar for more dancing. I did two rounds of girly watermelon shots before calling it a night. Best part about hosting dinner at your place before going out? Leftover pizza when you get home!

Saturday morning I woke up early and still totally full from my late night pizza snack. I watched TV for a while and made a batch of whole wheat pancakes around 10 AM. I gave these a sweet twist by adding 1 tbsp cocoa powder and the last 10 semi-sweet chocolate chips I found in a bag in my closet. These few choc chips were the perfect touch! Topped with 1 tbsp vanilla bean maple syrup and 1/2 banana…


After breakfast, I bummed around for a bit and cleaned a little too. A little after noon, I decided to run a few errands and made a piece of toast with Better N’ Peanut Butter and cherry jelly to hold me over for the next few hours.


I headed over to the office since I left my camera cord there and couldn’t charge or upload photos. Can’t have that!!! The parking lot was oddly full…?! After Target and TJ, I went home and eagerly dug into my splurge purchase, PUFFINS!


This cereal and I had to break up for a bit because I couldn’t NOT finish the box in two days. I snacked on a few extra handfuls throughout the afternoon, but didn’t sit down with the box and mindless just eat it — that’s progress 🙂

Around 8, I headed over to Whole Foods where the nicest guy behind the meat counter helped me pick out a 4 ounce piece of organic beef. I had such a craving for red meat and mashed potatoes! This dinner was one of my very favorite meals growing up. I made the smash using 1 Russet potato boiled and mixed with a little less than a tablespoon of butter and a few splashes of milk and salt. I finished out the meal with some corn, sugar snap peas, and hickory BBQ sauce for dipping. I felt just like I was at the dinner table in Jersey again!!!


I had good intentions to go out but ended up relaxing at home instead. I’ve been looking for a new TV show to watch and decided to give True Blood a try. I ended up staying awake until 2 AM catching up on the first season — I really like it! I had a Skinny Cow and one more handful of Puffins while watching.


Three Things for Friday

  1. Avoided the donuts in the office
  2. Got a light Ice Blended to curb my sweet tooth
  3. Skipped the wine with dinner

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Used 1 potato to make my mashed potatoes for portion control
  2. Portioned my meat by having the butcher wrap up 4 ounces of meat (my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach!)
  3. Ate a Skinny Cow for dessert instead of going out to get ice cream

Happy Friday everyone! Today I get to kick off my post with a lovely gift from the amazing Marisa at Trim The Fat — the Kreativ Blogger Award!!! Thanks Marisa for making my day, you rock 🙂


When receiving this award, you must list 7 things you love and pass the award on to 7 bloggers. Here is list of lovies!

  1. my family
  2. my girlfriends
  3. my pets
  4. the beach 
  5. reading
  6. breyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream
  7. hot showers

If only I could combine the last three, that would be really awesome.  Reading in the shower while eating ice cream, swoon!!! Thank you again Marisa! Everyone be sure to check out her awesome blog if you don’t read it regularly already 🙂

I am sending some blog love to a few of my faves. Sorry if you’ve already done this!

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A Year of Healthy Eating

It’s funny, these awards are like a much more fun version of email chain letters LOL. Okay, on to Thursday’s eats! For breakfast I had the usual with cherry berry blend, 2 figs, 1/4 cup kashi, half cup puffins, half banana. Puffins and I are going to have to break up…more on that later, you will see!


We had catered meetings in the office again yesterday, so it was food overload. I decided to stick with my own lunch, but added this nice plate of fruit.


I also had a Perfect 10 bagel with 2 tbsp lemon cilantro hummus, half a green pepper, and the remaining crackers in my box of Kashi cheddar. I definitely could have used a few more of these, love ’em!


For dessert, I had a bite of this chocolate bread my boss brought back from her business trip to NYC. It was good!!


A few more grapes made it into my mouth right before leaving the office! I skipped the gym in favor of cleaning. In between wiping counters, putting away junk, vacuuming & washing floors, I nibbled on some snacks and read a new girly book. I had some v. frozen edamame — check out that ice!


Plus a cup of diet hot chocolate & coffee. This was okay. I think for now I will stick to either one or the other!!


I also paused the cleaning for some dinner. Last night nothing sounded especially appealing but I wanted to make sure I had some veggies, so I went with a spinach, mushroom, red pepper, red onion egg beater omelet with a sweet potato on the side. I got impatient while microwaving the potato and pulled it out too early so some parts were a lil tougher but that didn’t stop me from chowing down, of course!


After dinner I treated myself to the one thing that had been on my mind all night…yes, pb puffins. I started out with a nice, normal 1 cup portion. The real trouble started when I grabbed the box and settled back onto the couch with the box & my book and started to mindlessly eat…

I CAN’T BUY THESE ANYMORE!!!! Seriously, I bought the box last night and it is almost gone. I am so annoyed at myself, and it’s such a stupid thing to be annoyed over. I know that a little part of it has to do with the time of the month — I tend to have one week of insatiable hunger and cravings. But still, all that aside, I just have no control whenever I eat this cereal! Maybe this seems like I am making a big deal out of nothing but it just feels very indicative toward my food attitude lately. What do you guys do when you need to curb back your free-for-all eating habits? Any advice is seriously appreciated!!


I brought the box of puffins to the airport so my mom could taste them and get them off my hands! Of course, she loved them too 🙂

I was SOOOOOO excited to see her! I got to show her my apartment and kittens and roommate, which is awesome. It’s nice knowing that now when I talk about all of these things, she will know exactly what I mean. She also brought me a box of the much coveted Dunkin Donuts MUNCHKINS!!! Some of my most perfect days have included long drives along the ocean in the summer early mornings with a DD iced coffee in one hand and a glazed donut in the other. HOWEVER, for some crazy unknown reason, there are NO Dunkin Donut locations in SoCal. Which means that these guys are a very rare treat!!

P.S. I love that the slogan is “America Runs on Dunkin.” UMMM California is in America too people!!! Okay, calming down now haha.



I made some nice homemade rooibos tea lattes for me & my mom and we cuddled on the couch and watched The Office & 30 Rock while munching away. Okay, much of the munching was by me, I must admit. And no, we didn’t eat all of these but I definitely had more than my fair share!

Tonight I am having a big dinner at my place so my mom can meet all my girls out here and vice versa! I have stocked up on wine, cheese, bread, hummus, crackers, chips, salsa, pasta, chicken sausage, eggplant cutlets…we will definitely be feasting tonight! I think there are going to be 8 of us all together. I’m so excited!!! Last time my mom was in LA, I had maybe 2 girlfriends? I’m so grateful to have met so many awesome people since then and I can’t wait for them to meet her!!!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic FRIDAY 🙂

I have been SO hungry lately! I woke up Friday morning and ate the last cup of PB Puffins while getting dressed. It took me 2 1/2 days to eat this whole box. I think it’s supposed to last 2 weeks?? Awkward…

For breakfast, I made a yummy PB sammie (more on that later!), but when I got into the office there was a nice spread of bagels so I decided to have those instead. Here is 1/2 chocolate chip bagel & 1/2 plain bagel w/reduced fat cream cheese with a nice mug of coffee. YUM!


I was planning to try out a new sushi place for lunch. Their online menu listed a really good looking bento box lunch special BUT since I still had my breakfast sitting in the fridge at work, I decided to put the $10+ I would have spent on lunch toward something else — SHOES!!!! I saw some very cute sandals at Gap the other day for $15, so I skipped getting lunch out and snagged these instead. LOVE!


Here’s a pic of my lunch (err breakfast turned lunch), unfolded. I used 1 La Tortilla Factory Tortilla, 1 tbsp crunchy AB, a teensy bit of cherry jelly (the jar is all gone, sad!), and half a very ripe banana. I smashed up the banana and spread it all together. Not sure what to expect from this but YAY! It was a success. I popped it into the micro for 30 seconds and it was warm and delicious.



I also continued the breakfast theme with some instant oatmeal that I keep at the office. I used the Target Market Pantry brand apple cinnamon reduced sugar w/water. Nothing fancy, but still good.


Late afternoon, I treated myself to the awesomeness that is the cherry pie Larabar.


I also had some baby bunny carrots. Lots of fuel before the gym!


After work, I squeezed in 60 minutes on the elliptical. I love when I can get in a nice sweaty workout on Friday and still have time to shower and get all ready again before going out!

Steph, Shar & I went to dinner at TOI, the home of “rockin’ thai” food. Yes, there is a rock & roll decor!! I started with a glass of white.


We ordered three entrees and split everything. The food was SO GOOD! We got Pad Thai w/shrimp; of course, everyone always gets pad thai, right?? This dish was a sure thing and the noodles were especially delicious.


We also ordered the eggplant, pumpkin & tofu dish. The pumpkin was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing!!


For our last dish, we got the vegetarian curry, which is the restaurant’s specialty.  It was unexpectedly coconut-y tasting and ended up being the BEST thing we got!!


To soak up all the curry and veggies, we got special brown rice, which was awesome, and standard white.



The three of us finished almost everything!! I would have licked my plate if we weren’t in a restaurant LOL. And there were fortune cookies to finish us off!


It was great catching up with Steph & Shar! We got back from dinner around 11Pm and returned to an apt filled with people.  So I turned right back around and went out! Kate’s older sister was in town, so we took her dancing. I had one vodka cranberry at the bar. Actually, not even one because I wasn’t in the mood for a crazy night haha. We left around last call and then a few people hung around at our place for a bit after. I had a little bowl with 1/4 cup kashi and 1/2 cup oaty o’s around 3 AM because I was hungry again!


What a fun end to a long week!! I have a huge to-do list for the weekend; hopefully I can get a lot DONE. FIngers crossed 🙂

Happy Belated St. Patty’s! Sorry for the late post but I wasn’t exactly up for blogging last night, as you will soon see 🙂

Wednesday morning, I had the usual yogurt mess for breakfast.  Sadly, I was still out of Kashi and had finished up the biscuits, so I was stuck with Fiber One for crunch. Not the same!! Now that I am used to my Honey Almond Flax, nothing else compares…


For lunch, I heated up a Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza, with added mushrooms and red onion. Pretty tasty!


I also had some bright green grapes. AH grapes!


After lunch, I was craving chocolate. Luckily I keep the office well stocked! I had a piece of Dove dark chocolate and some diet hot cocoa.


Dove told me to laugh 🙂


I STILL had the munchies, so I had my afternoon snack extra early.


By the end of the afternoon, I wanted to snack some more but knew I probably shouldn’t eat again so I just held out until after the gym. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical before heading home to get ready for a fun night out!! For dinner, I had some broccoli with S+P and a bowl of mango.



ANNNNND CEREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think I could face another day without Kashi in my yogurt, so I stocked up on some more, plus some Fresh & Easy organic O’s…and then Julia brought me some PB Puffins! This bowl was heaven 🙂


So good in fact, that I had to have a little more.


After eating, Julia and I got decked out in green and went out to celebrate the holiday! It was sort of last minute, but we couldn’t justify NOT going out I guess. We started with a shot of JD at the apt and then walked to Barney’s Beanery.


The place was packed, as was expected, but with lame guys, which was not what we wanted! We stayed for one green-colored drink and then walked up to the Sunset Strip.  We passed bar after bar but none seemed quite right…we were about to head back home when we spotted Bar Marmont! Score! This bar is next to Chateau Marmont, the swanky celeb hotel, and is very pretty. The ceiling is covered in little butterflies 🙂 Here is a picture I found online to give you an idea!


So we upgraded from Barney’s and were treated to many green drinks the rest of the night. Perhaps one too many rounds was bought for us? Because when we got home, I crawled into bed with this guy —


Yes, I got this box last night and it is halfway gone!!  In fact, I had been planning on including some Puffins in my yogurt mess but ate soooo many that the thought of more just wasn’t appealing. I know, can you believe it?! Puffin-overload aside, this was a good breakfast! Mango and kashi are two of my faves.


We had a loooong client meeting and I was super hungry by the time we got to eat. Lunch today was a can of Progresso Minestrone soup and 1 serving Kashi cheddar crackers.


Plus a Granny Smith apple w/cinnamon and a piece of watermelon & pineapple.


I was hungry again early today and had my afternoon snack not long after lunch. Since we had fruit and breakfast items at our meeting but I had already eaten, I held back but snagged two of these yummy PB rollups. Made with whole wheat tortilla, natural PB, dried cranberries, and golden raisins, these are office favorites and always the first to go!


We got out of work an hour early today (whoohoo!!!) because President Obama is in LA and speaking at the hotel right near my office. Since they closed down the road leading into our office complex, we had to peace out early to avoid being blocked in. Sadly, the roads are also supposed to be closed 8-10 tomorrow, meaning I have to get into work by 7:30. AND I have a work event tomorrow too, of which I am partly in charge, so tomorrow is looking like a 7:30 AM – 10 PM kind of day. Ick!!! Anyway, we all raced out as soon as our boss gave the all clear and I rolled down the windows and took in some sun! Doesn’t CA just make you happy??






I went to the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical, then headed home for The Biggest Loser and this yummy salad.


I also munched on some frozen edamame while watching (haha you can see it in the background!).


For dinner, I was dying to try Wholly Guacamole 100-calorie packs that I picked up at the grocery store a few days ago.  I am not always the biggest fan of 100-cal packs simply because I’d rather just portion out a serving myself than pay top dollar for pre-made baggies, but guac is one thing that is VERY hard for me to eat the “right” amount.


I ended up going simple: Two 50-cal La Tortilla Factory tortillas, 1/2 cup black beans, 1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese & one 100-cal serving guac. Here’s half!


The guacamole was sooooooo good! I definitely think I will be buying these again. I ate the other serving after running a few errands, sort of a dinner part 2 since I knew I would be hungry again. Now I am finishing up a mug of rooibos tea and some stray mango cubes from the ones I just cut for breakfast…

It’s gonna be a long one tomorrow!! The event will hopefully be fun though; it’s my first one with this current job, so I’m a little nervous and excited. Maybe I can even take some good pictures under the guise of taking them for the client 🙂

Have a great Thursday!! SO CLOSE to the WEEKEND!!!!

My appetite on Thursday was totally insatiable! It was our intern’s last day, so we got yummy bagels from Panera. I had half of this quasi-chocolate chip bagel. I say quasi because most of the actual chocolate chips seemed to have stuck into the other half. See all those chocolate-ringed holes?? LOL it was still GOOD!


I also had my usual yogurt mess to fill me up, otherwise I knew I would keep returning for more bagels! This one had vanilla yogurt, blueberries, 3 mango cubes, half banana, half cup kashi, and a couple Puffins. The blueberries defrosted quite a bit, making my vanilla yogurt a lovely purple 🙂


Then we took the intern out to lunch at Piknic, a soup/salad/sandwich type place.  I started out with this bowl of matzo ball soup + 4 crushed saltine crackers.


We ate pretty early, so I took the rest of my food back to the office to eat in stages throughout the rest of the day. I started off with my grapes,


And followed those up with my salad from lunch, plus more veggies that I had packed for the office. No dressing on any of these; they forgot to include it! No biggie, I love ’em raw 🙂









Later in the afternoon, I dug into my 1/2 sandwich: Hot Pressed — grilled zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, roasted red peppers & soft goat cheese served on ciabatta bread. YUM! The goat cheese was stellar.


Look at all the CHEESE!


I got a lot done at work, so Friday should be a great day to finish it all and play catch-up! Before leaving the office, I snagged one more bagel bite. I mean, look at those seeds, how could I resist??


To burn off some of my carb-o-licious eats, I headed to the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. Well, the 60 minutes was also in preparation for my dinner dream — peanut noodles! All day I was craving pasta and peanut butter, so I decided dinner would have to be a combo of the two. I was out of PB, but had just cracked open a new jar of chunky almond butter, so I dug into that. I cooked 1 cup whole wheat pasta, adding 1/3 cup frozen edamame and a handful of fresh broccoli florets to the water halfway through. While this cooked, I microwaved 1 tbsp almond butter, adding water to get desired liquid-y consistancy. For extra flavor, I added some fresh grated ginger, lemon juice, and cilantro to the “sauce” to taste. Here’s my final creation!


All those brown flecks are from the AB!!


This was SO good! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I loved it and will definitely make again! I wouldn’t have minded more nut butter, but I was trying to keep the calories down a little with 1 tbsp instead of 2 🙂 I was pretty full after this, but really wanted to munch, so I popped a bag of Target’s Market Pantry whole grain popcorn. I love how CHEAP this stuff is, and just as good as any other brand, I think. I don’t like really buttery popcorn, and this has just the right amount.


Nutrition stats always confuse me though! If one serving is 3 tbsp unpopped at 130 calories, which makes 6 cups popped at 15 calories per cup (90 calories total), and each bag has 2 servings, that means that one whole bag has approximately 180 calories, right?? Then of course there are always the handful of kernels that don’t pop…for some reason, this is so confusing to me!! Seems like it has a good amount of fiber and protein too, not sure if that’s common for all popcorn though.


Either way, it was good 🙂


I wish I could tell you I stopped there, but I just wanted to EAT. I was totally full, but my cravings completely took over. Does anyone else ever have days when you just HAVE to have something? I seriously couldn’t make myself stop. Sorry no pictures of my late night over-snacking, but I basically finished off my box of Puffins (maybe 2 servings left in the box?) PLUS the rest of my Valentine’s Russell Stover chocolates. Yeah, like 2 servings of those too. I wish I had stopped at the popcorn but I didn’t, so it’s a new day Friday and my goal for this weekend is HEALTHY EATS! It’s supposed to be sunny and warm-ish (mid-60s, I know, I am spoiled…I want it to be 80s!!), so I want to get in some hiking and outdoors activity. Weekends are hard for me because they are so unstructured and I love lazing around reading books, watching movies, and going out to dinner with friends. Those are my three favorite things to do on the weekend, and snacking works so well into all those activities. I think I am off to a good start though; there are donuts in the office this morning that I am 100% successfully AVOIDING!


*Abbie at Foods That Fit has moved! Check out the new site and the giveaway in honor of the launch!!

Monday turned out to be just as crazy as I thought it would!  I started off my day with the deeply satisfying Fresh Market Almond Amaretto coffee, two slices of Newsroom bread heels with 1 tbsp almond butter and 2 tbsp cherry jelly, and some assorted fruit. I can’t get enough of this bread! Sorry Julia, I am making my way through the stash!!



After breakfast, I hit the ground running and worked all the way through lunch, until 1:30 when I finally had a few moments to scarf down this salad.


Real lunch came at 4, when I got out of a last minute meeting and heated up a Lean Cuisine pizza.  Times like these are when I say thank goodness for frozen meals!!


The real (but fun!) work didn’t come until after 5, when I finally buckled down and started on a presentation that had been assigned earlier in the day that was due the next morning! It took me a while, but I got to play around in Photoshop and powerpoint, which is really fun for me. I ran out around 7 to Subway, figuring if I got some dinner, I could power through! Luckily I work right next to a mall, so there are plenty of food options in walking distance.  I had a 6-inch turkey, no cheese, with veggies and a side of my BBQ popchips. Plus a very refreshing (and enormous) diet Coke.


Did you know that Subway has side packets of vinegar!? Perfect to keep sandwiches from getting soggy. Even better, with the $5 footlong deal right now, I got another 6 inches for a dollar more that I can eat for lunch Tuesday! And have my vinegar on the side 🙂


I finally peaced out of work around 9 (ugh, yes, 9) and settled down at home with the new Patricia Cornwell book, Scarpetta.  I have to get this book back to the library at the end of the week so I am trying to finish it but the only time I have to read it is at night and some of the scenes SPOOK ME OUT so I can’t read too much right before bed LOL.


I dug into a heaping cup of those addictive Puffins while reading. I am resigned to the fact that this box will NOT be lasting long 🙂


I am feeling so much better now that I got a few big things behind me!  The next two days are going to be pretty busy, but I think Monday was the worst.  Hope you guys are having a more relaxing start to the week!! Sorry if I am a little behind on catching up with you all, you will be hearing from me soon for sure 🙂

*If you are dying to check out the Jocalat bars like I am, don’t forget to stop by and visit another Kate, Chocolate Covered Katie, for her giveaway!

And how can I forget — Barney Butter!! See Lucky Taste Buds for that one 🙂